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Long Sleeve (M, L, XL) Standard Cut (M, L, XL) Body Fit (M, L, XL) £10.99 £7.50 £11.99

Everybody knows there's so much more to Christmas than that Bethlehem story. There’s the Queen's speech (not to be missed), brussel sprouts (love 'em), cracker jokes (boom, boom), Bing Crosby (not Brookside), The Sound of Music (one more time), photocopying your bottom (or someone else's) at the office party . . . and of course the presents. Say no to Wallace and Gromit socks, and yes to one of these attractive List T-shirts.

Don a Santa hat and stick a cheque in the post or fill out the credit card form below (price includes post & packaging) made out to The List Ltd, stating size (M,L,XL) and colour . . . virgin snow white or Christmas pudding black.

T Method of Payment The :l I enclose a cheque/postal order made payable to The List Ltd 14 Street or :I MasterCard 3 Visa Edlnburgh Card Number Expiry Date Please send me Total Value Pfease stare Quanta; Czrc/e as appropr/are . D Long Sleeve M L XL S'gnature Date £10.99 each Name D Standard Cut M L XL Address £7.50 each C] Body Fit M L XL £11.99 each POStCOde Te'

Ho, ho, ho etc . . .

17 Dec—7 Jan 1998 THE LIST 119