Babe: Pig In The City

Ian Brown and friends meet Strangeways’ Mr Pig? Not quite. Babe, Australia’s best-loved animal export since Skippy bounced to the great outback in the sky, IS back on the big screen. Although the original was a surprise hit despite (or perhaps because of) its skewed Aussie humour, this time director George Miller makes more of a concession to an American audience as the talking porker trots off to New York to help out Farmer Hoggett. This Will be the big Christmas movie for anyone into mistletoe and swme. (Alan Morrison) Babe: Pig In The City is released on Fri 4 Dec. See review, page 38.

/ Thrill Kill 2“

It could have been a contender. Thrill Kill, an S&M-themed PlayStation fighting game and the first beat ’em up to allow more than two people to play at once, has been binned in a company buy-out. Electronic Arts, who acquired the game along With development studios and other assets from Virgin Interactive, have cancelled the release of Thrill Kill, saying, ’We feel the game doesn’t meet our standards for subject matter and appropriate content.’ What’s truly shocking is that at a time when the gory likes of Resident Evil 2 can top the games charts anyone would object to the sadistic nurses, hooded perverts and freakish imps on stilts who populate Thrill Kill. The List has only one thing to say to t Electronic Arts: bring out the gimp. (Peter Ross)

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Fat Les Number One For Xmas?

Christmas is coming and Alex from Blur is getting fat. As well he might, considering Fat Les, the band he formed with Keith Allen and Damien Hirst at a football match, made balti-loads of cash with po-mo multiculturalist/racist hooligan anthem ’Vindaloo’ and has come back for seconds With ’Naughty Christmas (Goblin In The Office)’, their bid for the festive Number One.

The song is a piss-awful luvvy ego trip of course, but, with William Hill offering 25-—1, it’s worth backing for the top spot. You’ll get shorter odds on the Spice Girls’ ’Goodbye' (4—9), Jane McDonald’s ’Cruising To Christmas’ (4—1 ) and Isaac Hayes’ ’Chef’s Chocolate Salty Balls’ (12—1), but The List is betting on the Les boys. (Peter Ross)

Naughty Christmas (Gob/in In The Office) is out now. Goodbye, Cruising To Christmas and Chef ’5 Chocolate Salty Balls are re/eased Mon 74 Dec.