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Watching after mi nigh

Let's face it: at one time or another, we've all freebased Pro-Plus at bed time and then been stuck for something to watch on telly for the next eight hours. Help is now at hand, thanks to 4 LATER, Channel 4's new late-night strand of ker—azy programmes. \“=."o" Rob Fraser

.\'ighl o\\ls. insomiaes. da_\sleepers. angr) loners all ol lhem are in lor a lreal \xhen (‘hannel ~l re\amps lls \xee small hours oulpul. The '4 l.aler‘ slrand \\ ill mi\ sileoms. mo\ies. shorls. \inlage l'S eop slum 'l'/1¢' .llm/ .S’qmu/ and lhe kind ol eulling edge doeumenlar} )‘ou \xouldn’l gel on. erm. (‘umng Iii/en: .\la_\he mosl enlieingl} ol all. lhere is lids a (ilasgou produced lno\ ie re\ ie\\ slll)\\ lhal ignores lhe 'gel il lirsl lime or :JL‘l il lree‘ seelion ol' _\our local (ilohal in la\our ol a more cclccllc seleclion.

‘I worked in a \ideo shop lor lour and a hall _\ears. and e\er_\one \xenl slraighl lor lhe ne\\ releases. \\'e'll poinl people lo\\ards somelhing lhe_\’d aulonuilieall} \xalk paslf sa_\s Slel (iardiner \xho l'ronls lhe slum \xilh Nigel liliek‘laud. The pair assume lhe personae (nol loo lar remmed lrom lheir l)\\lll ol l\\o \ideo slore geeks \xho eal. drink and sleep \llS. (iardinens lhe laid hack one. deserihed h) his parlner as ‘a replile \xliose hlood hasn'l warmed up )t‘l'. \xhile Welshman Buekland \erges on lhe li_\per. ll's a double ael llial \\ol'ks. e\en lhough lhe l\\o on|_\ joined lorees \xeeks ago. l’rior lo lllal. llieir onl_\ coulael came during (iardiner's lime demanding l\\o

dumbing down.’ Nigel Buckland

Kitschy Afro: Clarence Williams, Michael Cole and Tige Andrews in The Mod Squad

'There’s a certain amount of tits and ass, but we hate laddish


lorms ol H) and a signalure. ‘l \\;l.\ on lhe dole and I Used lo husk.~ sa)s Buekland. ‘l‘d use in} change lo renl lilms in Slel's \ideo shop lie \\ as lhe onl_\ person \\ ho‘d gi\ e son an honesl opinion.‘

llonesl) ls Ll core ingl'edienl (ll. lhe ne\\ Slim“. 'll‘

somelhing's shile \\e’ll sa_\ so.‘ insisls Buekland. like \\ ilh llix/mim/er Idodg} \Ves (‘raxen olleringl. \\ e said )ou’d haxe more lun mm a Slairmasler. Bul \\ e do lr) lo lind redeeming lealures. 'l‘here‘s lhis lou hudgel Brilish mo\ie ealled Hemligueiu'. made lor

somelhing ridieulous like l\\enl_\ grand. ()K. some ol

lhe aeliiig\ a hil \\oooll. hul lhere’s enough going lor il lo make _\ou lhink _\eah. lhis gu_\ should he making lilms. Non. lhal’s lhe kind ol lhing mosl erilies \xouldn‘l loueh \\ ilh a barge pole.‘

lit/s shares lhe gon/o guerilla approach ol lhe Illo\ies il champions. \xhieh. coupled \xilh lhe laleness ol ils hroadeasl. means lhe presenlers can do more lhan lhe lradilional pieees lo eamera. '\\'e s\\ear: \\ e hare our arses.‘ s;l_\.\ (iardiner. 'l \\ as lilmed in llamillon Somerlields all [no in lhe allernoon. \xearing a green ruhher dress. heing \\ hipped along lhe aislesf

‘l \\as a l‘reneh maid.‘ chips in his eohorl. ‘I phoned m_\ lamil_\ lo sa_\ I‘m gonna be on 'l'\'. no“ I’m lhinking I should ring hack and sa} I'm nolf

Slel is less diplomatic ‘l'm sure \\e'll ollend a lol ol people \xilh \\llll our dieking ahoul . . hul luek

’em.’ ()ne lhing lhe duo \xill ll'eal \\llll ll degree (ll.

sensili\ il) is lhe lhorn). horn}

suhieel ol se\. "lhere‘s a certain amoul ol lils and ;lss.' sil}\ Buekland. ‘Bul \\ e hale all llial laddish. dumbing doun shil. l \\;l.\ inler\ie\\ ed lor one paper. enlhusing ahoul loads ol lilms. and lhe gu} kepl lurniug lhe eomersalion haek lo lhe limma llarrison l’|a_\ho} \ ideo. 'l'hal's nol \xhal \xe're ahoul. ()ur shou's \Hll'lll “alehing \xorlh because his a laugh. You gel some choice clips. and [no arse heads lueking around.‘

4 Later launches, Thu 3 Dec, 11.40pm. Vids starts on Channel 4, Thu 3 Dec, 12.45am. The Mod Squad starts on Channel 4, Sat 5 Dec, 12.50am.

Box Pops

Celebrity sofa surfing. This issue: Nina Wadia from Goodness Gracious Me

Favourite show? mm Rom From Me 841/? lts (Veal ("mat tors, laoazous <i( tau; and the r l:er is :osprreo’ l want to he in

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Favourite TV snack? Anytion | (an get in, mom on l‘x.l.n(l you, one nand ismosfa'il“, ()l‘flfl‘"("ll()l(‘(()l]1l()l,SO one ll<il‘(l goes

When did you last shout at the telly? l'n n oi'wno lliere v‘ol'nzrio on, so s: '(ul'l‘ll‘il at lioi beau; so mooisi‘. l'w: l s'.'..'_< "("(1 4‘. oil an: pail: rm Tim (Newton Favourite advert? C limo-cw; You


tl‘eooe.‘.:li1tn(moii)(liner exoo'l rut; ll o_;t of DU'T'l‘ullh

Most hated advert? l Taxi:

Greatest TV moment of all time? i. ' B'tKK; \...l



(<llli{' os‘ (linen; the eolsoovj- of Hosea/roe and " irezl ()i},

Brut 0y, Who would be on your dream Top Of The Pops? R< o

5d "

m “.. as s, some, All


"l( , R Kl. “‘0 Roll Us, Read: ‘l.n Soalr‘, l"e l dot-es and Klauo'vx‘:

Favourite soap? Does All, flak Box" :oar‘l"

Greatest cartoon character of all time? lhe la/rnanzai‘ Deni Bioaign' 8 navon' Bfimror‘.‘ lies i’1(‘(()()i("8l

If you could be any TV show what would it be? fox/(i Rol \ Fro/r: lire Sun Mayne as at: (a *e-n from l"(‘- panel lax Greatest ever TV theme tune?

'..7 V) on :"uoosw '1' “."e nest sow; o..'. o' a l‘. sr‘o’x.

s 5mm?) Rn s ( Slant

"om (ate 7:3“: s (700(1’71‘33 (in): you", Zita 58( .3,

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