CLASSIFIED i saw you

V I saw you first when we used to work together. on Christmas Eve. I wanted to be with you forever. to an Italian girl known as Lola by friends. 1 want our love to never. ever end. Box No U/348/l.

V I saw you at Def Con One. beautiful girl in blue top with “8 positive" on back. You looked amazing and you had some funky moves. 1 was guy with dark blue teeshirt on. 1 was chat- ting to the bouncer. when you left looking for friend. Get in touch with me. Box No U/348/2. V I saw you and literally bumped into you. Goatee Guy. on Princes Street. (15/11). while you were talking to your mate. We keep seeing each other in

the West End. but I‘m too shy. Fancy bumping into Boots Boy again? Maybe you can help me choose my sandwich... Box No U/48/3.

V I saw you again Teviot. friday night. Blonde. pierced male playing pool. l nearly died. as you walked passed and smiled my way. Maybe you could wrap your chain around me someday! U/348/4.

V I saw you Edinburgh Zoo.

17 Oct. You handsome. Jaeger suit. Me blonde. long purple dress. I‘m happily married. but still want to drink Sangria in the dark wth you. In Mexico per- haps? U/348/5.

V I saw you last new year at the GPO. my new years reso- lution was to get to know you better. 1 have now tried you with lemonade. lime juice and orange juice. Fancy bringing in 1999 with a new mixer. SAUZA I will see you at CRASH on the 31st.

V I saw you sapphire eyes. pony tail. shoulder bag. sifting through clothes at the Barras...your smile hit me like an arrow from across the stall and knocked me into another world. Get in touch and teach me how to write without cliches. Box No U/348/6.

V I saw you Glasgow Art School Halloween night. I couldn‘t take my eyes off you. You smiled at me as you were leaving. You beautiful. blonde haired boy. black afro wig and sheepskin coat. Me beautiful. dark haired girl with Adam Ant stripe. Where are you Prince Charming? Box No U/348/7. V I saw you In Traverse Bar. 11/11/98. You were about to steal my drinks. but I collected them just in time. You tallish male. pony tail & oval specs. Me female with shortish. dark. bobbed hair. Fancy a drink sometime? Box No U/348/8.

V I saw you Richard. tall. blond. white shirt. blue jeans and closely guarded by a Spanish trio. in CC's. Edinburgh, Sunday 8/11/98. Me tall. blond and developing eye-strain. We spoke briefly but you had to go. Any chance of a re-run? U/348/9.

V I saw you Vet. John in the Southern. watching rugby with Mike. You loved my perfume and you both stripped. l was attached then but not now. Time for a rematch? U/348/10.

V I saw you no more is needed than in Polo Lounge on Tuesday 17 November and again Saturday 21 November in the Art School. Strange fascination . . . Reply to the girl. . . Mr Familiar. Box No U/348/l l.

V I saw you Ally the Solicitor at the Glasgow Garage on your 30th birthday. I‘m the interior design student at Dundee. who you danced with all night. Can I see your pout again? U/348/12. V I saw you tall. dark. hand- some. buzzing around hive. Saturday night. I’ll bee your curly haired queen. Pure bred Scot you know who you are. Give me a buzz now! Box No U/348/13.

V I saw you 1.C.U everywhere. Wafer -thin fashion girl. Keen male loves your new winter boots & wants to make you a lovely thin little pencil skirt to go with them. Use you initiative. girl & get in touch. either you or your twin. Box No U/348/l4.

V I saw you Matt. at halloween house party in Stirling. for a poet you aren‘t very good with words. with my money and your good looks. baby let's take-over the world. Box No U/348/15.

V I saw you Bathgate? Bus girl with your mum? in Broughton Street the other Saturday. Love to see what else you had on underneath those furry ear-flaps. Box No U/348/lo.

V I saw you at 02. last Saturday. You cutest blonde in the world. Thanks for mopping my brow. Sorry you had to go. I‘m dry now so let‘s do it again. Box No U/348/l7.

V I saw you Nick. from IT. Royal Mail. Glasgow. Ever since you fixed my computer I‘ve been intrigued. I‘d love to meet you again. sometime. From a blonde lady now in the East. Box No U/348/18.

V I saw you Red haired Kirsty. Let‘s go for a drink. your lonely country feast. Box No U/348/l9. V I saw you then. again on the first of two times given. My bad behaviour left me too embar- rased to take the chance and do what I said. Thanks for the mes- sage and happy birthday. Box No U/348/20.

V I saw you looking out for love. love. love. Inviting mys- tery and romance. Might we talk paradisms first? Box No U/348/2 l.

V I saw you or rather my friend did. Jordanhill station. 24/11/98. Shared taxi to Glasgow with guy from W‘hampton. You a DJ into “Fortean Times" and “Bizarre” magazines. Female curious. Box No U/348/22.

V I saw you recently bespecta- cled girl. interested in Mancunian guy. Thanks for writing ‘List reader'. Will he read and respond? Box No U/348/23.

V I saw you vendredi. aprés- midi. 6/11. Chambers Street. George IV Bridge. Jeune fille Francaise. gagne-pain difficile conne serveuse. vous voulez voyager peut-étre aux iles Ecossaises. J‘ai aime bien parler avec vous. Box No U/348/24. V I saw you Layla being a ‘dizzy cow' in Sauchiehall Street on 20/11/98 with some beautiful creative called Paula! You looked like a FREAK. . . But then again you always do!!! 1 atn beginning to wonder if you are the mother of my Sea Monkeys - how foul! Don‘t worry I‘ll come through soon! Miss ya lots dolly! All my love. x. Box No U/348/25


V I saw you lane at Cas Rock enjoying a different kind of “Plastic Fantastic". Wasn‘t it just Pure Mania? “No batteries required". The Finger Doctor. U/348/26.

‘0 I saw you Glasgow—Edinburgh train. 11.30. 26 Nov. You—woon hat. brown bob. nice eyes. light grey turtleneck and trousers. Me. lis- tening to my walkman but want- ing to chat. We talked briefly. maybe talk some more over cof- fee or a walk in the park? U/348/27.

V I saw you Young thing. 30/11/98. Abi. b'day girl. CLOG THE SYSTEM. sister. See you later! U/348/28.

V I saw you lean Brodie You were trying to stop your flat- mates frorn being vulgar. Just remember: Elephant shoes. U/347/2.

V I saw you Black. ‘My Place Now'. t-shirt. Waverley Market. 10/10/98. Broughton 31/10/98 and The Pulse. Do our eyes keep meeting or am 1 just hoping? You tall dark Adonis me near- ly! Let‘s discuss over coffee. U/347/3.

V I saw you Libby. at Bewitched. Barclays. Princes Square. Julians. love the new hair! Fancy a coffee? Let's catch up! Caroline. Box No U/347/4. V I saw you Liam from Glasgow. course in

Stirling Youth Hostel.

26-28 Oct. We met in

()‘Neill's. and I sat on your knee later. I had fun and I miss you. Annika from Finland. Box No U/347/5.

V I saw you waiting for bus on Hallow’en night. (Shandwick Place). Edinburgh. Got off at East Calder. Beautiful eyes, dark hair. smart looking. Me: sitting in front of you. Let's meet up again. Box No U/347/6.

V I saw you with a guilty con- science? You stole Xena‘s money from her brown suede bag at the Polo Lounge (Trophy Room). on Hallow‘en. Apology/information sought. See your butt. see my foot

Xena. warrior pissed off. will be I

avenged. Yiyiyiyi! Box No U/347/7.

V I saw you Scott the Hairdresser. in Daniel Field. Creswell Street. the last time you cut my hair. Where are you? Yours unshorn and forlorn. a long-haired customer. Box No U/347/8.

V I see you serving coffee. John Smiths Bookshop. city centre. Long. dark hair and lovely smile. Blonde male. small spectacles. sips large latte and wishes he could smell your per- fume. U/347/9.

V I saw you Blue Moon

cafe. 4/11. 3pm. You: Gareth; tall. dark & gorgeous. reading Boyz. Me: grey sweater.

drank latte. spoke to Peter.

then left with a half smile.

Get in touch. Box No


V I saw you Poodle. east of Havana on 30/10. How about some pumpking pie? Hallow‘en has passed. so I‘ll take off; my mask and share my marsh mal- lows with you. Love Gator XXX. Box No U/347/l I.

V I saw you in Montpeliers. Friday 6/11. Maybe you‘re Fran? Definitely short. dark hair and lovely smile with two friends scraping together 65p for bus fare. I wish you‘d got the next bus. Box No U/347/12.

V I saw you Pooh. pitting. Tigger misses you. Nowhere for nose to dock. no belly laughs. no pizza and champagne. The wonderful thing about Tigger is she’ll wait a lifetime for you and your lacoste shirts. Box No U/347/l3.

V I saw you ex air hostess. . . now boring office girl! (haha). on your way to Callander to visit aunt in your big woolie jumper. 6 Nov. I dropped you of at station. Would love to meet you again. Can’t get you out of

V I saw you at the Venue you were drinking Sauza and Lemonade while filling out an 1 Saw You postcard. You look like a guy with great taste. I hope that the postcard was for me. I was the girl drinking Sauza and Lime fill- ing out a postcard to you Cheers!

my mind. Box No U/347/l4.

V I saw you Gary. Marmaris in June. You on holiday from Glasgow with Hamish. Me: waving a Scottish flag for a rea- son! How is your Turkish singing? Fancy meeting up? Box No U/347/15.


V I saw you Heather. (with Moira. Elaine and ?). the Last Drop. 30/10. Can‘t remember what we talked about for three hours. but it seemed really important: I was ecstatic all weekend! Thanks. Box No U/347/16.

V I saw you wee fairy. on Easter Road. Your wings were bent. You told me jokes till sun- set then said ciao! ] can‘t wait to do it again. mi amore. Box No

; U/347/I7.


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