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Colin Baxter ‘France'

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124 THE lIST '/ Zinc 1998 i‘


new titles

HORROR FICT ON Seize The Night


As opening gambits go, havmg a small child kidnapped On page one of a novel is a pretty hold one. Cue dense plotting, unremitting tension,

supernatural foreboding at least that's what you'd hope for. The reality is very different Narrator hero Christopher Snow keeps bursting the atmospheric bubble With anecdotes, lame gags and lovmg descriptions of his trusty dog Orson and assorted asshole surfer buddies

Pity really, because the setting Moonlight Bay, an idyllic US coastal town reaping the whirlwmd of government genetic. experiments is packed with possibility. Packs of mightin pissed off rhesus monkeys roam the suburbs, and the townsfolk themselves drift into altered states, all of which is covered up by shady military types even though the very fabric of ciVilisation is at risk What should be an entertaining, Stephen King/X-Files hybrid is instead overlong and pretentious Sei7e something else. iRFl


One Of Us

Michael Marshall Smith (HarperCollins £6.99) a a ’9

liltl till!


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Sharp as a swuchblade, One Of Us is a surreal mixture of sCIence fiction, thriller, romance and tl'ieological

philosophy that stretches the imagination to breaking pomt.

Hap Thompson is down and pretty much out when, purely by acCident, he falls into a lot) caretaking memories for people who want a break from them. Although dangerous and very illegal, there isn’t a problem until a client dumps a particularly bad memory on him then promptly disappears.

Unless he can find her and force her to take it back, he is in big trouble. Aided by his trusty talking alarm clock and various helpful kitchen appliances, Hap JOurneys intO the mind Of his client and discovers that there is much more to this memory than l‘t’ originally thought.

General mayhem ensues with surprising and alarming consequences If this book doesn't make you think, yOu probably haven't got a brain, lKKl

DESIGNER COOKBOOK Jean-Christophe NoveHi

Your Place Or Mine? (Quadrille £25)



(Will! i"

Falling somewhere between a strikingly designed, coffee table vanity piece and a working recipe book, this sauc ily- titled tome is for those who like looking Just as much as cooking Based on the food served in Noveili’s various restaurants in London and France, the finished dishes follow the same pattern as the book in that they rely as much on presentation as taste for their impact

The recipes vary from the absurdly simple to elaborate constructions of stringently prepared ingredients which would tax the skills of the most polished home chef Handily, many of the dishes start easily ancf then evolve into more complex creations with the option to stop at each progressive stage.

Nearly as functional as it is beautiful, Yet/r Place Or Mine? will sate the foodie as well as the keen amateur cook who wants to go that little bit further to impress llTl


Maid Of The Mist Colin Bateman (HarperCollins £10.99)

*. it! i! fir Any writer who can find room for drug-peddling (.hinese gangsters with period pains and Vietnam vets who really do work with animals in the one book, has to have something going for them Even if it is Just a boyish imagination and a penchant for wordplay

At first, it's hard to get a handle on