warms the sotil. Mixing exposed steel props and raw brickwork with modern swathes of colour. this bar is a top additioti (ilasgow 's drinking options. ()1) Sunday esenings llarri (Sub (’lub) and Oscar (Mish Mash) play a chilled recoyery session.

Happy hours: Mon Sun .5 7pm. pints of Miller: 'o'U/a Strongbow and (iuinness all (/20. ltDlls’e )t‘llte [LIN/[[95

The Gate 408 Sauchiehall Street. 333 ()350. .Mort Sat noon midnight. Sttrt (rpm midnight.

Slap bang on the centre of the Sauchiehall Street party strip. The (iate has recently changed hands. so dow n with the ironic pictures of Highland lairds attd tip with seseral coats of orange paint. With the refit. the atmosphere iii The (iate has gone from snug cosiness to zappy in-yer-lace liyeliness sshich might surprise some people w ho hayen‘t been fora while. 'l‘hey'ye got more l)Js in too with hip hop on a Thursday. indie pop Tuesday and l’riday and clubby sounds on a Saturday night.

Happy hours: pints of lager and Teller Ale [1.40; ('ri/Ii‘(’_\".s. (iuinness til/)0; Budweiser: Beck is [l.5().' )s‘hisls'y. t‘odls‘a. gin and mixer [l..s’tl.

Havana St) Hope Street. 24% 4466.

Mon- Sttn noon lam.

This ('uban theme bar hence the name likes to generate a party atmosphere and offers highly alcoholic (‘uban cocktails as an incentiye tsee cocktail choice). The decor is loud. las'ish and colourful with grooyy animal print chaise longues a rnust for arty self-respecting senorita to recline on. l)Js offer a diet of funk. sotil. jazz and latin sounds from Wednesday to Saturday and Latin band lil (‘ometas play once a month. Popular w itlt an office crowd w ho want to let their hair down at the weekend by cutting a rug to the compelling music. ('uban cigars are an added attraction for budding Al l’acinos.

Happy hours: 5 7pm every night. and 5pm until closing time on Thursdays. when most cocktails are [3’ and spirits and miter are “.35. plus s'arious specials et'ery night/rout 7pm.

The Living Room 5 s) By Its Road. 33‘) HSI 1. Sun Thu l lain llpm; Fri Sat llam midnight.

As this bar ages. it keeps looking better and better. a bit of an oddity iii the ephemeral style bar world. The l.is'ing Room This st) ntany nice IUtIL‘hL‘s from the raw brickwork to the amorphous lumps of candle wax and the huge cast iron fire- place in the shape of a lion's head

which make it a warm. welcoming place to hang out. In terms of crowd. it attracts a broad itiix of professionals and students

from far outwith its locale. particularly on their Tuesday eyening quiz night. I)Js play the soundtrack for a pre-club crowd (Wednesday to Sttnday) on a big beat artd deep house tip.

Happy hours: .llon Sun 5 «S’pnt. Inost drill/sis [L50 and bottles oftt'ilte 1.35. Wed ‘1 llpin. most spirits 70p.

The Lounge I42 \y'est Regent Street. 22) 48-17. Mon Sat noon midnight: Sttn 3pm midnight.

liyett though it's right in the centre of Glasgow's business district. you'll find more than jttst suits in The Lounge. (‘ome the weekend you can‘t those for a pre-club crow d getting in the mood before heading ottt to the more dressed tip clttbs. like The Tunnel. .'\rchaos and Trash. There always seems to be a certain sense of cool mischief about this tiny. stylish. idiosyncratic bar. Maybe because it's a wee bit off the beaten track. or then again it might just be the booze.

Happy hours: .llon Sun 5 8pm. pints {1.7!}. bottle ot'ts'ine [5. glass otwine £1.50.

Malmaison 27s West (ieorge Street. 22) 640]. Mon Sun noon 3pm.

5pm midnight.

Malmaison is a different kind of drinking experience from ttiost hotels. with its stylish bar area yery much in keeping with the adjoining upmarket brasserie. full of intimate wooden booths. llotel residents enjoy a drink before a night ottt. while members of the pttblic tend to pick its formal ens ironrnertt for special occasions or meetings oyer tea. coffee or a glass from their large selection of French wines. Malmaison boasts its own special house red and white wines. made specifically for the company it) lirance. Market Bar (’andleriggs. first 3005. Mon Sun llaiit midnight.

l-‘rom the outside. the Market Bar doesn't really look like much. stuck in a street ss ith a multi-storey' car park and bed shops, btit it's well worth sentttring in to check it ottt. There's a real cosmopolitan feel about the place. with imaginatise use of textures and space in a modern. minimal style. (‘lose to Strathclyde l'nis'ersity and the main shopping spread. the bar gets art interesting mix of people front Saturday shoppers to lounging students. l)Js play deep house


Jor e Carbajosn and Beverley Cal aghan at Ocho

Bever'ey Ca‘ogl‘an certarnly '-<.".O\.'~.'S \.‘-.").di she's talkwg about when it comes to (lub'oxig and cool venues s'nce she works at 9‘0 .r‘t'amo.)s lsld'ltil“iSS|Oll Club on lb)? a The List rr‘et "er with friend Jorge cl‘o swore they s'ierr- partcuiarly "pressed t“. tre ‘nertcily crowd, comfy settees and Cheap Tuesoay night drinks 'One of the best bars :r‘. Gasgow' was Jorge's VT.”Cl(,i, his 00"10". no (loabt

b/ t"e settees art)" o co ay at

a , ere" s q": y, r“ ..c-":e(i by t“e (“heap

eyery Friday night. and will you just look at those happy hours!

Happy hours: Mon Sun 5 Uprn. All pints [1.60. bottles o/‘Beck 's [1.50. most spirits [1.30. Mon Sun

7.30pm midnight. vodka. tequila and whisky 80p: .llon Sun Mclz'ts'ans layer [/20 at all times.

Mojo l58a Bath Street. 33l 2257. Mon—Sat noon midnight. Sun (rpm midnight.

A mixed clientele of workers from the surrounding offices. some clubbers and twenty'somethittgs wanting a stylish btit unimposing enyironment frequent Mojo which. like most bars. has a quiet. laid- back ambience during the week and gears up at the weekend with [Ms Thursday to Saturday. [.ike Budda. the comfy couches and ethnic upholstery in this basement bar add a homely. welcotnittg yibe while the flas'oured \‘odkas go down a treat. Happy hour: .Uon Sat 3 8pm. selected draught beers. spirits and wines reduced. The Monkey Bar 100 Bath Street. 572 ()()()l. Mon—l'ri l lam midnight. Sat noon midnight. Sun (rpm —midnight.

()ne of ses'eral style bars situated in Bath Street basements. The Monkey Bar offers sensory tiy‘et‘lotttl when it comes to design features. from its natty wrought iron sign outside to its Mediterranean mural and soft drapes inside. Low-roofed. brightly lit and generally bustling. it attracts people from nearby offices for a post-work drink and dressed-up clubbers later on in the es'ening. liyeryone can quaff margueritas or a selection of alcopops and lias'oured s'odkas if the attraction of lager has worn off. l).ls offer pre-club sounds (net the weekend. Happy hour: 3 8pm every day. lager: (iuinness. cider: wine U50. plus most drinks [I on lied/Sun.

Nico's 37‘) Sauchiehall Street. 332 5736. Mon Sun noon midnight.

Sotnething of a stylish institution in (ilttsgow because of its pre-style bar origins. .\'ico‘s has the decor and atmosphere of a continental cafe bar with its tiled walls and those fab concertitta doors which open tip in the summer

style bar special

although the yista on to one of the busiest stretches of road in (ilasgow is not quite as chic as you might like. lnside. however. you can make believe you‘re in Vienna enjoying a creamy coffee. .\'ico's is a bright and busy bar popular with students. l)Js on Fridays and Saturdays add to the general hubbub and there's a gatnes night on Monday for all you Kerplunk fans. Happy hour: 5 7pm every day. with special offers cltanging daily.

Oblomov 372 37-1 (ireat Western Road. 33‘) 9177. Sun Thu l lam- lprn. liri/Sat l lam- midnight.

.-\n inyiting addition to (ireat Western Road drinking. ()blomoy has an [fast liuropean theme to its restaurant and classy bar. l.ow lighting and rich. dark wood set the cosy mood and a selection of Russian and Czech s'odkas create that warm feeling in your stomach. Fans of Belgian beers are strongly adyised to check out the selection which includes lloegarden and Leffe on draught. The clientele tends to be twenty- and thirty‘somcthing locals who are treated to the strains of a string quartet on Thursday eyenings. Somehow manages to be sophisticated and totally unpretentious at the same time.

Happy hour: 5 7pm. t'odls'a [1. selected draught beers [1. 40/17/20.

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