CLASSIFIED i saw you

V I saw you every ntorning. you sleep with a boy called ‘Barney'. \"elcro aitd Nikki are very jealous. Happy Birthday. lots of love. can you gttess‘.’ llo\ No [7340/50.

V We saw you (iraeitie. Amy. ('ubby (y Spag. attd we wished yott all a happy. happy birthday. llox No [7349/5 l.

V I saw you crazy vegetarian at Trash’.’ .Met III .-\ttgust at (iarage. then to Traslt wltere yott knew folks who worked tltere. Yoti are Sean tMc'l'yi'e'.’). blortd. 2 I. (ift. 3yr cvl. ettg at gcal. I‘m Val front Vancouver. Missiitg piggyback tours of (ilasgow. Now wishing I had a way to keep irt touch. Returning to Scotland soon . limail'.’ vbea- man((I ltotittailcoiit. Box No [7349/1

v I saw you Yang. .'\I'L‘Iltt\. Sunday tttgltt. you

girl. big brown eyes. tanned. potty silver trainers. downritg shots. Me mesmertsed space woman that you stole straw from and sung apology to

fancy another"? Box No IVA-1W3. V I saw you Tont. iit Sneeky's with .»\l. Jeff and Abs. Yott pulled trty hair. The time was never rigltt. Fancy a fling‘.’ Go on. risk ill Box No [7349/3.

V I saw you .lolttt Munro flack). (‘IIl/L'Il\ 'I‘IICQIII'C. ()v‘l ")X. You. (‘alifornia me. kicking tttyself. Someorte here help its conrtect you. retired tw tn daughters. Pertlt flat. (ilasgow green thesis on ITL'L‘S. Box No I./.“~I()/-I.

V I saw you approx. 33.4(l.tti (ilagow underground. Thurs 2(i

0 I saw the I SAW YOU post box at the (‘CA attd thought it was a great idea. Well done to The List and SAITZA. Now I just need to fittd soitteone to send an I Saw Yoti to?

Nov. Yoti. cute. hatidsotite. ()riental. dark hair. glassest'.’). Me. fair hair. glasses. black overcoat. We sat opposite to one another. Me reading a daily rag. A face 111 the night. you were gone. Box No l'/,l~I‘)/5.

V I saw you (‘lttb Mercado. 27/1 I. You. stunning flame hatred honey. Me. smitten till hos all itt blue. I called you got- geotts. See IllC again to prove me right',’ Box No I'm-two.

V I saw you Andrew MacKeii/ie. walking down The Mound. mid- Nov. iii a business stiit. Joanne. Laura arid ('lare want to kitow if you're doing as well with your Dev. Biol. degree as they are? (iet itt tottcltll Box No [3/349/7.

V I saw you Naionii. beautiful lsrali girl. a fiddle class arid then iit (‘afe Floretttirr btit rtot since. . I'm the boy with blond hair who couldn't help smiling at .Voti. ('offee tit l-lorentin'.’ Box No I'M-1W8.


l l

9 I saw you 2‘) Noventber afternoon. Polo and l)els. Yoti. short. dark-haired beauty with Pier bag. Me. near you iit Polo. passed you iii l)els. Never seen yott before . . . want ritore. . . Box No U/34‘)/‘).

V I saw you dark hair. beautiful eyes. lovely accent. swimming with your young friend at the Arlington. Sunday afternoon 2‘) Nov. I couldn‘t stop looking. did- n’t know what to say. said hi to your beautiful smile fumbling

w iltt my shoes then sat across from you botlt iii the bar doing a thoroughly uninspired imitation of a man reading a paper. Wislt I hadn‘t been so damned shy. Last saw you putting on your long black leather coat over your brown jumper. How I'd love to meet you again. Box No U/3-I‘)/l(). v I saw you on tlte 27/28t1i NW at 2-2.3(larii leaving The Venue. Me. female from Nottingham twitlt a rttale friend). you. male front Leith. (but parents tip Nortlt). Whilst crossing Leith St I invited you back for a drink - maybe yoti'd‘ve come'.’ I may be tip for llogmanayl Hi. whoever you are. get iii touch. Box No ti/R-IQ/I l.

V I saw you Carrie 6: Penelope at ('uba Norte - all too briefly. at the end of night. lidiitburgli. Sat 27 Nov. Please get iit touch. we‘re youngtish) free attd single too. Box No U/34‘)/|2.

O I saw you lovely Singapore accountant. Bongo Club Salsa party we met chatted briefly arid danced Salsa. We arranged to dance later but yott disappeared. Sad l)J. Box No [HMO/ll

V I saw you Nancy on page 28 of The List (3/l2). with your white beard arid hair. as Kenny Rogers you could almost double as Sattta at Xmas - cart I be your reindeer"? Box No [7349/14.

0 I saw you Aeitl angel. bttt this time you did itot see me. I was reading to the masses at John Smiths Bookshop. liighteen years itt abeyattce. a sort on non-eventful purgatory. btit THIS. this was sweaty. ner- vous rebirth. . . btit worth it'.".".’ Monsieur Rimbaud. LIB-1W1 5. V I saw you all smiling at my musical husband. Thank you all. Please cottte again. Box No [7349/16.

V I saw you iii the canteen of the large electronic company iit l)uitferittline. Are you gay as well‘.’ If so. please write now arid lets talk. [7340/17.

V I saw you our eyes met across the treadmill - you instructor. me. sweats iti minimalist clothing. All it took was iitirtd power for you to agree. Front the Forth Road Bridge. New York city. to the mountainside. my tltouglits are with you. I'm iii trouble with my free weights. only the black stal- lion cart help. Box No 11/340/18. V I saw you on top of Arthur's Seat on Saturday 5 Dec iii the snow. Yoti. beautiful. alone. equipped with camera arid radi- ant smile. coming down. Me. with friends. someone else's colourful ltat aitd gloves. aitd glazed look cottiirig tip. Please get in touch. Box No ll/34‘)/l‘).

122 THE LIST 17 Der 19984] Jan 1999

V I saw you Lyn iit listlistlist. Friday l3 Nov. Maybe it‘sjust bad luck: I‘ve called lots btit nobody's answered. Please get irt touch. if otin to say "no" or "just good friends". Hugh. Box No U/3-I‘)/2().

V I saw you Alan. bouncer of Fury Mutrays. I'm a blast from the past. We live iii the same place -- why've we never bumped ittto each other‘.’ Wlty not catch tip over a drink. Box No 1.1/349/21.

V I saw you first I saw you when we worked together. Last X- mas eve I wanted to be with yott forever. An ltaliait girl known as Lola by friends. May our love never ever end. Box No I.'/3-I()/22. V I saw you Kenny front l)uiitbartoii. We met briefly on Mull iii June. Did you audition for Runrig'.’ I wish we‘d taken things furtlter. do you'.’ Box No ll/3-I‘)/23.

V I saw you Nicola doing sorti- ei'saults iii the Meadows. If yott get in touch my heart will som- ei'sault too. Box No l.‘/3-l‘)/24.



V I saw you .lane enjoying your Galaxy advent calendar chocolate. Every day a different treat. something to look forward to and enjoy. Worth getting ottt of bed for. Xmas is coming . . . keep ottt of that cupboard. Can't wait to cook your giblets. The Finger Doctor. [HMO/25.

V I saw you stattdittg at ('ottiet's bar. 28/1 I. You: cute chin dimple girl. with friend. Me: tall. brown leatltcr jacket. waiting for late friends. Remember strange dancing girl‘.’ Lets talk. Box No 13/349/26.

V I saw you M S Saucltieltall St foodltall. 5 Dee-1.30pm. ()ur eyes kept meeting irt aisles and at checkouts. Me. black glasses. short hair. leather jacket - you off white honrber. greying hair. Shy man you disappeared - ltow about re-ntaterialising. Box No [7349/27. V I saw you Fire lslattd. 5/12/98. You: Beautiful guy. 2-1. hltie ‘life begirts at 40' top. Me: Younger gtry. blue top. floppy hair. We excltanged smiles all night. Wish it had been iitoret'.’) Box No [.7/349/28.

V I saw you gorgeous. belly dancing. red head belting caslt collection counter. Your smiley face aitd crusty. belly button will be missed. Keep iit touch. Box No LIB-IQ/Z‘).

V I saw you Mon. 7/9. (iranton ('anonmills. sexy. cycling. studenty lad. IB—Zflislt. Black shoes ‘tt' socks ‘n' trousers ‘it' jersey. brown hair. red bike. liarly 30s bloke gobstttacked by cute ltot red face. (‘ool down: lemme coat you with llaagen-l)azs (state flavour) ‘it' lick you irtto shape. Box No U/34‘)/3().

V I saw you last l-logtttanay. New Town. Tall. dark. hand- some. early 30s lad. wearing kilt. Docs. red 8; black rugby socks. This year be ttty first foot. Spoken for'.’ Maybe one of your mates'll write instead. I'm open to offers. would love to ptit you tip for the rtigltt. Box No U/349/31.

V I saw you raven-haired sculptor type. The fluffy

lamp will always sltitte for

you ~- Merry Christmas. fab tnatt. Box No l.‘/34‘)/32.

V I saw you 8/12 working at Filiithouse reception. long. dark hair female. really gorgeous. Me: green jacket. dark hair. four wheels. (too shy to ask). ntale. please get itt touch?! Box No U/3-I‘)/33.

O I saw you tall.

attractive ntale. wearing purple fleece. caught your eye. but to no avail. you continued to ntarch on. Like to get to know you better; for you only. I'll blow your trttntpet. Box No [.3/349/3-1.

V I saw you Lance Corporal. across a crowded (‘aley Sample Rooitt. There were pixes in the air as otir eyes met attd I know my life would never be the saute again. Please be my medicll [ELMO/3S.

V I saw you irt Dublin Airport on Fri 4 Dec. You were sporting a very fetching three prong attd an enormous amount of 'l‘ohlerones. Can I ltave a bit'.’ (inaslt. (inaslt. Box No U/3-I‘)/3(t.

V I saw you sweet lagartija dattcirtg iii a black cloud when you slip. htit thanks goddess you fell itt love & so did I. Box No U/3-l‘)/37.

V I saw you in a glass.

You smelled nice attd ntade my head fuzzy. baby.

Box No l,'/3-l‘)/38.

9 I saw you Archaos. 3/12. you dancing provocatively at the bar - my girlfriend was tltere tltouglt -not anymore! How's about it! You - bloitde cropped ltair. pvc trousers - me - pink shirt. green trousers. Box No U/34‘)/39.

V I saw you Sun S dec. You; Iottg ltair. beard. flowittg white robes. ln CCA having a quick one before church. Box No U/349/40.

O I saw you at the Vaults arid took a cltartce. I bought tis hotlt a Sairza aitd Lemonade and asked you to joiit me. You said yes arid the rest is. as they say. history. Fattcy a re-ruit'.’

V I saw you surreptitously sip- ping a sauvirtgtton itt Bar Brel. Me on the Belgian beer. big sntile attd a book. Was it love'.’ Box No U/34‘)/~1l.

V I saw you iii the hive. C-UU. Sat 5 Dec. You Greek goddess - black dress - Me - Italian Stallion - red shirt. tartan trousers. Let's meet up again for ‘lunch’. ‘Ciao’. U/349/42.

V I saw you my American chums. thanks for the mentory (can‘t remember a thing!) attd the best hirtltday a gal could wish for. The staitt Itas finally come out my dress. but other stains will remain forever. I love you all. Mottica L XXX Box No U/3-19/43.

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