Tower up

As the new Museum Of Scotland looks back over history, it's rooftop restaurant THE TOWER is looking forward.

‘.'.t?".lsi Jonathan Trew

The first that; that strzkes the eye .'.hen Oktetu‘g The To\'.'er' Restaurant at the lit-“.1 l.luse-..:n Ot' S<otland, as not so rvtuth talxat's tltSIdO the spate as outside :t Huge o'ass \'.'ando‘~.'\.s run along tine :e'totl" of the rooftop restaurant and Look out onto Edwhuroh's skyline To one side, Edinburgh Castle (lorr‘anates the alsta het'ore pa'tnmt} atross the Jumh.e o‘ :l‘l..".:li(?;.’8, sp:res and the (rown o‘ St Giles Cathedral

lt..".(.“. rnenu (ornes d:v.deo .nto srrtall and large drshes that boast Influences from around the world. Carpaccro of hee‘ wth ho'seradtsh and whole gram mustard dresser .stts oeszoe gr.l.ed mum .ve's a'to ("ah fettumte \Mth (hair- P"‘((‘S ra"(;e front £3 75 for a sna olsl: of "oast pun: torr‘ato, "out". a"d parnzesar‘. to {14 95 for a uet-oastnto sixteer‘ o..n(e rpeye steak

I" the ex "‘..".(;, the o.snes rental." re.a- tr.e y s mp e ‘.'.ltri a se.e(.t.or‘. of fish, roasts, grins and satads As well as the r‘:()"e format, seated settzor‘. of the restaurant, t"er'e s a seat’ooo oar at the far end "or". trie eritra'tte Nature ()';,'s‘.e"s, ohste" (ans a".o ("abs .n the sl‘e’ t". .e"‘.o" am ":e mayon".a.se are ata. ahle to (ya/e o" at 271* oar 0r f'o't‘ t"e l“<ii"t (“er‘zas

The lozze" .s an: :‘Q at 1'20 too (“10 of the 'narxe'. and at ti‘.e<or71po:‘evts are

pate for Eli s to t)(‘(0.".t0 one of the new sophstttated of Edazotaqlt's restaurants The deson .s eeqawt, the (Perms t'todts!‘ ‘t'..tl:out Deng faddy and the ~. e‘.'.s are (;e".u.r‘.e-y stunrtxtg,

F..e!\ 7' saute Led u: Ldrnlxa‘ch all ,our Erie, the new tron The Toy-re." .s Slot enough to rrtdute a dropped Jan and It's not hard to emusaoe tust how :i “.(ult -ts (;()1"(,‘ to oe to net a table

The Tower: well worth viewing

here on lrre‘s.or‘<s Noht As .‘ the Although he lone" s "-..r‘ o, the "mow; to We <;-a!'1<>tr', 2..(-"".e tsee"ts lkeiy t'tat The Tower take oanora'wa \'.as"'t enough, there is a sane tear» that 'ur‘s t"e <>'t<;-sfa"r_l'r‘<; ‘t'.est\.'.oo:l “as (:es owed the tes ano is or," pate as another .andrrtarx or“. narros. terr‘ate around the outside of' and rn'..< " p'a sed \‘uttl‘e'n,’ o" t"e s'.<oats o‘ the garters tl‘e (.ty's slev he

the restaurant vthrtl‘ eads to a small, Roya‘ M e, the nex'. ‘~.'e"tu'e 's (ow ()pe“ ‘o' :r‘or"1r‘(} (()t"ee, tar-“(hes

rooftop plaza so tiat (astoniers (an plefely (l t‘e'eht \"x’h'e lhe t: he". a"o o "'ters, l"e lotue's rr‘e"t.s are as The Tower, Museum Of Scotland, s steeper: n l‘as'.ow and ‘ex 1) e as '."e‘~, are nude "art; "t; lhe Chamber Street, 0131 225 3003. 'eser‘h‘es a harof‘la?

‘The design is elegant, the menus (Wm M .I , .0 I'm, 8 modish without being faddy and {um "(,1 tonal-ms w

the views are genuinely stunning; ‘9'“"3 "if"? j ' . . _ (res-(their as a n rX...'t' o It seems IIkely that The Tower wrll w mat... (m w m.— I [0, : I

take its own place as another ’~-”"‘:‘I A” . “7"” "it . , . , and pra 'lur“ ea‘ :: ars landmark on the crty s skyline. m, ,t t, 1,1,], C O F E E -..a —.'a'o.l.os The enjoy the ‘-.i(".'.' .n open a." lt's art unap- seat :‘r; a nyx o‘ oarp e "eafher

l39<37"79 tttoqu‘st one" the (orntr‘q f'e\.'~.' (olouretl i)a"(:t.ettes, eathe' fut) ("a "s

I inorths l)..t one \.'x.«hose attra<trons wt} and some Patty s hole seate's tror" | gros. as toe days l)e(oeie ovum and l\.ll)\.r‘l.‘ Des'u.“ ‘.=.'u(h niav‘aoe to loot; . ! iess Arttm both retro a"o' tutu'rstx at tl‘e same ' Hoaeze", until those l)r.et two weeks illl‘O lhe tarnrtu'e uplrolste'y (on‘es y ' ; .'.l‘.;(h pass for a Stott‘sh sur‘vrter roll from Bute l-a‘prrts, a (outpany ‘ountled . . j alour‘tl agaln, then guests at The by the ‘l‘th l.larouess of Bute A of l l<>.'.e" .'.I; ltdyé‘ to find their ion .ns.(le ‘.'.ht< "t :s very ar)i)"<>_r)na‘.e one" that the g ° i the restaurant and that shouldn't prove Late Jol‘r‘ Bute ‘.'.'as one of the lead-ho

t)'-i)'t)l("‘f.(lt.( voltes .t‘ startled the ltluseur‘: p'ojett

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