ami F ly Kstrhen srnk drama or lrvrng roorn dyslunrttonalrsnt, Rl( hard Brllrngharn's art Is the stuff of really real Vrfe, Hrs rnurn overwerght and lrght of purse, h:s dad a scrap-of—a-thrng With a drrnk prohlern, hrs brother Jason yawnrng through hrs 20s, swattrng hluehottles and :ncredulous at B]()rk's suctess,

Brllrnghant's photographs form part of Farnr/y at Edrnhurgh's Inverlerth House, Also featurtng Douglas Gordon, Ra<hel Whrteread and Sam Taylor-Wood, the exhrhrtron deals tn household drama. Meanwhrle Btllrnghavn has made a short f'lrn, F/s'htank rn whrch the (amera dawdles ove.r dad's whrskered (hill and rnurn’s stained teeth

’In tryrng to wr'te a s( reenplay to retord people's gestures and language tended up wrth thrs,’ he says 'lVly t'arnrly Irke the lrlrn, they (onszder themselves as on telly' “Susanna Beaumont) Farm/y Is at Inver/e/th House, Royal Botan/r Garden, Sun 73 De( Sun 37 Jan. See Art prey/eyv, page 88. Frshtank, BBCZ, Sun 73 Dee 70.30pm.

I Saw You Post Boxes

You know what :t's irke a Venus pullrng pints tn the Varrety,‘ an Adonts rrngrng up p'es ill Alldays,‘ a vrsro'r of beauty ‘leetrr1g5y glrntpsed on. the Meadows. For years, L/st readers have been usrng our l Saw You ser tron 'see page 107) to let therr dvstant ohjer ts of desrre know they've

(ior ked them and

now zt's even. easrer, I Saw You post boxes can he found 'n yartous notahle Glasgow and Fdrnhurg't haunts sr'nply pop alor‘g, hit In your r‘tessage on one of the post<ards provided and pop It 'n. the box We'll m k up your (ards on aternate Thursdays and they\.'.':i1 all go 2”. the ‘o‘lowng :ssue Pius, thanks to our sponsor Sau/a, the whole thrng :s free. -’Pete.r Rossr

/ Saw You post boxes and (ards wr/l he appear/no In Br‘eI, Cu/ de Sae (are Gando/f/ at the (CA, OFT, Traverse, FI/rnhouse, St/l/s and the Venue Look out for more venues tdk/ng part as the sr heme (ontrnues

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