[ . Icons from an 805 heaven. Arnre In Term/nato.r

chhard Gere In anythrng rrt's a sex theng Frankie Goes To Hoityxz'ood

Sta-press troasers

Adidas KI( ks


Soandatr Baiet

B.!|y Bragg

Mia/hr ‘//(e


Fame, the TV sexes

Early Madonna

Live A d

Adam Ant's dreadioc <s Michael Jackson :n Thr/l/er The Labor" Part1.

The Tt/he


Rucanor hags Harrison Ford rn Ra/ders Of The Lost Arx Sasperrila stretch Jeans

Sam Fox's ‘ooobs «.t's a gay tr‘..ng~

Letter To Breshhe.’

Free Nelson Mande a

The Brat Pam

Who Framed Roger Rahhxt Toe Mor‘day

“A courageous picture ...with radiant performances from SHABANA AIM! and NANDITA DA. Sf"


V “A. 5’] intellige I." ' x I

A meld M“ [unusuth ;, __ a 7_. mum

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Icons from an 805 hell.

Arne 7‘- Conan The Barbarian

An Off/(er And A Gentlemen (It's a taste thing) FranKre says

Poser he:ts

T'artxa boots

The Roya; \.'.-’edd.ng Trgi“. Flt

Bfly 'oe Wooh/rghtxhg

\.“.'eer:-.r‘g nahitéy at ET Leg'\.'.a"r7‘(‘-rs and spontaneous danc rng

itiadtxwta's eady outfrts

Tf‘e ‘Dar‘.( dig in The Streets' Video at Lrve Aid

Hays! Fanta‘,'/e<r‘-'s dreadlocks

T-Jrchae-i J(i( kso" at'ter Thr/l/er

Hrs Thatcher 'so'neone .sno'ald tell her:

Boot) tahes

A"dre.'. R dg ey

‘.'.'n.:e PVC nan ty (ases

Sr, Sta one as R mho

SK n1g": sate" (1‘ s(() troas'ers 'x've’r‘e strtf wearing them, Sar‘: Fox's s "gzng (areer It's a talent thing,

Harg C (it'Kt?

Free George Jar «son

C "a" re Shee"'s sansegaer‘t (areer

Jess ca Rant) t's figure 'get over :t guys;

Bide eyevadoe.

Win The Wedding Slnger and 805 music

Untrl now, short of ouzldr'tg yon" own trme rnathrne, rt's heer‘ .rnpossrhie to get ham to the 80s The List, r‘.o\.'-.'e‘.'er, "as tne perfett (ornhrnatron of owes to rt‘aKe you ioox out that faded France says ' T-snrt

The ‘//(~>(/d/h_g Singer, \.‘.'ii!( h 'TdS ,ast been released to." \.r’I(i(.‘() rentaf, '(“t’TIdriSOU the career of Dre‘s. Barrymore She olays a ‘Axartress ‘.'.'it()‘(i|1Si!‘ one With Adam Sar‘dler to a S()u.".(iif'(i(K peppered With the irkes of (attire (I ah, New Order ar‘d Musma, Youth

And rf' tne thought of those hands has yd. saitvatrng for more nor) nostalgia, take a toor< at The Biggest 80s Hrts In The World Exer’, a 40-trat K doanle alhum rncludrng \r‘t/narn’s ‘Yoa'tg Guns' and Soft Celi's 'Tamted Love'

We have We too es 0‘ eat " to g ye away to the .‘rrst rat ky readers to answer the ‘olloxx'rng easy (iLrOSi‘OT‘ so do"’t he "Too Shy', fast grve In to "Temptation

Whrt h Suneors", hand sang “The Sun Aways Shrr‘es Oh TV"

Answers 0" a nosttarr: hy Mon 21 Dec to

80$ Comp, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

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