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Cinderella The True Story

Cumbemauld Theatre, until Sat 26 Dec In the first half of Simon Sliarkey's produt tron, Print e Charming comes of age and has to make his way in the

f world, armed ri-niy With a bag of

buttons Cindt‘iella meets him, names him after his taigo, falls in love and sings an eff-Re; st ‘l‘tl With him The Currie-is stew; as 3.0 k'io-Jr it :s niayed

tit: trait

Merlin The Magnificent Giasgos-w Citizens' ilieatre, until Sat 26 Dec

Hind-(jimr‘v-(if; 'jrtgsitfixlv Arthur must

. ai stata'i'r, r-wrtorne 3.! i'iéfilfi.’ and brattish r,t't's:>".ii'i (av, :l‘uill-I Itit'

tliitt Iii-s wit .I’,.'T}(:.".tl and her

rise some “is

I)lli:yll.’; ,t.::.'tl.<:li

Ili'lit'ii'flvfl ;‘-ll-', sntiiiky a": ti’lt"','l(; tutor ivlerlin

I()IE('ll1“'lll- t.’

NOT/HIE?(’13.?!) '.,'..‘Z r'.",’, i.ii‘lilll has rna'ii' ’,". 'i"; ,:':'-

i'l a'l‘xe'I'tirt-

llld’lll a' slapstitk iokes aitd yin-vs

love and rotwaiit e ii smut and innuendo

haddies and itounders

tile is stars

too tunes :3

0n the Buttons: Carter Ferguson and Julie Austin in Cinderella

jOkQS and tapes ~3 love and romance 3 smut and innuendo , baddies and bounders 3 celebs and soap stars top tunes Singalongs

sweetie showers - 1

(they take sweets off the atirlit.>ii.ce',i

glitz, glamour and pizazz 3

Bearing the usual Cumhemauld oanto hallmarks of a strong fantasy element and a resolutely kid-centred approach, this production makes up for first-day technical hitches ‘.‘/lIIt sheer enthtiSiasm (Fiona Sheoherd)

is» a} i.


I . , . y. - 0 Infectious energy: (left to right) Liam Dolan, Robert Carr and Ronnie McCann

srngalongs ’z sweetie showers glit7, glamour and oi/a/z

A marvellous show, nlayed out on striking sets, carried along hy trie (ast’s boundless iand infet tiotisi energy, which extends l(: charging out among the thrilled and delighted atidierit e Pure, undiluted entertainment (Rot) Fraseri

STAR RATINGS ~ Unmissable s: 9 + Very good ~ Worth a shot Below average You've been warned


Marks frOm (1‘: to


1. Drink less beer

Rersonal in

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panto reviews THEATRE

in West Lothian

Howden Park Centre, Livingston

The Gift of


Dorothy Tutin Nick Waring

_ Amanda Waring , i " Robert Dawes Derek Waring

A Festive feast of Christmas Classics Oscar Wilde Noel (Zox'riird (:Ilélllt?\ Dickens .Jolin Beijeingin Phil Specter (s Santa tylaiis 4' Wed 16 Dec 7.30pm

£8 or £6 conc

For information or to book contact: Howden Park Centre Box Office,

01506 iii-ff” 433634 gaggem

lst - 5th December 7.30 Strathclyde Theatre Group


bg Barrie Keeffe 'Blow us all up would you? 'Give me one reason why not'

Keette's CIaSSIC trilogy of short pays strips the surface off the achievrng society. Violence. sexuality. class war, a deadly education system and dead-end jobs...

11th - 19th December 7.30 in" in

Rdapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs

’I'Iii‘t't‘ (tones til‘. .1 .\I~llLlif.lllf (minim \Yt‘lllIlt‘lNVJV, \.iiii‘.\' (lei; and .\I:iui'.it (i.ii‘lit‘l< - in' to sync tht Kiiiedi rm ol' Igll‘rilt‘ {tom the t‘\'lI Mike and liizt'iit-ss .\.\\l.\lt'ti m In .l llcitwit-ti Fool. .l I)t‘.l(I hing .IlltI Ilim Nil. lit'i's Slit' ‘szrtI f-isiti's use .\I;i;..:iv. '|it'.itii tit its; .111ki’l-l‘lk‘\["l.lll\ to t'iisizi‘c lit-stint l\ luitiIIa'ti I’r.itt Ilt‘ii s l)ist'\\'or|d spin on \‘‘.ii‘t-'s .\‘ht'ili. ‘MIIl .’l ioi'wlt wt H.1liiit‘i. l.\ tun It ii Iii} tl‘t Limih' .llltI 'lei .iiipt‘al to l.iiz~ -iI t'l!I.t'i'. it'iilit‘l' ‘l 1‘. iiI til IIit‘\t‘

.lt.lI‘.t‘l\ .IIYt‘1liitlliflu iniiiioniiint'

Iickets Mon - Wed:£5/1.50 I Thurs - Sat 27/3 Ticket Centre 287 5511