Game Boy Color

Hurncane MIICh, the Iraq cnsrs and the UHIllTlQly death of Corr/e’s Des Barnes have all blackened the global mood of late, but we are now expenenc mg an explosron of good vrbes as the world’s 63 mrllron Game Boy owners get therr sticky paws on the Holy Grarl: a new console wrth colour graphrcs.

Game Boy Color, an update on the hand- held, pocket-srzed console, comes In a bright l purple casmg and there are four trtles ' Currently avarlable 7— Game Watch Ga//ey //, Tetr/s De/uxe, Pocket Bomber/nan and Harvest

Moon - wrth ten more available before Chnstmas. - Meanwhile, Robbie Writrams has been

exercrsrng ShO\.VblZ pnvrleges and blagged an early copy. 'VVhen you spend endless hours on the road It's handy to have a Erttle frrend to play wrth,’ gulpped pOp's Mr Cheeky. rPeter Ross; Game Boy Color, [6999. Games from [19.99

0800 ‘00 ’00


Pre-Millennial Bugs

Massive Attack, who release a spec'ral singles box set this month, have always been frrst to the waves when It comes to surfing the cultural zeitgeist, but perhaps never more so than when they put a hugely magmfred :nsect on the cover of therr Me/ann/ne album

Eight months later, with Ant] and A Bug’s Life tabovet frllmg crnemas here and In America and Starsh/p Troopers fiVll‘rQ off vrdeo shelves, beetle-mama :s everywhere. Even the newspapers have caught the bug, headlrnes bu/zrng as a wave of mutant :nsects swarm Into Brrtarn.

’t's hardly surprrsang that rnsec ts are featurmg more and more m popular cu:ture,' says Peter Mc Ewan, an mton‘ologrst at Ir‘sects Investigations errted and aathor of a sensat:ona| report mm the bug explosion. ‘lhere are a mnllron rnsec ts for every human bemg on the planet, we are not tne dominant lrfeform Insect- transmrtted drsease rs respons:b|e for more human death than war they eat our crops, they spread drseases, they suck our blood.’ (Peter Ross)

The Mass/ye Attack Sing/es Box Set /.s released Mon 7 Dec, {50 A Bug’s L/fe goes on genera/ re/ease In [-‘ehruarjg. Mutant rnsec ts are In your home how.

4 THE LIST 9, '/' Sec '998