Activities And Fun

Quickies For Kids Royal Museum of Scotland. 2 Chambers Street. 247 4319. Free ten-minute talks for children Iield eyery Saturday at 2. I 5pm and eyery Sunday at 3.15pm. This weeks topics iiicltide the June/c lino/t on Sat 5 Dec and The (‘liriylniuy Story on Sun 6 Dec. The following week. Rut/rill 'I‘lre Reindeer on Sun 13 Dec (no talk on Sat 13 Dec). Santa's Forest Grotto 1?qu Thu 24 Dec. l0aiii—4piii. £3.50. lidinburgh Zoo. Corstorphine Road. 334 9171. Come and meet Santa in his magical forest grotto and i‘eceiy e a wee pressie (only if yoti'y e been good. mind). There‘s also badge- making and art animal qtii/.

Winter Wonderland l‘ri 11 Dec 3 Jan 1999 (closed I~rr 35 l)ec' Sun \\'ed 10am -.\'piii; 'l'ltti Sat I‘laltt 10pm: (Thu 31 Dec (V In 1 Ian 10am 5pm). :4 51) (£3.50): family ticket £12.50. Princes Street (iardens. Princes Street. 473 1999. A classic Christmas e\perience at this open-air ice rink. As well as skating. there's a craft and gilt fair. mulled wine and exert roast chestnuts.

Festive Fun Art Workshops Sui 12 Dec & Sat 19 Dec. Ages 5 5'. 10am noon; ages 9— l3. 2 4pm. £9 per workshop. ()ld St Paul's Church Ilall. 63 Jeffrey Street. 554 1999. Jenny Smith leads this fan art workshop all a festiye theme coyei'ing a variety of art and craft ineditiiiis.


The Happy Gang's Castle 0f Adventure Thu 3 Sat 12 l)ec (no pei‘f on Mon 7 Dec). 10 3()am A‘ 1.30pm; Sat ck Sun mats 1pm (k 4pm. £4.50tt350); family ticket £16. 'l‘rayerse Theatre. Cambridge Street. 225 1404. l'p to age 9. See (ilasgoyy 'l‘lieatre.

The Singing Kettle Santa's Musical Toyshop I‘m 4 Sun 6 Dec. I'l'l 2pm (k 6pm: Sat 11am. 2pm (k 6pm; Sun noon .k' 3pm. £6~~£St£5~t711Iainily ticket £22 & L25. I't‘SlIHll Theatre. 13 29 Nicolson Street. 539 6000. Ages 3 II). It's time to put on a Santa’s Iiat and |()lllllil1t‘.\-111g'lllf_' Kettle in their seasonal siiigalong \lli)\\ as they help Santa prepare for his I‘IISy lt‘\I1\ e period. The Dancing Princesses S‘ai I: l)ec. 2pm. ti: it) I. 51 lil'ltlt‘K (.L‘llllk‘. HI ()rwell Terrace. 3-16 1405. .v\ges 6+ l'sing obiect animation and large-scale puppets. lidiiibiirgli I’tippet (‘oiiipaiiy capture the magic or this liiiilllt'l'\(i1'lllilll tale III which two princesses riie\plicably wear out their beautiful shoes

A Christmas Carol Sui 13. Wed 33 t\- Thu 34 Dec. Sat 12. 2pm; \\ ed 2.3 t\' Thu 24 Dec. 11am ts 2pm. :4 (L3). Netherbow Arts ('enrre. 43 45 High Street. 550 95-791204—7 .-\ge\ 4+ \VL‘L‘ Stories Theatre retell this classic story ol grumpy old Scrooge‘s «.ll\Ct)\'L‘l'_\ of the true meaning of (‘liristriias

Bring Back Christmas! Mon 14 Tue 22 Dec. Mon 14 Sat 19 10.30am. 2.30pm k 7.30pm; Sun 20. " .~l)piii: Mon 31 t\ Tue 32 Dec. 2.30pm (k 7 30pm L5 (£3 50). Netherboyy Arts Centre. ‘13 45 High Street. 556 9579/2647 Ages (w .Ioin Holly on her fabulous tourney to discoy er the true meaning ol (‘hristiiias 111 this show for families from the Scottiin Actors Initiatiy e.


Activities And Fun

Santa At Mill Farm 1'qu Sun 30 Dec (weekends only i 10am 5pm. £3.30 (£1.10). Almond \'.illey Heritage Centre. .\lillfield. I.l\lllf.'\lt)11. 01506 414957. Christmas fun at the laim. w ith illuminated sleiin rides. iiatiyity scene and Santa iii his laimyaid cottage. Santa Steam Trains t'uril Sun 201)ec (weekends only) Trains itin ey cry Sat (k Sun at 10.30am. noon. I 30pm t\' 3pm. £5.1hfiiesstk Kinnerl Railway. lioness Station. l'nion Street. lioness. 01506 835855. .Ioin Sarita on a steam train ride. with gifts for all the children and seasonal reliesliriients loi adults. Magical World Of Christmas t'urrl 'l'hu 341)ec. .‘ylon I‘l'l 11am. 3pm (k 6.30pm; Sat (k Sun noon. 2pm. 4pm (k 6pm. £5.95; family ticket £30. Scotland's

l Theme Park. Strathclyde Country Park. Motherwell. 01698 333999. I‘estiy'e fun at the theme park with a full-size circus big top. unlimited rides on Santa‘s

I funfair. life-sired animated scenes and a

l personal visit to Santa.

; The Spirit Of Christmas t'nut Mon 4

l .Ian (closed 35 Dec. I ck 3.1an). Daily

i 11am—5pm. £3.75 (£2.50). New 1.anark Visitor Centre. New I.anark. ()1555

' 661345. This award-wiiining. interactiye ride is adapted from the year-round

l 'Annie McLeod l—prerience'. which looks at the origins of Christmas and its changing traditions. Also at the centre for

i inst £5. you can go on the ride. see New l.aiiark‘s mini pantomime 'l‘lrt' .liire/e lino/t (daily until 22 Dec. times y'ary) and Visit Santa in his grotto.

Santa Cruises Sat 5- Sun 201)ec (weekends only); Mon 21 Thu 24 Dec (daily). Times \ary. £5 50 The Izdinhurgh Canal Centre. 27 Band Road. Ratlio. 333 1320 A one hour fairytale cruise along the linion Canal to Santa's secret grotto on ‘l)ttck Islaiid' w ith a gift for ey'et'y child and refreshments for adults.

Christmas Decorations Sun () is Sun 13 Dec. 2—«4pm. .‘yltiirshiel Centre. ('lyde Muirshiel Regional Park. I.ocliwimioch. 01505 842‘3'03. Make your own Christmas trimmings using the branches. berries and cones of the park.

The Witches Wood Sun 6 Dec 15 Jan

1999. Daily 10am-4pm. I-‘ree. Summerlee Heritage Park. Ironworks (iallery'. Heritage Way. ('oatbrrdge. 01236 43 | 261. This interactive. Christmas exhibition takes the form of an enchanted wonderland with lots of fun things to e\plore. There's a w itch's cottage. a sily'ei' tlllll tree. wrbbly -wobbly magical mirrors phis storytelling. shadow puppetry and much more. Iiiiter at your own peril?

Santa In His Grotto Sat 12. Sun 13. Sat 19 k Sun 201)ec. 2pm. £2. ('aiial Basin. .\lattse Road. l.rttli1ltgow. 01506 842 I 2.3. Take a trip along the canal to \‘isit Santa in his gt'tiilt). where eyei‘y' c‘litltl t‘ec‘t‘tVL‘s 11 present.

Christmas Art Sun 1.3 Dec. 3pm. Strathclyde Country Park. Hamilton Road. Motherwell. 01698 366155. Create festive trimmings out of natural materials.


Stirling Christmas Concert Sat I: Dec. 7.30pm. Albert Halls. Dumbarton Road. Stirling. 01786 473544. This charity Christmas concert promises something for all the family.


Barney's Great Adventure ( PG ) on Sun 13 Dec. 3.30pm. £1.50. MacRobert Arts Centre. University ()1' Stirling. 01 786 461081. See Film Index.


The Dancing Princesses Sat 5 Dec. 2.30pm. £3 (£1.50). l€ast Kilbride Arts Centre. ()ld (‘oach Road. liast Kilbride. ()I355 361000. Ages 6+. See Edinburgh Theatre.

The Singing Kettle Santa's Musical Toyshop Sat 13 & Stiii 13 Dec. Sat 1 lam & 3pm; Sun noon & 3pm. fly—£8

(£5- £7); family ticket £33 & £35. Magnum Theatre. Harbourside. lry'ine. 01394 378381. See Edinburgh Theatre. The International Purves Puppets Biggar Little Theatre. Broughton Road. 01899 330631. £4.40 adults; £3.30 children (reductions for parties of over 10). Shows on offer over the coming fortnight are as follows: The Nutcracker Sat 5. 3pm: Tue 8. 1pm; Thu 10. 10.15am. 13.45pm & 6.30pm; Sat 13. 2pm; Stiii 13. 3.30pm: Mon 14. 6.30pm;'l'ue 15. 10.30am ts; 13.45pm and Wed 16 Dec. 13.45pm.Ar1 innoyatiye puppet production based on Hoffmann's famous story of fantasy and magic.

Pips And Panda In Santa’s Workshop Fri 4. 3.30pm; Mon 7. 13.45pm; Wed 9. 10.30am and Sat 12 Dec. 11am. A new adyenture for l’ips and Panda as they go in search of their lost letter to Santa.

Win tickets to see

JaCk and the Beanstalk

liee—lii-lio-lium. lacks in trouble with his angry mum! Yes. silly old .lack has gone and sold the famin cow at the local cow boot sale for a mere bag full of beans. But as we all know. these are no ordi- nary beans and before long. a huge beanstalk appears

in the garden. Hopscotch Theatre retell this classic panto story with jokes and songs aplenty. As a special treat for Christmas we have. four pairs of tickets to give-away for the 1 Iain performance on Sat 19 Dee at llowden Park Centre. l..ivingston (01506 43.36.341.11) get your mits on these magic

I s j swop the family

tickets. answer the. following

question: . What did Jack

cow for? Answers on a postcard. with your name and address by Tue 15 Dec to: Beanstalk Comp. The List. 14 High Street. Edinburgh. 131-11 l'l‘E.

listings ART


"I! you want a show that escapes from the cliches of the traditional Scottish Christmas show and regains some of its last wonder. you need look no further. "

David Robinson. THE SCOTSMAN (OI Nettles and Roses '96)

“..genuine/y funny... and some or the most accomplished villainy I've seen.. and at magically low ticket prices. too. "

Mary Brennan. THE HERALD (Badi Katiani '97)

Saturday 12th December 2.30pm 7.30pm

Friday 18th December 3.00pm


Saturday 19th December 2.30pm 7.30pm

Monday Ztst December 2.30pm 7.30pm

Tuesday 22nd December 2.30pm 7.30pm

Wednesday 23rd December 2.30pm 7.30pm

Thursday 24th December 2.30pm

9 N E (D \ ‘8 9 BC )OK N( f:\.‘v' ( N 0131 226 5425

TICKI. 1.3 £6.50/£4.00 FAMIIY l’Ithl is £18.00


curtstnias's Best Kept Secret at 34 Hamilton Place, Edlnburgb




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