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Small Soldiers (PG) (Joe Dante. US. I998) Kirsten Dunst. Gregory Smith. Denis Leary. I I0 mins. Dante plunders his anarchic live action cartoon tale. Gremlins. substituting toys for little devils and adding state-of-the- art computerised effects. Unfortunately. Small Sn/c/iers' displays none of the sadistic mischief. nor the knowing Capra-esque whimsy of its antecedent. Sanitised. bland and banal. General release.

Still Crazy ( I 5) (Brian Gibson. UK. I998) Jimmy Nail. Bill Nigliy. Timothy Spall. 95 mins. Like in The Full Monty. a disparate bunch of guys come together. stiffer strife. btit triumph against the odds. This time. however. tlie’pants stay on as it's a reformed 70s rock group that‘s at the centre of attention. TV stalwarts Dick Clement and Ian la Frenais deliver a script that's just a little episodic. but never less than funny. Largs: Bari'tields.

Tales Of The City 1 and 2 ( I 5) (UK/US. I993) Parker Posey. I50 mins each. Tranatlantic TV adaptation of Armistead Maupin's best-selling ttovels about gay and straight (but always hip) life iii seventies San Francisco. Edinburgh: I-‘ilmhouse.

That Sinking Feeling (PG) (Bill I-‘orsyth. UK. I979) Robert Buchanan. John Hughes. Janette Rankin. 89 mins. Forsytli's debut feature. remarkable for the paucity of the resources at his disposal. uses a cast from the Glasgow Youth Theatre to tell the story of unemployed youth driven by boredom into an audacious robbery of kitchen sinks. The easy-going performances and spriter wit still catch the attention. and were an early indication of Forsylh's quirky genius. Supported by the short film Mire. Edinburgh: Lumiere.

There‘s Something About Mary ( I 5) (Peter and Bobby Farrelly. US. I998) Cameron Diaz. Matt Dillon. Ben Stiller. I l8 mins. The Farrelly brothers follow their supremer ftiti. but dumb debut. [)lllllb/LIH/ Dumber. and bad taste extravaganza. Kingpin. with art even more outrageous film a ‘stalker‘ comedy. Small towti geek Ted never makes it to the hiin school pront with gorgeous Mary. btit years later and all grown up. he remains obsessed with the date that never was. General release.

The 39 Steps (PG) (Alfred Hitchcock. UK. I935) Robert Donat. Madeleine Carroll. Godfrey Teale. 8| mins. Undoubtedly the best film version of John Buchan's novel. as Donat evades a spy ring across the length and breadth of the country. with marvellous set pieces iii the London Palladium and the Forth Bridge. Hitchcock at his action- packing peak. Supported by the short film Duck. Edinburgh: Lumiere.

Touch of Evil ( I8) (Orson Welles. US. I958) Orson Welles. Charlton Heston. Marlette Dietrich. Janet Leigh. I08 mins. W'*Iles made a return to Hollywood studio employment after a decade in the wilderness with this classic baroque thriller. In a sleazy border town. the murder of a Mexican bigwig causes friction between corrupt local detective Hank Quinlan (Welles himself) and upright Mexican narcotics agent Vargas (Heston). Amidst a gallery of Wellesian grotesques and expressionist camerawork.


Action- packed adventure featuring Rolling Rock beer.

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44 THE LIST 3—17 Dec I998

the dialogue between truth arid justice becomes progressively more garbled. Edinburgh: Cameo.

Trouble And Desire (Iiileen Anipare/Jason Wood. UK. I997) 40 tiiitis. Interview with Hal Hartley filmed in New York during the post production stages of Henry I-‘mil. lnterspersed with excerpts of Hartley's previous films. the film touches oti Hartley‘s cinematic influences atid future aspirations. Includes a personal appearance by Jason Wood. who will be interviewed by The Lisl's editor. Alati Morrison. liditiburgh: Filmhouse. (Also screening as part of (ll-T's Hal Hartley Study Day)

The Truman Show (PU) (Peter Weir. US. I998) Jim Carrey. Laura Linney. [Ed Harris. I03 ntins. Truman Burbank leads a life of sublime banality iii the picture perfect island community of Seahaven. bttt is the unwitting star of the world's longest-running documentary soap opera. The Truman Show (the movie) is flawlessly ptit together. with script and direction perfectly judged. Carrey. still a schmuck btit less ingratiating than usual. surprisingly gives the movie its heart. Glasgow: Showcase. Iidinburgh: ABC Multiplex. Paisley: Showcase.

Twilight (I5) (Robert Benton. US. I998) Paul Newman. Susan Sarandon. Gene Hackman. 94 mitts. Ageing ex-cop Harry Ross gets sltot iii the leg by his friends runaway teenage daughter while attempting to bring her home. Feeling responsible. the parents give Ross a home. Bttt Harry becomes a liability when he discovers his friend is being blackmailed over a twenty- year-old homicide. None of this is very new. Nor is it particularly difficult to work out whodunnit. but 'I'ii'i'li'g/ir does have is a great cast. See review. Glasgow: Showcase. Edinburgh: UCI. Hamilton: Odeon. Paisley: Showcase.

The Unbelievable Truth ( I 5) (Hal Hartley. US. I989) Adrienne Shelly. Robert Burke. Christopher Cooke. Julia McNeal. 89 mins. [Enigmatic and charismatically performed small-town romance. which looks like a cross between Jarmusch arid early Godard. Young. impressionable Audry (Shelly) falls for shy ex-con Josh (Burke). a man whose saintly atira belies rumours of a violent past. As his dark history is unveiled. and Audry embarks on a lucrative career in modelling. Glasgow screening is part of the Hal Hartley Study Day with Iiileen Anipare and Jason Wood arid includes their documentary. Trouble Aiirl Desire. Glasgow; (il’l‘. lidinburgh: liilmhouse.

Venus Peter ( l 2) (Ian Sellat'. UK. I989) Ray McAnally. Gordon R. Strachan. David Hayman. 92 mitts. Affecting adaptation shot on Orkney of Scots writer Christopher Rush's ittipressionisttc A Tit-elvenimiI/i .‘lIH/ A Day. set iii a fishing village iii the l95()s. One of McAttaIIy's last roles casts liitti

beautifully as the sympathetic grandfather of

Peter. played by nine-year-old Strachan (who is not to be confused with the diminutive Scottish midfield genius) itt this

“w nun-u- man and Susan Sarandon in Twilight moving study of a dyittg community seen through the eyes of a young boy. lidinburgh: Lumiere.

The Wedding Singer ( 12) (Frank (‘ot-aci. US. I997) Drew Barrymore. Adam Sandler. Christine Tay lor. 97 mins. After his bride dumps hiiii at the altar. Robbie (Satidler) puts on a happy face at his day job -- singing at other people‘s weddings. When his waitress friend (Barrymore) also suffers nuptual disappointment. ait unexpected romance blossoms. Packed with a sublime 80s soundtrack. and featuring sortie of the most antusitig fashions since [Jung/"e Nights. this is a genuine out-of-nowhere delight. Iidittburgh: Cameo.

The Witches (l’(i) (Nicholas Roeg. US. I990) Aiijelica Huston. Mai Zetterling. Rowati Atkinson. 92 mins. Nitie year-old Luke is warned by his Norwegiati granny about the ever-present threat posed by witches. which isn’t tituclt ltelp because within tlte next half hour he stumbles on their annual convention II) a small linglish ltotel atid gets himself changed into a mouse. A pleasing adaptation of Roald Dahl's children's story has director Roeg (iii unusually straightforward manner) creating a superior kids movie that has you rootitig for the ntice all the way. Glasgow: (il-‘I'. Edinburgh; Lumiere.

The Wizard Of 02 (PG) (Victor I-‘leiiting. L'S. I939) Judy Garland. l‘rank Morgan. Ray Bolger. Bert I.ahr. Jack Haley. Margaret Hamilton. Toto. I02 ntttts. Miserable Dorothy runs away from home but is soon whisked tip into a magical land where her adventures teach her that happiness is to be found in lter own back yard. Classic stuff indeed. tust :hockful of great songs. characterisation and metttorably garish design. Perhaps marginally less enjoy able for the curntudgeoiily element rooting for the Wicked Witch ()l' The West though. Chat tty screening iii aid of SANDS (Stillbirth aitd Neonatal Death Socier ). lklinburgh: Cameo.

Year Of The Horse (Jim Jarmusch. US. I997) I05 mins. While Year ()f The Horse fails to coiitpreliensively tell the story of a band whose ragged. glorious. three-decade career is littered with drugs. deaths attd classic albums. Jarmusch delivers jaw- di'opping live footage which goes some way to capturing the batid dynamic. Shot on Super-S and looking suitany grainy atid out- of-I'ocus. tlie Io-Ii style is appropriate for a baiid who create ear-bursting epics otit of btiiit notes. and heart-piercing ballads from strained throats. See review Glasgow: (Bl-'I‘. Zero Effect ( I 5) (Jake Kasdan. US. I997) Bill Pullman. Ben Stiller. Ryan ()‘Neal I05 iitins. Pullman‘s brilliant. but reclusive private eye keeps clients at a distance. observittg all through front titan Stiller However. when ()‘i 'eal's powerful businessman ltires Zero to retrieve ltis keys. the detective is drawn ittto one of those tangled webs of intrigue that threatens his Howard Hughes-like reclusive state. A fitte oddity of a film. lidinburgli: Cameo.



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Out Of Sight ( I5) 5.40. 8.25. RoninIIS) 8.20.

AntthG) 0.05.

My Name Is Joetl5) 5.45. 8.30.

FRIDAY 4~THURSDAY IO Babe - Pig In The City (U) Daily: (i.l(). 8.30. Sat & Sun mats: I.|5. Rush Hour ( I5) Daily: 5.55. 8.35. Sat 8; Stiti mats: I230. 3. I5. Antz (PG)

Daily: 0.05.

Sat & Stiti titats: I.()(). 3.40. Out Of Sight ( I5)

Daily: 8.25.

Sat & Sun mat: 5.40.


Prograitiiite likely to be similar to the previous week. Phone ()I4I ()37 2641 for details and times.


New film due to open on Fri I I: The Parent Trap (PG)


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Out OfSighttI5) I.I5. 5.I5. X.I0. RoniniIS) I.45. 5.40. 8.20. AntZIPG) 1,30. 3.45. (100.

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas ( Ix) 8.I5.

Slums Of Beverley Hills ( I5) L45. 4.I(). ().l5. 8.45.


Babe - Pig In The City (U) Daily: I.3(). 3.55. 6. I0. 8.40. Out Of Sight I I5)

Dailv: l.I5. 5.15. SH). Ronintl5)

Daily: 5.30. X.I5. Weekday iiiat: |.45.

Antz (PG)

Weekday: 5.30.

Sat d; Sun itiats; |.3(). 3.30.

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas ( 18) Daily: 8.20.

Weekday mat: I45.

Sat & Sun mat: 5.30.

Small Soldiers (PG)

Sat & Sun mat: I.45.


Programme likely to be similar to the previous week. Phone ()I4I 332 9513 for details aitd times.

New Iiltiis due to open on Fri I I:

The Parent Trap ( PG)

The Mask Of Zorro (PG)


I2 Rose Street. ()I4I 332 5128. Cafe/bar. All performances bookable. [D]. [E]. Matinees £3.25 (cones £2). Evenings £4.25 (coiics £3 except Sat evening). All double bills evening pii'ces apply.


1. The Importance Of Being Earnest (PG) 5.45.

Hideous Kinky ( I8) 8.00.

2. The Governesstl5) I.30. 8.30. My Name Is loett5) 3.45. ().I5.