Hot to trot this fortnight:

Comedy: Paul Merton Hard to believe but apparently this show will feature more material straight from the pumping heart of Mr Merton rather than the surreal oddities which we are used to. Glasgow: King’s Theatre, Sun 6 Dec; Edinburgh: Festival Theatre, Sat 5 Dec.

Music: Cypress Hill More dark-edged capers from the LA hip hop team who have apparently cut down on the toking antics which partly made their name. This is one of only two UK shows. See preview page 54. Glasgow: Barrow/and, Sun 73 Dec. Film: The Boys The tension crackles in this Australian drama set in the home of a white trash family. Violence threatens to explode at every moment - Neighbours it ain't. See preview and review, page 39. Edinburgh: Cameo, from Fri 77 Dec. Music: PJ Harvey Riding out of the West Country on a squall of feedback and songs about wrecked hearts, PJ always provokes outbursts of purple prose mixed with hyperbole from male journalists. However, putting blind adulation momentarily aSIde, her last album Is This Desire, while not as gob- smackingly fab as her previous albums, is still something of a grower and live she does the business. Glasgow: Barrow/and, Wed 9 Dec.

Film: The Mask 0f Zorro Antonio Banderas picks up the sword for an old style matinee romp through 19th century Mexico. Catherine Zeta Jones spices up his taco. Baddies beware as Zorro slices through injustice while wearing a pair of natty, tight strides. See feature, page 22 and review, page 37. General release from Fri 77 Dec.

Art: Family The grand rooms of lnverleith House are transformed into a series of domestic spaces to make way for works from the likes of Damien Hirst, Douglas Gordon, Turner shortlisted Sam Taylor-Wood and others in a show that tackles real life dramas and domestic bliss. See preview, page 88. Edinburgh: lnverleith House, Sun 73 Dec—Sun 37 Jan.

Rolling Stone The Seventies

’There is nothing sexier than a magazme whose time has come,’ wrote Julie Burchill in one of her less foam-mouthed moments. If she's right then Rolling Stone could probably have caused multiple orgasms in frigid nuns at 100 paces during its 19705 heyday.

Rolling Stone ~ The Seventies is a sumptuously illustrated exploration of the decade and the magazine which helped define it. Featuring new essays and classic pieces from 70s scenesters, the book includes Debbie Harry on Studio 54, Robert Ford Jr on the birth of hip hop, Chrissy Hynde on the Kent State Uni massacre, George Plimpton on the Rumble In The Jungle, Joe Eszerthas on Evel Knievel and Chet Flippo on clandestine ElVIs church serVIces. (Peter Ross)

Rolling Stone -- The Seventies is published by Simon 81 Schuster, [20.

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