Sat 2.30pm. £6 (£4). The liastwood lintertainei's amateur dramatic group presents tltis updated version of the traditional fairy tale.

Aladdin Mott 7-Sat l2 Dec. 7.30pm. ittat times vary. £6 (£4). The Christtttas panto for liast Renfrewshire is the popular tale of Aladdin. the Genie arid the ntagic lamp.


Bath Street. Phone bookittgs. Ticket Centre. Caitdleriggs. see Ticket l.iitk details above. TT. [Accessz PPA. I.. I-‘acilities: WC. WS. H. G. C. Help: .A. AA]

Sleeping Beauty Hi 4 Dec --Sal l6 .latt. titttes vary. £2.50— £ I 5. Elaine C. Sittitlt. Jonathan Watson. Dave Anderson attd other favourites star iit one of Scotland‘s ittost slick attd popular parttos. based on the famous fairy tale.

PAVILION THEATRE I2l Renfteld Street. 332 |S46. [.Access: ST. Facilities: “S. G. Help: AA]

The Magical Adventures Of PinOCChIO l'tttil Sat 23 Jan. £6 -£9.50. The Krattkies attd Jimmy Cricket star in a big colourful paitto based on the the classic story of a puppet boy wlto comes to life.


York Hill. (ilasgow. 424 3853.

The Mothers Unleashed Trilogy l‘TI 4 Dec. spin. {2 l£l ). sort) ()l'T. See Touring.

RSAMD I00 Reitfrev. Street. 332 5057. [Access: PPA. ST. l.. l'acilities: WC. \y'S. II. G. C. Help: A. AA.|

Pre-Paradise Sorry Now (‘handler Studio Theatre. Tue I Fri 4 Dec. 7.I5piit. £5 (£3). Written by Rainer Werner Fassbinder iit I969. this is the imagined story of .‘ylyra Hindlcy aitd lait Brady. Tltis sIloyy contains material wlticlt may cause offence.

Tales Of Arabian Nights New AntltaetimTheatre. .\Ioit I4 Sat l9 Dec. .\loit—-I-'ri 7.I5pitt: Sat 10am. £5 (£3). Fastei‘it promise front the RSAMD Christmas show \\ llIl (ierry' Mulgrcw‘s excellent adaptation. pi'e\ iously performed by (.‘oitintttiiicado Theatre Company.


98 Ingram Street. 552 3489. Bookings also Ticket Centre. Cattdleriggs. see Ticket Link details above. [Access: ST. Facilities: WC. WS. G. Help: AA] Gimme Shelter Until Sat 5 Dec. 7.30pm. Tue—Wed £5 I .50); Thu—Sat £7 (£3). The Stratltclyde Theatre Group present Barrie Keefe‘s powerful trilogy of short plays set twenty years ago. The ‘achieving society‘ belies the run-down estates and the dead-end jobs experienced by the )lay's characters.

5 Wyrd isters Fri ll—Sal I9 Dec.

7.30pm. £5—£7 (concs available). The Stratltclyde Theatre Group brings Terry Prachett‘s spin on Shakespeare to the stage. Three crones on a mountain try to save the Kingdom of l.aitcre front the evil Duke attd Duchess.


Hope Street. 332 9000. TT. [Accessz PPA. ST. R. Facilities: WC. WS. H. G. C. Help: AA].

Hansel And Gretel Sat 5. Tue l5. Thu l7. Sat l9. Tue 22 & Wed 23 Dec. 7.I5pitt; tttat Sat 5 Dec. 2. l5pttt. See Classical aitd ()pei'a listings. page 67.

TORYGLEN COMMUNITY HALL I99 Prospectltill Circus. Toryglett. 56‘) l()3 I.

The Mothers Unleashed Trilogy Thu 3

Dec. 8pm. £2 (£l ). See Touring.



4 Victoria Circus. Dowanliill. For bookings aitd further information contact 0I4I 942 8375.

Dancing The Body's Dreams Fri 4—Star

6 Dec. Fri 7— l0pm; Sat 2—8pm; Stiit

l0am—4pm. Fri introduction £ I 2.50 (£8): weekend workshop £65 (£45).

' \‘y'orkshops are open to experienced arid

inexperienced. a direct encounter

; between the body‘s dreams arid the

moving spirit of the dance itself.



I lb Bristo Place. Edinburgh. 225 9893.

Hamlet Tue 8~Sat l2 Dec. 7pm. £3—£4. The Iidinburgh University Theatre

Company tackle Shakespeare's tragedy. transloriitittg the Bedlam Theatre witlt a

thrust stage.


Musselburgh. 665 2240. [Access: l.. ST. R. Facilities: WC. WS. H. G. C. TT. Help: AA]

Cinderella Until Sat 9 Jan. 2.30pm & 7.30pm. £6—£9 (concs available). David Mark Thomson directs James Murray’s take on the ever-popular tale for children. with original songs by George Drennan and Jantes Murray.


North Bridge. Tickets: 225 89I8. Gourmet Cabaret Night Sun 6 Dec. 7.30pm. £40 (ticket includes cabaret. three-course dinner. two drinks. coffee atth mints). All proceeds front the'evettt go to Crusaid Scotland. the national fundraiser for HIV attd AIDS. Cast members of Les illise'i'u/tlt'x (currently at the Playhouse) will perform highlights from the sltow. as well as songs frotit Miss Sir/gun. 'I'lit' l’liunlmn (2/ The Opera and The Unit King.


339 Morningside Road. Tickets: 220 4049.

Journey’s End Until Sat 5 Dec. 7.30pm. £6 (£5). Written by R. C. Sherrieff. this World War I drama is presented by the I.eitheatre amateur company. Set iit the British trenches before the Battle of St Quentin. this is a timely revival to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the Armistice.

The Emerald Isle Thu III-Sal I2 Dec. 7.30pm. tttat Sat 2.30pm. £7 (£5 children on Thu & Sat mat). Art Irislt fairy tale musical for the Christmas season. A fundraiser itt aid of local charities.


l3/2‘) Nicolson Street. 529 6000. [Accessz l.. Facilities: WC. WS. AS. II. C. T. Help: A]

Santa's Musical Toyshop Until Sun 6 Dec. titttes vary. £5~£7 (cones available). The Cltristittas show from The Singing Kettle. See Kids listiitgs. page 1"? Hansel And Gretel Tue 8. Thu to & Sat l2 Dec. 7. I 5pm. £9.50~-£45.50 (coitcs available). See Classical & ()pera listings. tage 68.

Cindere Ia Tue l5--Tltu I7 Dec. Mon

2 l—Tltu 24 Dec. 7.30pm. mat 2.30pm. See Tourittg.

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listings THEATRE


The best stage shows this fortnight.

l '

Merlin The Magnificent A bright new revival of this lively show for kids by Stuart Paterson, who began his career as Scotland's leading playwright for children at the Citz. See reView, page 71. Glasgow: Citizens’ Theatre

The Snow Queen Paterson strikes again in Huglt Hodgart's glittering reVivaI of the icebound fairytale. Edinburgh: Royal Lyceum Theatre. Dirty Work Global catastrophes and intimate exchanges conjured up live on stage by a company of three in this new experimental piece by Slteffield’s Forced Entertainments. See preView, page 70. Glasgow: CCA

Comedy: Paul Merton The deadpan funnyman gets personal on his first solo tour iit And This Is Me, preViously seen at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Glasgow: King’s Theatre Edinburgh Festival Theatre.

Thursday 10 Friday 11

Saturday 12

Sunday 13

Monday 14

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh's main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

Tuesday 15 lWednesday16r Thursday 17

The .\Iotheis The Mothers

The Mothers

l Arches

(Kile fit. .me I .‘sli\.il (Kit.- Ilteatic I cstttal (Itlc Theatre I-estival (‘ale 'l ltealie lie-sittal

The \'tsit

The Visit

James Arnott


\‘e'lllll lite \lagxiatitciit \l.~;li:i ll:;\1..;_'i:i!i\citt .\Iei|tit The Magitilit em

.\lei|tit 'ITte Magittliceitl Merlin The .\l.tgttiliccttt| Merlin The Magnificent .‘sletlin 'IIte Magttilicem

Summit (anticicitec

Siiiiiiitil ( ‘t-itleieitee Summit (‘oitleieitce

Killing ()l Sister (igoige Killing ()t \ister (ieoige. Killing ()l Sister George" _.

Suittiitit( oitleiettcc Siiittittit( oitleicitce

] . . . . . ,. . - I I - Killing ()t Sist ‘r( 'org Killing ()t Slsi 'r(t ‘orge Killing ()IStst -r( - ttu'l ~ in ~ ~ ~ Citizens Circle

Summit ('oitleiettcc

Citizens' Stalls

At catlia

l Cottier Th

Sleeping Be.ttit\ Sleeping Beatih

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty


(ititdetclla The Emerald Isle The Iiittei‘ald Isle

Ilaitsel & (iielcl

Aladdin \ladditt

(‘iitdei ella The Emerald Ile v“


A ladditt

(‘aiol (‘onceit

A laddtit

lliing llatk (‘Iitisttnas‘

(‘UUI Ylllv'

('titdeiella Cinderella (‘mdciclla Aladdin

Aladdin I

Iliiitg Bat k (‘Itiisttitas'I

lliiitg Hat k (‘ltiistiitas' . Ilriili.‘ Back

- I Ramshorn Brunton

1 ’cii’u'iéii iiti'i“ , festivalTh.--

('tttdet ella

5 3 L0 in

A Iadtlitt

Les Miserables l.cs \ltset'altles

\:ttv\\ i‘lttqc'tt

Les Misc‘tablcs

Silo“ ()tteeit

. I

Snow Queen

_ ~ Playhouse Royal Lyceum

Snow Queen

II BcIIisstttto. ll Bellisstnto


ll Bcllisstmo . ..

ll Bellisstmtt..

II Bellissinto. ..

l Th Workshop

l)tlltcttIl l’eoi‘lc I)iltictilt People

l)llII\ lill l’y‘tll‘lv‘

l)tllicti|l People

I II Belltssimo . ..


3—17 Dec I998 THE LIST73