Costume melodramas at Tackno (1, 3, 5, 7, 9), Viva (4 8. 6) and

Luver (2 & 8)

{ Boutique at The Arches was a transyestite- l'riendly zone where the extreme edges of

dressing didn‘t raise an eyebrow and such style gurus as the editor of The l‘tlt‘t’ were regulars. Then there‘s (‘asino Royale. also at the Arches. which attracts the loungecore crowd who dress down in nylon for that retro- chic appeal. But for the main. (ilttsgow' clubbing is about labels. not loud lapels. Participation is the key to the lidinhurgh phenomenon. It‘s the unil'ying factor behind (ioing Places. 'l‘ackno. \'i\‘a. I.u\‘ely. Disco [memo and Vegas. Despite mtisic policies which range l'rom tacky cheese to hard house. easy-listening to disco. all these clubs attract people who are willing to pay to take part in the spectacle. not just stand watching on the edges. "l‘he music is yital.‘ says Murray \chean. promoter ol’ (ioing Places. where easy listening gets major play. ‘.\lost clubs you go to becatise you like that music. Hall the people at (ioing Places don't really like the music there. l don't like it. So then there has to be

28 THE LIST .3 '/ Ij-r-r ")98

something else you are going l'or which would he the lancy dress. the atmosphere. that sort ()l. thing. So it‘s not because e\cry body likes it. it's almost because certain people don't like it.’

.»\t (ioing Places there are as many chill-out lounges as dancel‘loors. There‘s karaoke and. if the club is held at the .-\B(‘ Cinema. a film on the big screen. It’s this which helps keep the momentum going. People can dress to the theme ol‘ the him; as .\lcl\'ean say s. it’s ‘join the dots. dressing up.

At the other end of the spectrum is l.u\ely. a monthly club at \Vilkie llouse playing hard. trancey house. It started life. without any thought of themes or dressing up. as a ini\ed club for gay s and straights. But although it has continttcd to be successl‘ul. promoter (ieorge Paterson says that. alter a while. the balance became too straight. He introduced themed nights to try and attract the 'wilder' people httc‘k. [ii the I'L‘L‘L‘ttl Hallow den lllgltl \\Lt.s anything to go by. the policy has been a

complete success with at least had the punters dressing tip.

()ne club which has stepped right into this trend. borrowing ideas from lel‘t. right and centre. is the l'ortnightly \'i\a at Mercado. where three Il'Lttts\csIlIc.s the Misses \'i\'a. Riya and Him are your hostesses. 'l'he \ ibe starts with easy listening. moyes though a liye singer to disco and finally climaxes in hand- raising house music. Here. too. the costumes help make the atmosphere more special.

But it is to Tackno that the crown mtIst go. Trendy \Vendy arranges the perfect combination ol' l'riendly atmosphere. pri/es. music. decoration and outrageous themes. But she identities the most important element when she says. ‘l'm proud of my crow d‘.

Viva, Club Mercado, Sat 5 Dec. Going Places, ABC Lothian Road, Sat 12 Dec. Luvely, Wilkie House, Sat 26 Dec. Tackno, Club Mercado, Sun 20/27 Dec. For details on all other club nights, see Club Listings, pages 79-87.