All Bar One 51) l.oiliian Road. 23! 7051. Mon 'I‘hu llfitlam- -midiiight; l‘ri/Sat ll.3llam lam; Sun llfill llpm. 3‘) .‘l (iciit'g‘c SII‘CL‘I. 236 007 l. Mon 'l'hu ll.3(lam midnight; l‘I'i/Sat | lam lam: Sun llam llpIIi. .ludgiiig h_\ the xtead} l'lou of night time I'e\ellcrx and \ieckeiid hrunclierx through [lie l‘tg' glthx tltiiit'x Hl. the lit'xl Sctilltxlt .-\ll Bar One on l.otliian Road. the recent appearance ol' a xecoiid hraricli on the xuddenl} hip (icot'gc Street ix no xurprixe. lk‘flg‘ttcd ttx lllL‘ ttltltlltcxtx til [lie traditional ptih. :\ll Bar ()Iicx are air}. hright and \x'elcoming. ’I'he xt_\ lixli rextraint exteridx from the decor (on the homer xide ot‘ Iiiiniriialixm. u itli t'clector'} tahlex. chapel cliairx and light. polixlicd \iood eier} \\ lierei to the di'iiikx lixt. offering the inIiplicit} iii a ccleht‘ator'} Kit‘ or a choice ol' cliampagnex to add to the general hu/x. :\lttl l-Ut' lltnxc \\ lttixc l‘L‘\ll\L‘ rnerr} making xtartx earl) iii the da}. there \\ ill he a lull Scottixli ('hariipagne hreakt'axt on otter the neck leading up to ('hrixtmax. While the t\\o hraricliex are ximilar in theme. the (ieorge Street premixcx pcrliapx haxe more claxxic elegance than the more IiioderII l.otliian Road operation. Bar Ce Lona 3/8 \Vext (’roxxcauxeixa}. (i6: 8801). Mon Sat 8.30am lam; Sun lllfillam lam. 'l‘hougli the c\liihitionixt glaxx t'rontage and the \Iack} primar} colourx might Iriipl_\ that it'x made tor the /aiiier kidx l‘t'orii tlie IIeaI'h} uni. liar ('e l.oIia liax ol' late heeII coloiiixed h_\ a xurprixingl} quiet and xei'ioux L‘l't)\\ d \iho dI'exx more lot” the \xeather tliari l'or ma\iriium l'lexli depla}. .\ lia\eri t'or' cox} couplex and xoul—hariiig goxxipx. It ot'ter'x muxrc that lctx _\ou talk. xIt-dim Ii loud and xtat't' \\ itli time to xlio\\ )riti to )our tahlc. lt all getx a kick xtart on l-‘rida'\ and Saturda} nightx \\ Itli l)Jx t'I'oin .\'oa. tliere'x li\e Ian on Surida} x. and cocktail Iiiglitx are coming upon \Vediiexda} x and ’l‘liur'xda}x. Bar Sirius 7/11) Doc-k Place. 555 3344. Mon \Ved llam Iiiidriiglitfl’liu Sun I lam lam. :\ \\ arm. room} \enue dominated h_\ a xuhxtaritial metallic har. Sii'iux ix l.eith'x moxt tip-to-date contribution to the xt_\ le har xcerie. Aquatic hltie and hurnt orange te\tui'ed “allx xpice tip the lariiiliar' pillttt'cil dockxide \iar'ehouxe ch'l. illltl the choice ol' xeating meanx that )ou can chooxe hetueen \Pl'11\\llllg liI\tIt'iiitixl}. percliiiig nonclialaiitl} or poxirig xtil'l‘l} on one ol their Iriiprcxxne hut uriciiIIIl‘ortahle \\ iggl} -hacked Iiietal Iiuiiiher'x. l’opulated h_\ a good-natured mi\ of xmart couplex on their na} to (‘oiiiiiiercial Qua} and loud groupx do“ nirig hrirnming cocktail pitcherx. Sirrux ix a haicri tor the pepp}. the gregarioux arid the do“ n-to-eartli. l/rr/r/ri IIrIrrr: /*r‘r' Jo'tl jfi’II/Ini. Baroque Bt'ouglitoli Strch. 557 (I027. .\lori Sat Illam lain: Sun Iioori lam. t()pcri till 3am during the l'cxti\c xeaxon.i .»\ hat that lookx like it'x heeii decorated \\ ith a xet ol highlighter pcnx. Baroque ix home to art eller\ excerit crrmd tliat'x hand in irig to the riiuxic c\cii hcl'ore tlic dr'iiikx are Ill. .'\:._‘;tlll\l \\;Illx o1 c\ er} litre including one xcctiori that lookx like Bar'hara ('ar'tlaiid‘x padded cell c\citahlc groupx ioxtlc to the heat \\ itli l'lII't_\ xmglex in the ideal launchpad tor the ollice ('lirixtriiax part}. But don't hc tooled: l'rom lllpm larii on l‘l'l J Dec. Baroque turrix \L‘I'Ittthl} tunk} \\ Illi the iriiiiiitahlc mi\ ol xoiil. l'unk. dixco and l.atm tliat Ix the l.o\ c (ii‘oo\ c. 5/)“ ml our/w; lurrr purl [’Ilt‘llr’l'\ u/ Irrzr'r [or 1" 15'; [hr lmII/r'x u/ lu’r‘r Irrl‘ 1‘). 5“. Basement llla llrouglitori Strch. 557 (NWT .\lori Sim noon IaIIi. In the drml} lit depthx ot’ llroiiglitoti Street ltrrkx the earth} cliIc ol the Haxcmcnt hat. Ir'ciprcritcd h} huge cliquex ot the hecri there. done ll all people. .r\t \\ L'L'kctitlx lltc littu'lltcttl gctx \ti pttckctl

that itx lo_\‘al patrorix can find lltL‘tlt\L‘l\ ex lollirig on the t'roxt} xtepx outxide. hut the} tlt‘lld \L‘L‘m to care. ilillL‘ iIicoIigruouxl} lla“aiian-xhirted xtatl' are hlexxed \\ itli a dr} hut genial xenxe of humour. and on Sunda} riightx in come the Mothert'unk l).lx to xliake the place tip a hit. .\'o lane} cocktailx. no liapp} hourx. no xpecial dealx. no norixenxe iuxt a hig hunch ot‘ happ} people III a haxement. reall_\.

Blue Bar Café ll) (‘aiiihi'idge Street. 32l III]. Mini Sun lllam larii.

\Vith itx cool. clean decor and itx huge

\\ iridou x m erlooking the entrance to the 'l‘raierxe 'l‘lieatre. Blue clearl_\ liax a xoothirig ell'ect on the groupx ol' xophixticatex that gather in itx poolx ol light. l)exigned more tor the xlou .xipper than the greedy git/zler'. it‘x a venue that invitex you to sit. comerxe. .xai'our the drinkx lixt and xample the menu. Blue'x occaxional cluh nightx reach their climax thix l'extne xcaxoii \\ hen llogmatia)

\\\ iiigx into action. pla} ing hoxt to lie/iquc and (ioiiig l’lacex 31) Dec l .lan. III the meantime. the air ol‘ e\quixite calm pt'e\ailx.

S/ir'r’r'rll u/fr‘r‘x.‘ rrr'r'uirmrrr/ prrmrulr'rms

II rI/i Ii rlrr' rIItrl \prl'rl pr‘rrrlrrr‘r'rx srrr‘lr m (irrrrrr/ .llrrrrirr'r rr/rrl li’llt'r’ (liquor.

Café Aquarius Ill l)I'uiIIIIIorid Street. 557 (i337. .\loii Sun I lam larii.

Sand“ iclicd hetueen a xmok} old men'x puh and a kink} tinderuear' xliop. the

\ i\ id (‘ale .-\quariux lookx like it'x landed from another planet. complete \\ itli ll} irig xaucer light tittingx. xpace-age har and li_\pnotic wallpaper. 'l‘hc clientele. too. \\ltti look like the} could lorrii their on Ii rap hand. are xomething of an alien We term to l)rumriioiid Street. groin mg tip the Old 'l‘on Ii agaiiixt a 70x hackdrop of purple and orange. The cafe tlieme L‘\lclttl\ lit a \Cl'} L‘t\ ilixed lahle \L‘t‘\ KC. and ix complemented h} liie l)Jx

'I’liu Sun. including people from .\lotliert'tiiik. lrihal l’uiiktioii. lliglier (irourid and Hair} (‘ahanax

IIrI/r/ii hour.“ [5114 7pm. 7 Up)” r/rrr/\.‘ 3 IN!" / UHr’I' (Ill \(‘lr’r'lr'r/ [NIH/HI ltr’r’l'x.

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style bar special




47 Deanhaugh Street, Stockbridge, Edinburgh EH4 1LR Tel: 0131 332 5328 Fax: 0131 315 3763

Lee Sharp, Po Na Na 'l'rii a profexxronai hoxer,’ explains lee Sharp 'and | irke It here herairxe its got a ir:erid..er atmosphere lhey'r'e rrioxtly a'l xtiitlentx that (orne here i trunk lirxrially (to to l‘.‘ler(a(t()'x, and iriayhe Revolution, the new (int) that's opened rip But tiirx 2x a good plate, to (orrie here and I'llSl xrt (lli(l have a r hat, or you (an (to through and have a dame ax weft, you know I'm (torno to have a ()()()(l laugh With all n‘y niatex, ()(‘l l()i(l!1y(lliilll’\ anti then hit the

(lan( etloor I've never been here l)(‘l()t(‘ hut l'ni (JOHN) to (orne here ail the true notx'

4 festive food/98

open from 9am—3am from dec 18th—jan 3rd

christmas menu £10.95 (please call tor a brochure) free festive pitcher or bottle of house wine for every party over 6 people

live disk jockeys every lriday & saturday night 8. throughout the festive period


41 Iothian street edinburgh 0131 220 4288

3‘ ' ."w. ENS THE LIST 155