CLUBS listings


I The Party at Revolution. l()pm—3am. £5. lO—l lpm; £6. llpm-iiiidnight; £7 after. Weekly. Door policy is dress to impress so dust off your fave bits of Lycra and buff up your shiniest shoes. it‘s part ' time!

I P at Pharm at City 2. ()pin—lam. Free. 5 Dec. Fortnightly. Yogi Haughton playing whatever Yogi Haughton plays. Expect funk through to garage with anything iii-between.

I Pre-Viva at C ltib Mercado. 9—l0.30pm. Free. 5 Dec. Fortnightly. Check out this great take on the pre-club bar thing. It's a cabaret-style way to kick start your night and if you haven‘t passed out. you can stay on for Viva the club for free!

I RAW at Negociants. l()pm—3aiii. Free. Weekly. l)Js TYJ arid The Bump continue to deliver their unique blend of underground sounds.

I Rebirth at Studio 24. Monthly. Next date 24 Dec.

I The Rocking Horse l lpm—3aiii. £3. Weekly. Three floors of the darker and harder side of things. Tomb Raider for the gothic and industrial sounds. Frenzy for rock and alternative arid Fly for the

indie and chemical noises.

I Scratch at The Venue. I lpm—3am. £6 (£5). 5 Dec. Fortnightly. Soon to blow up. MC All Natural is making waves with his new LP no additives. iii) preservi/lvex (Upper C'tit Records). His real rhyme skills are second to none and you cart be sure it will another

Cut la Roc: Edinburgh better watch out

Big Beat Boutique

’It’s all my fault,’ says Gareth Hansom about the runaway success of his Brighton club night, Big Beat Boutique, the place that first corned the term ’big beat' and is home to the likes of Fatboy Slim and Cut La Roc. He’s the guy who deeded to mix together all the different elements of what he thought a good night out was all about. ’lt's like you go to the pub and listen to Dam on the iuke box, go round the corner and go to a small student night and hear some really good scratch DJs playing hip hop, then a raging house night, an illegal techno party and end up back at some dodgy place hearing a bloke playing an acoustic guitar Singing folk songs. liust wanted to put all that into one.’ He insists that it ain’t big beat they play, and the club hasn’t got a muSic policy, jUSi a desne to do exactly what peOple expect them not to.

And it’s working very well for them. The night is now out on tour, not just in the UK but round the world, With his Boutique International terrorising the unsuspecting inhabitants of far off lands With his crew of infamous party animals. Now that his Dls are getting familiar with the top end of the charts some might suggest The Big Beat Boutique has lost the who it started with three years ago in a small Brighton pub, but Hansom is quick to disagree. 'It’s a big big thing With me that we do this for the right reasons,‘ he says. ’We do the club because we OliJOy gOing out and disappearing for two days. Domg all the things that are fun about dance music: going out, getting off y0ur chump, and not taking anything too seriously. We’re not cashing in, and even if we were, we'd still snort it or swallow it all Edinburgh better watch

Out. (Rory Weller)

On The Floor At The Boutique mixed by Fatboy Slim is out now or) Skint. The Beat BOthigi/e Tom is in Edinburgh on Fri 4 Dec at The Shooting Gallery.

quality night of hip hop culture in house.

I Squeezed at Loca. l()pm—3am. £3 before midnight; £4 after. Weekly. Whoop it tip with Brian McCiarry playing funky house. soul and disco in a refurbished venue.

I Substance at The Honeycomb. llpm-3am. £l() (£8). l2 Dec. Fortnightly. Residents iii the main room are Craig Smith and Mikey Stirton with


Its all about jumping around and spilling your drink, say the Jengaheads.

Music shouldn’t be

fine garage. joined by Adrian Milarski

venues. He plays quality house and garage. btit always with a tough edge.

Weekly. See 'l‘htirsdays.

I Teaseage at Tlte (‘itius llpm 3am.

£4. Weekly. Indie. \\ iii) a touch of dance arid ftiiik. played to a packed and sweaty crowd.

Wda y 10th Débember

- nue, Calton Road

88 THE "ST 3—17 Dec 1998

who has Died at tiiost of Edinburgh‘s key

I The Subway West End 4pm 3am. £ l.

I Tribal Funktion at The Venue.

llpm —3am. £7 (£5). 5 Dec. Fortnightly. The residents do their thing on the main floor. that‘s George T. Simone and fl playing their funky techno. iackin‘ house and chunky disco to a crowd that loves them so. The awesome .loseplrMalik (Liz/aid Lounge) mans the cooler.

I Underworld Vibes at Bannei'man‘s. ‘)piii--laiii. Free. Weekly. Local l)Js spin pre-club vibes it) this popular bar. Tonight. it‘s itiaiiistreatii dance cheese. I Vegas at The Shooting Gallery (Casino Royale). l().3()piii--3am. £7 (£5). 5 Dec. Monthly. Join the likes of Frankie Sumatra and Bugsy Seagull iii this spanking new venue. Dance to swinging show tunes. Latin rhythms. disco and dare we say it. country. ()ne of Edinburgh's most popular nights.

I Vegas at The Assembly Rooms. Next date l‘) l)ec with the Vegas Christmas Party Extravaganza. Tickets £ I() from Assembly Rooms Box Office. Virgin attd Ripping.

I Voodoo at The l’otterrow. ‘)piii--3am. £7 (£5). 5 Dec. Monthly. A great progressive house night with Jay Storic and Neil McKay. guests to be confirmed.

I Viva at Club Mercado. |lpiii~3ziiir £8. 5 Dec. Fortnightly. Residents are the fabulous and divine Miss \"iva. Mike arid Betty Ford. Amanda Lyons and her sweet vocals attd Kenny Toiitliiison with his sexy sax. Honey. you’ve got disco and ftiiik. house aitd club. live cabaret aitd performers. Dress to make an impression.

I Walkers l(l.3()pm--3aitt. Price the. Weekly. ()ver 21s. Smart dress. l’arty night with residents S. Chapman. (‘. Frame and Slimen. One for the local office workers and West finders.

I Yush! at City 3. Free. 5 Dec. Fortnightly. Underground sounds representing the label. Al from Blacka'ni/ed provides the hip hop and reggae flavour.


I Absent Without Leave at Revolution. l().3()piii~3am. £2.50 before llpm; £3 llpm~iiiidnight; £4 after. Weekly. A fusion of poptastic datice. chart aitd garage anthems from Alan Key and Adrian Luvdup.

I Bare Story 7.3()piii»- I am. Free. Weekly. Drinks promos. l’re-cltib action with l)Js dropping the garage and house \‘ilii‘ Selected bottled beers £ l.

I CC. Blooms llpm--3am. Free. Weekly. See 'l‘hursdays.

I Cafe Aquarius at Cafe Aquarius. ()pm lam. Free. Weekly Make no excuses. just get there early. grab a table and enjoy the Taste l)Js hyping everyone tip for the start of a brand new week.

I Catwalk at The Catwalk. ()pin-lam. Free. Weekly. Kev and Mark play funky mellow house.

I Club Mojito at Ctiba Norte. l lpm. Free. Weekly. An early evening Afro- Cuban and Latiit cocktail.

I Creamed at The Ark. lem—3am. £4. Weekly. Half price with flier. Quality party favourites and mainline spirits at 49p . . . the weekend's not over yet.

I eh1 More at ehl. Upiii—lam. Free. Weekly. Tim King plays his favourite hip hop. acid jazz. and ftiiik records in this pre-club bar.

I Electriscity at the Catwalk. |()piii—laiii. Free. Tl Crossley and guests spinning hip hop. garage and house music in a great bar.

I Galaxy (it The Liquid Room. l().3(lpm—3aiii. £3. Weekly. Funk. sotil. Northern and disco. Selected drinks at 50p all night!

I Hot Lava at Negociants. ltlpiii—3aiii. Free. Weekly. Bonafide Love from (ilasgow presents original raggae arid hip hop sounds.

Icons at Club Mercado. ltlpiii—3am. £5 (£4). (i l)ec. Monthly. A brand new night of iiiaximtiiii showbiz. glamour with l)Js Longworth and Mike. A great music policy of old school cltib classics aitd house anthems and a great mixed crowd policy. Definitely worth a look.

I Jazz Joint at Henry's Cellar Bar. 7.3()pni- 3am. £3. Sixteen Ton plus llrban Soul linsemble share the Sunday night residency. a must for the headz.

I Lost at Loca. ltlatii—3ani. £3. Weekly. Sonte fine drinks pi'oitios to wind your week down. or is that start your week off'.’ Gareth Sommerville playing a mix of sotilftil house attd garage.

I Lush at The \"aults. Next date the.

I Mad at The Attic. l()pm—3am. £3. Weekly. Chart and classic disco going happily hand-in-hand with very cheap drink promos.

I Noa ‘)pm-- 3am. Free before I lpm'. £3 before midnight; £(i after. Proving that there is life in the West find. this out-post is a diamond find. Not a bar. not a club. btit definitely worth a look.

I Tempomental at Studio 24. l()pm--3am. Weekly. New club with hostess Maria Portugal from London.