throughottt tlte day. every day. Playwright Peter At'nott ltas created a film wlticlt sheds light on one of Glasgoyy Museums' most controversial exltibits. "The l.akota Ghost Dattce shirt‘. Reputed to ltave been taken as a souvenir frottt the body of an l.akota lttdiatt at the site of the Wounded Knee Massacre tn .lattttary IS9I. the Object Cinema uses attdio visual tecltttology to tell the story.

Shamiana - The Mughal Tent Until .1 .Iatt I999. The results of a project cottceived by the \‘R& A Museum. London. itt which south Asiait women were encouraged to explore their cultural heritage through the museum's Nehru Gallery of lttdiatt Art Collection. Biodiversity In Glasgow Until 3t Jan I999. Glasgow's local biodiversity action plan is unveiled iti this informative. ittteractive exhibition.

BT Dialogue In The Dark Limit 31 Jan I999. Sighted visitors gain an insight ittto the world of the visually impaired. British Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Until 3| Jan I999. The winning entries of this annual competition which capture the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

Travelling Companions: Monet And Seurat Fri -1 Dec -.‘~l .lan I999. Two prime examples of French |9th century art. on tour frottt the National Gallery in London. Monet's .l/IIH’IIIII :Il /.(’ [/(Il‘l't’ llb’73l attd Settrat's The Channel (If (it‘tit't'lmt'v. (innit! I’m/*I-l’lti'lt'p/tt' t IS90). Accompanying the two pattttittgs is a small exhibition of works by Bottditt. Monet. Seurat. \an (iogll and Signac. HOUSE FOR AN ART LOVER Art lovers” Cale. Bellaltouston Park. Ill l)utttbt'eck Road. 53-1773. £3.50 (£2.50). Daily Illant 5pm.

Prints Exhibition linttl 1 Ian loot) I’t'ints oti loan frottt (ilasgoyy 's ('y ril Gerber Fine Arts,

HUNTERIAN MUSEUM Ifntversity Avenue. 330 ~122l. Mott Sat 9.30am 5pm.

Pottery For The People t'nttl Wed 23 Dec Fine examples of 'spongeyyate I‘l‘llCI.‘ l‘l'mlttced from the I830s onwards. recently gifted to the museum front the collection of Harry Kelly MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT Kelvin llall. Dnntbat‘toit Road. 287 2720. Mon Sat Illam 5pm; Sun llant— 5pm. Future Foods? t‘ntil Sal .‘~ Dec. ’t'lns exltibition developed by the Science Museum ttt London. explains the science behind genetically modified food. Buckyballs And Beyond Moll l1 l)cc- 7 Feb I999. An exhibition dey otetl to the Science .‘yluseunt‘s tltscoyery of I935. itt which scientists fottnd that carbon had a new form

PEOPLE'S PALACE 8t WINTER GARDEN Cilasgoyy (ii'eett. 55—10223. .\Iott Sal llllllll-‘Slillll Sun I lant- 5pm.

William Simpson t'nttt t't-lw tutti). lit-st known for his illustrations documenting The Crimean “an IBM (it. a collection of M et' 50 \yatet'colout's by William Simpson. I

SCOTLAND STREET SCHOOL MUSEUM 225 Scotland Street. 129 I202. Mon -Sat l0am- 5pm; Stttt 2' 5pm. Cale. DI. Insights lfnttl 3 Ian I999. An interactive exhibition for children atnted at givtttg ait ntsigltt ittto the geography. history attd culture of Germany.

Visual tease: Patrick Hughes' work is on show at the Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art

I The Clothes Off Our Backs Until to Ian '5 I999. A community-based project in

t which lines frottt the works of poet Robert i Burns have been sewn ittto garments of various shapes. sizes attd colours.



l 2 Castle Street. 553 2557. Mon—Sat

l l0am—-5pm; Stttt I lam—5pm.

l Delivering Hope Sat t2 Dec—l2 Apr I999.

| Photographs attd paintings by children itt

] Bosnia attd Croatia contrasted by images of

children iii Romania and Liberia. iii an exhibition organised in conjunction with

Scottish International Relief.



l -1 Bellevtte Crescent. 557 mm. Wed—Sun ttoott—(tpttt.

l Delineation Until Stttt 20 Dec.

Contemporary drawings attd original prints featuring work by Henry Kondracki. Rob Maclaurin. Brent Millar. Elizabeth Shepherd and Daniella Rossi.


42—4-1 Cockburn Street. 226 6636. Tue—Sat Want-Spin; Stttt & Mon ttoott~5pttt.

Colin Baxter Until 'I‘hu 3| Dec. A series of photographs taken from Baxter’s forthcoming book. Front-ta

BLUE MOON CAFE 36a Brotigltton Street. 557 (I‘ll I. Mon-Fri llattt—l lpm; Sat ll -l..‘~()atn.

Sex Curves And Utility Reef Mott 7---Mon 21 Dec. New paintings and sculpture by David llutcltison.


6 Duttdas Street. 55" 1050. Mon- Fri l0attt- (tpm: Sat loam lpttt.

John McLean Until Wed 9 Dec. New paintings.

David Sinclair Tue l5 Thu 2-1 Dec. Recent paintings.

BYZANTIUM GALLERY 9a Victoria Street. 225 I768. Dailv

l0attt 5.30pm. I

Under The Sun lintil Wed 33 Dec. Sculpture. prints. cerattncs attd textiles by leadittg. contemporary Zimbabwean artists Nicholas Mukontberattwa. .loseplt Ndattdarika. Fani/atti Akuda and (till Bond.

CAMEO ‘sx Ilottte Street. 22.\' s1l-1l. Exhibitions open fifteen minutes before first screening of the day until I Ipttt tSun»\\’edt: lattt t'l‘littuSat t.

Subway I'ntil San (t Dec. A series of photographs of New York and Paris by Iidinburglt-based photographer Robitf MacDonald. CARLYLE'S CAFE Carlton Highland Hotel. North Bridge. 172 3000. Daily 9am opm. i Regina Fernandes t'nttl 4 .l;lll toot). Recent yy atercolours attd acrylics by Regina Fernattdes. ' '


Market Street. 529 3993. Mon Sat

10am -Spm.

20th Century Scottish Paintings Until 4 Jan [999. Paintings front the gallety's collection including works by the late William McTaggart arid the successful contemporary attist. .lolttt Bellany.

Glass UK Until 4 Jan I999. A survey of British contemporary glass frotn I967 to the present day.

Artscapes Until 4 Jan I999. Seascapes. landscapes and cityscapes from the gallery‘s art collection aitd beyond. The film ‘Spiral Jetty" by US land artist. Robert Stttithson is shown alongside video work by London-based artist Edward Fellows. Alienated St. Petersburg: A City's Social History Until 4 Jan I999. An exhibition from the Peter & Paul Fortress itt St. Petersburg focusing on homelessness itt the city over various historical eras. Alice Maher and Tim Davies Until 1 Jan I999. New works by two leading artists front Ireland attd Wales. Dublin-based Alice Maher explores thetttes of subversion attd transformation and Tittt Davies' work looks at dispossession attd cultural marginalisation.

Travelogue Mon 7 Dec. See Travelling Gallery.


22—28 Cockburn Street. 220 l260. Tue—Sat Haiti—5.30pm (Fri 5 nt).

They Died So That You Mig t Live Until Sat 12 Dec. Artists Dave Beeclt. Dave Burrows and Ako Sasao explore the theme of deatlt. See Lectures & Events.

Martin Fowler Until Sat l2 Dec. New work by Martin Fowler exploring dreams. ambitions attd expectations.


Grindlay Court Centre. Grindlay Street Cottrt. 229 79-1l. Mon—Thu l0am—4pm; Fri l0am--2pnt.

Waves Of Influence Mon l1 Dec-2| Jan I999. New paintittgs by Robert Iiutttatt.


3 Hunter Square. 220-1-1-17. Mon—Thu noon-2.30pm & 5.30-l0.30pm; Fri & Sat ttoon--2..‘~()pttt & 5.30—I lpm; Stttt 5.30-<l()pnt.

We Are The Light In Our Eyes Until 5 Jan I999. Contemporary oil on glass paitttittgs by John Hunt.


SS Hanover Street. 2201-103. Mon—Sat l0ant - l0pnt; Sun noon-7pm.

Stephen McClaren Until 8 Jan I999. Recent paintings by this regular exhibitor.


(ta Dttndas Street. 558 9363. Mott—Fri lllzitit—(tptn; Sat l0am--lpm.

Baltic Reflections Until Sat I2 Dec. Paitttings. prints attd sculptttre by leadittg artists itt Latvia.

Early Scottish Drawings Ttte IS—Thu 24 Dec. Farly Scottish drawings featuring work by Naysittith and Wilkie.


Lauriston Place. 22l 6000. Mon—Thu loam—8pm: Fri Illattt-Spm; Sat 10am-2pm. Printers Inc - Recent British Prints Until Tue 22 Dec. Recent prints by contemporary Britislt artists front the Arts Council of England's collection. Featured artists include Turner PriIe winners Damien llirst and Rachel Wltitet'ead. the late Helen Chadwick. Tracy Iimitt attd Marcus Taylor. See review.

Masters Of Design (MDes) 1998 Degree Exhibition Tltu Itt—Wctl to Dec. Fifteen students front the school of Design & Applied Arts and the school of Visual Cotttmunication present their work for an MDes Degree.

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Scottish art + design. multiples + editions, for sale.

106 Byres Road, Glasgow. Telephone (0141) 334 9749.

IO 23 Detttttttlttrr 1998. Moo Wed. ttooit 6:00pm, Thtits Sat. ttoott 8:00pm. Sun ttoott 5:00pm

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