Exhibitions are listed alphabetically by cit and category, then

a pha etically by venue. Please send details to our office at least ten days before publication. Art listings compiled by Helen Monaghan. See also Festive Art listings.



209 Bath Street. 248 4970. Mon—Fri 9am—4.30pm; Sat 9am—-3.30pm.

Art Exhibition And Sale Until Thu l7 Dec. A mixed exhibition of artworks for sale.


()6 Albion Street. 553 477 1. Daily noon-midnight.

Outside-In Until Wed 23 Dec. A new collection of photographic art by this Glasgow-based female photographers' collective. The work has been created iii conjunction with Bargo. for the Year of Architecture I999.


350 Sauchiehall Street. 332 752I. Mon—Wed I lLlIlI~-()pllll Thu & Hi

I lam—8pm; Sat I lam-opin; Stiii noon—5pnr

Civil Disobedience Sat 12 Dec—Io Jan I999. Site-specific work in the gallery by Glasgow-based artists collaborative. Henry VIII's wives Rachel Dagnall. Jonas Eggen. Bob Grieve. Sitiioii Polli. Per Sander and Lucy Skaer - curated by one- time GIasgow-based curator. Kirsty ()gg.


322 Duke Street. 554 I I25. Wed—Fri noon—(rpm; Sat-Sun l0am~~1pnr

The Social Life Of Stuff Until Stiii 20 Dec. Mixed media works tackling 20th century life and including randomly collected objects by Mary Redmond and Hayley Tompkins. posters by Caroline Kirsop and Sarah Tripp and new work by Janice McNab documenting individuals who find themselves allergic to the materials of this century.


l8 Castlemilk Arcade. 634 2603. Mon—Sat I0am—5pm.

Lost Lands Until Sat I2 Dec. A documentary exhibition tracing Castlemilk's history by Andrew Miller.


Queen Street. 229 I996. Mon—Sat

l0am —5pm (closed Tue): Sun I Iam~5pm. Reversepective: The Art Of Patrick Hughes Until 7 Feb I999.

Unusual landscape paintings employing intriguing visual trickery on show for the first time by contemporary artist Patrick Hughes.

The End Until 12 Jan I999. Bulkhead presents a display of the ten exhibitions which have been shown on the bulkhead of the Strathclyde bus tleet.

Helle Vlll's Wives

12 December 1998 - 16 January 1999


Vistor Centre. 730 Great Western Road. 334 2422. Daily I lam—4pm.

Art Exhibition And Sale Mon 7—Sun I3 Dec. An exhibition and sale of artwork by artists from the ‘Paintings ()n Railings‘ open art fairs.


Café Cosmo. I2 Rose Street. 332 8l28. Paris Until Sat 5 Dec. Parisian scenes by Scottish photographer Paul Hannigan. Part oft/re Frent'li Film Festival. Shelter's Rural Photo Exhibition Sun 6-Thu 31 Dec. A photography exhibition commissioned by Shetler. highlighting homelessness and poor housing in Scottish rural communities.


4th Floor. ()4 Osbourne Street. 552 I472. Opening hours by appointment. Mountain Madness Until Sun l3 Dec. Lindsay ()rr. David Michael Clarke. and Neal Beggs are among thirteen who have been diagnosed ‘iiiotintain mad' and here. iii this group exhibition. they show their work.

Kissmas Mon H—Thu 3I Dec. A studio members‘ show based on the theme of a kiss.

GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART i‘y'lackintosll Gallery. 167 Renfrew Street. 353 4500. Mon—Thu 9.30aiii-—8.30pm: liri 9.3()am—-5pm; Sat 10am—noon.

Cross Currents t'ntil Sat l9 Dec. An exchange exhibition between the Master of Fine Art Programme at Glasgow School ofArt anti the University of Illinois.

Printed Textiles Mon l-l—l‘TI 18 Dec. A departmental exhibition highlighting the work that results from print and knit.


3 Park Circus. 332 2555. Mon—Thu 10am—8pm; Fri I0ani--4pm; Sat l0am—I m.

Beyon The Tweed Until Fri 4 Dec, Photographs by Christel \V'ollmann- Fiedler taken during two journeys to Scotland. in which she followed in the footsteps of German novelist. Theodor Fontane.

HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY University of Glasgow. University Avenue. 330 5430. Mon—Sat 9.30am—5pm. Home to the university's collection of art and sculpture. the Hunterian also features a recreation of Charles Rennie tyIacintosh's Glasgow house.

Tools For The Shaman ()n permanent display in the refurbished Sculpture Courtyard. Jake Harvey shows monumental works carved from Irish basalt.


I8 King Street. 552 2540. ;'\Ion-»I‘"ri

l lam—5pm; Sat noon—4pm.

That In Which We See Ourselves Until Tue 15 Dec. Jessica Worrall's installation uses the product ‘Painting By Numbers' to examine the question

of memory and colour perception in the art and act of reproducing a singular popular image.


200 Bath Street. 33I 0722. Tue-Sat 9am~6pm1 Thu I lam—8pm.

Luc Imsand Until Thu 3 Dec. Recent paintings including figurative works by this Swiss artist.

Buckyballs Sat 5 Dec—I2 Jan I998. New paintings by Jim Mc("hesney.


7I Houldsworth Street. Iiinniestoii. 221 4799. Wed—Sat 2 -()pm.

On The Mark til 4-. Sat ls) Dec. Recent works by Glasgow printmakers. Included in the show is a selection of work by fourth and fifth year students from the printmaking department at Glasgow School ofArt.


North Street. 305 2999. .\Ion Thti 9am-8pm: Fri-«Sal 9am-5pm. The Seeing Eye Until 'l‘liii 3t Dec. An exhibition celebrating the life and work of photographer George ()livei'.


I IS Douglas Street. 248 (3380. Mon- I-ri I0.30am~5pm: Sat 10.30am » lpm. Group 98 Sat 5-»Sat l9 Dec. Paintings by fifteen west of Scotland artists.


I00 Renfrew Street. . 32 5057. AltHl—l‘l'l 8.30am—9pm; Sat 9am 4.30pm: Sun |0am 4.30pm.

Glasgow Society Of Women Artists l‘ri 4- Fri 18 Dec. landscapes. still lives and drawings with the emphasis on colour by members of the Glasgow Society of Women Artists.


2nd Floor. I4 King Street. 552 7080. Sat & Sun noon April.

A permanent collection of kinetic sculptures by liduard Berstidsky.

STREET LEVEL 26 Kiiig Street. 552 215 l. Tue Sat

10am 5.30pm.

Shortening The Road tiniil Sal I9 Dec. Contemporary photographic work by Dettie l‘lynn. See review.

Women And Men t'iitil Sat 1‘) Dec. New photographic work by contemporary photographer I.eslcy Shearer. TRANSMISSION GALLERY 28 King Street. 552 48 I 3. Tue I lam —5pm.

The Janus Programme Sat 5 Sat 12 Dec. Part two of this project III which selected artists were my ited to construct an exhibition at the gallery See review. Future Society Sat 5 Sat l2 Dec. A


cellar project by Steven lime! and I).i\ id

Rozetsky. Glasgow-based artist Bii'rel

' displays a series of photogiaphs from

‘the street' and Ro/etsky creates video work which plays with entertainment. pop culture atid advertising.


. .c fl.

~ "‘ N ' 5110:“ William Klein Gritty urban realism IS (audit? by Klein in his photographs of ‘50s New Yon; [ti/.nliixrqli‘ National Port/tilt Gallery until Tue 5 Jan The Social Life Of Stuff Five artists tackle the stuff of life in a product- littered aoe \‘Jllllt' Janite MrNab looks at the life of those whose liodies can't take it Glasgow. Fly Gallery unti/ Sun 20 [)et.‘ Museum Of Scotland After seven years in the making, the new, brilliantly asymmetneat-styled intisetiin, flintis open its doors onto Stotland's history. Edinburgh Museum Of Scotland Detlef Henrichs Body and faCial disfigurement caused by aCCidents IS disturbindly documented in Narben, (the German term for 'scarring’), by photographer, Detlef Henrichs. See reView. Edinburgh Portfolio Gallery until Sat 79 [)et‘. Famin Not a guide to how to stirVive them over the festive season but a show of some of Britam's brightest artists from Damien HITSI, Douglas Goidon {liroii-zih to Rachel \"Jhiteiead. Edinburgh Royal Botanit Garden until Stir; 3} Jun Dettie Flynn/Lesley Shearer New piiotograiniy work With a edge of serial tommentary explores domestic |‘,t’;l{ilIL)ll and storytelling See renew. Glastjot'.’ Street Level until Sat 19 DOC


This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For

details of other museums, see Glasgow Life, page 96.


KELVINGROVE 287 M99, Mon Sat Illanl 75pm; Stiii lI.tin 5pm. ('ale. [D].

' The Lakota Ghost Dance Shirt Object Cinema Screenings are continuous

- Stick Fracture


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