CLUBS listings


I Bargo at Bargo. ()pin—midnight. Free. Quality house music from Dom atid Jay (Sub Club) at this city centre east style bar. Pre-cltib.

I Bennet's l (.30pni—3ain. £4 (£3). Grant Dtiff with an upbeat dance night. Gay.

I Born at The Boin. llpm—3am. £5 (£4). Coliii Hamilton. George Bowie and The Sly Boys with pretty full-on house. Drinks promos.

I Bonafide Love at The Cross Bar. Spin—midnight. Free. Reggae. ragga and soca froin DJ Dirtsman. Drinks promos. Pre-club.

I Bonkers at Bonkers. l lpm—3am. £4 after midnight. £3 before. Club classics at this after office hang-out with residents David Campbell and Nobble Whitelaw. I Budda at Bttdda. 8piti~inidnight. Free. Chris Harris (Temple) with a chunky house ire-club warmer.

I Bu dasole at Club Budda. llpm--3am. £5. Stevie Middleton continuing upstairs with his own particular brand of American deep house and garage in this luscious new club every week. See panel.

I Buena Vista at Glasgow School Of Art (downstairs). l(lpin~2.3()atit. £3. A slice of Latin jazz. and funk front Mark and Michael of Delaneys Rhythm Section with Nick Peacock (Back To Jazz) playing the last Friday of every month.

I Bump 'n' Hussle at Babaza. 5.30pm-3ain (DJs from llpiii). £5 (free before I lpm). £5. Paul 'l‘raynor with R&B. soul classics. garage and house for a dressy. drinky. jtitiip about a bit crowd. Dead. dead busy.

I Cheesy Pop at The Queen Margaret Union. l()ptii—-2am. £3 (£2). Students and four guests. lt's cheesy and it‘s poppy and it’s just unbridled fun all the way. brought to you by DJ Toast. Rack ’ein tip Toasty boy.

I Cleopatra’s at Cleopatra's.

l().3()pm —2.3()aiii. £7. Pop. 7(ls and 8()s party tunes. Over 2 ls only.

I Crash at The Shed. l()pm—2am. £4 (£3). The return of Crash after five years with Dave Ross playing aii eclectic mix ofkitsch classics. Drinks promos. Brand new club for the Southside from the team behind the Garage.

I Cul De Sac at Cul De Sac Bar. ()pni-midnight. Free. Anton and Doug with pre-cltib head phtiiik. Check otit Kenny H playing 5-7pm for the Happy Hour [00.

I Deep Fried at The |3th Note Club (both floors). llpiii~3aiii. £3. The Kung Ftiiik Collective with reggae. dtib aiitl mellow grooves on the ground floor and hip hop. big beat and ftttik iii the basement. ()n 3 Dec Deep Fried welcome Luke Vibett aka the wonderful Wagonclirist playing live. (£4).

I Face Off at The Arches. l Ipiii--3aiii. £8 (£6). 4 Dec and fortnightly. The Phar ()tit (hip hop )/.lengaheads (big beat) face offcontinties. with Phat" ()ut choosing the guests this time. Tonight they‘ve gone for Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols) atid Derek Dahlarge (Wall of Sound) to compliment their sound. See Big Beat Boutique panel.

I Fellatio at Bar Sauza. 8pm—midnight. Free. Deep Philly funk. house atid garage. Pic-club.

I Fridays 'r' Tweakin' at The Temple. llpm—-3am. £5 (£4). New night promoted by Clear Station at this new venue that used to be Follies. Htiggy froin Burger Queen is your resident for the night joined by Naeem (Record Playaz) with a refreshing adventure from swing beat and soul to garage. All drink £l before lam. I Fused at The Glasgow School ()fArt. l0.3()pm~2.3()am. £5 (£4/£3GSA). 4 Dec and monthly. After the success of the last Fused it's back again with two floors of fine ground breaking music. lit the main room Stevie Donaldson and Domenic Gallacher take charge with tech house while downstairs you've got Wreckage (Wall of Sound) and Smack from Edinburgh‘s top class Boogie Mo Dynamo.

80 THE LIST 3—17 Dec l998

I Get Smart at Spy Bar. 5-9pm. Free. New loungecore night of phuturistic music from DJ Mingo-go and Hush Puppy. Happy Hotir cocktails.

I Gold 'n Delicious al Ai'chaos.

l lpm—-3am. £6 (£4). David Gilmore playing quality house atid garage amidst the spectacle of the Friday night acts. Bungee jumping acrobats. stilt walkers and a whole heap of other madness. Jamie Strang also plays soul and R&B iii bar one plus disco. garage and cheesy stuffin Betty‘s Mayonnaise. Drinks promos

I Havana Barcelona at Barcelona. 8pm—inidnight. Free. The sound of the Latino house underground from DJ Jan. Pre-club.

I Katch at The Cathotise. l().3()pm—3atii. £4 (£3; £l before

i l.3()pm). Three floors of rock. hip hop. chemical beats. grunge and contemporary indie. Drinks promos before midnight.

I Lime at The Linie. l().3()pm—3am. £4 (£2). DJ Camitiy with house. garage. nu soul and hip hop. Drinks promos.

I Living Room at The Living Rootii. ()pin—midnight. Free. Brian M and Jim Hutchison with deep house. Pre-club.

I Love Bug at The Garage. l().3()pm—3am. £3 (£4). Ati eclectic mix. of good-time party tunes. Drinks promos. I Paul Cawley at Air ()i‘ganic. ()pm-niidnight. The Sub Club's Thursday night resident and label boss of Fenetik Records down at this retro moderne but every week for hip hop. drum & bass aiitl break. Pre-club.

I POIO Lounge at The Polo Lounge. llpin—3am. £5. Take the choice of the Polo Lounge upstairs. open until 3am. downstairs for DJ Michelle in ttiaiti clttb with 90s club atid indie or down iii the Trophy Room with Tom for a more commercial mix. Gay.

I Planet Peach at Planet Peach. l().3()pm—3am. £6 (£4 ). Free before midnight. Paul N'Jie with house. garage. R&B and soul in this new city centre venue. Drinks promos.

I Radio City at The Attic. l().3()pm—3am. £3 (£2). The original retro club. playing Stax. Motown. Stones. The Who. etc.

I Rico! at Havana. 8ptii—iiiidnight. Free. Club Cubana‘s Duncan Kane and Shannon Shiell joined by Farah for a wide range of hi-NRG Latin and tropical floor-shakers from techno-merengue to the latest Latin rap. via smooth salsa and retro Latin yrooves. Pre-club.

I Salsa Sa rosa at The 13th Note Club (basement). 8—l().45pm. £4 (£3.50). Karen Pasi takes her massively popular salsa classes from The Lime down to The 13th Note every Friday night. Beginners welcome. Pre-club. Free tickets available for the club that runs afterwards.

I Shag at Fury Murry‘s. llpm—3. l5am. £4 (£3). The sexiest. cheesiest tunes ever from Mark and James G playing to a largely student crowd in the smoky. dark. get a snog in the corner Fury‘s.

I Slipstream at The Glasgow School Of

Art. lO.30piii—2.3()am. £5 (£4/£3GSA).

The one, the only 0] Q at the return of Uncut at The Sub Club.

I l Dec atid monthly. Return of the Slipstream night featuring resident Kierati McCann joined in the main hall by George T from Edinburgh's Tribal Ftiiiktioti for the best iii deep. funky US house. Phat' ()ut join the party downstairs with Psy-Phi's Paul Cawley and Alex Horton laying down dem hip hop and drum 8; bass breaks.

I Soaterama at Nice 'n’ Sleazy (ground floor bar). 8pm~midnight. Free. Regular Friday evening do. with the best in all sorts of fields from Americana punk to dtib. drutti & bass aiid even The Smiths. I Soul Shine at Bar Lautrec‘s (upstairs). ()plll—lillll. £2 after 10pm. free before. DJs Valois and Cortel. deliver soul. funk. break beats and whatever feels good to booze-filled sotil hooligans up the stairs at Latitrec‘s. Drinks promos‘. Pre-cltib.

I Spectrum at g2. llptii -3am. £8 (£6). The crew behind the mega. mega Streeti'ave and Colours move their night from Archaos to this new venue tip behind the Garage. Residents at the weekly night will be Jon Mancini. lain 'Boney" Clark and DJ Crosby playing hard. handsomely credible house.

I Strathclyde University Student Union l()pm-3atii. Free. Cheesy dance and indie in Level 8 and club anthems in The Dark Room. plus Planet Boogie in The Barony Bar with Porn Star Lionel Vinyl and his 70s disco-fest. Wear fancy 7()s dress to Planet Boogie and win a prize.

I Tangent at The Stib Club. llptii -4am. £7 (£5). ll Dec and fortnightly. A-man and Panic with their ever-evolving tiiglit which takes the Subbie from deep fttnky house through beat and bass and coming out at sublime techno. A quality night and no mistake. Tonight they welcome Domenic ‘DJD’ Dawson to the club for an exclusive set. playing dubby groovy house sottiids. DJD is a veteran of the Harvey Carl Cox parties and also records for a whole bunch of labels front Strictly to Azuli. See Hitlist.

I Tchico at Russell's Bar/Cafe. 8»—l lpiti. Free. DJ Tchico with R&B. hip hop and swing.

I Test at The Sub Club. llpiii—-4am. £7 (£5). 4 Dec and monthly. Recovering after the mayhem of their Art School event. Test gets back to (almost) normality with their regular Sub Club experimental techno night. Features residents Shandy. [)ave Tarrida (Sativa) and guests.

I Trash at Trash. llpm—3am. £6 (£4 ). Busy. easy going night with funky house in the main room from Stevie Smith and street soul. swing and classic grooves in the second room from DJ Grahame. Drinks promos.

I Traxx at The Market Bar. 8pm—midnight. Free. Traxx's Derrick and Simon playing blissed-out deep underground house of the highest quality. Check out their monthly night at Fury

M urry's too.

I Uncut at The Arches. llpm-3aiii. £ l() (£8). I I Dec and monthly. The triumphant return of Uncut after a wee

break. Tonight the residents DJ Q and Laurence Hughes welcome the legendary Carl Craig. Not only is Carl Craig DJing tonight. btit he's performing live as Paperclip People. After his performance at The Sub Club recently. this is guaranteed to be an awesome night. See Hitlist.

I Uptight at The Bedsit. ()pm—2am. £4 (£3). 4 Dec and monthly. Specialist Northern Soul and Hammond jazz night from the long-established Goodfoot mob playing to a receptive crowd.

I Velvet Rooms l()pm—3am. £6. Alan Ronald in the main room with an open mix from house anthems and disCo to soul. Martin Hesketh iii the front room playing mellow hip hop. swingbeat and classic sotil.


I La Academia De Salsa at Havana. 3.3()--5pm. £4 (£3). Fed tip with shopping on a Saturday afternoon'.’ Try this instead: salsa and merengtie dance classes for absolute beginners every week. from the makers of Club Ctibana. Hot and saucy.

I Archaos at Archaos. l lpm—3am. £8 (£6). Kris Keegan and AJ. mix up garage and house iii the massive round rootii dance floor. which has one of the loudest sound systems and most impressive light shows in Scotland. lain Thompson playing chunky disco in Betty’s while Paul 'l’raynor plays R&B. swing atid hip hop iii Sky Bar.

I Bar 10 Opiti—midnight. Free. Busy hard house pre-club with Nick Peacock and guests. Still pretty much the main feeder-bar for the Sub Club and The Arches.

I Bargo at Bargo. ()plll- midnight. Free. Rotates between deep ftiiik and house from the Tangent DJs or Shirley Temple's Ms Alston with chunky house. Pre-club. I Bennet's ll..‘s()pin—.‘~atn. £6 (£5). DJ Sara with a good dancey mix. Drinks promos. Gay.

I Bite The Bullet at Club Budda..

l lpm—3am. £6. Coliti Walker of New York AlliancefTonka faitie with his first club residency fora while. picking this new venue to play his characteristic brand of deep New York house. Joined by Gareth Sommerville and Laurence Hughes on a rotational basis.

I 80m at The Botn. llpm—3am. £6 (£5). Stevie Smith. Keith Pyper and guests with funky house and garage at this dressy venue. Drinks promos.

I Bonkers at Bonket's. llpm—3am. £5 after midnight. £4 before. Club classics at this after office hang-out with residents David Campbell and Nobble Whitelaw. I Budda at Btidda. 8pm—midnight. Free. Solemusic‘s Stevie for garage and deep house. Drinks promos. Pre-club.

I The Cathouse l().30pm-3am. £4 (£3.50; £2.50 before l l.3()pm). Three floors of rock. grunge. contemporary indie atid indie dance. iii one of the best rock-styled venues in the country. Drinks promos.