Zap!WIre _ . Off the peg Manufactured in the UK by Multitone, these two-line text pagers are available in either rhe column that ’soft black’ or ’burgundy 99’, both in a shops around for velvet touch finish. After the initial fashion news. purchase price, there are no more rental or subscription charges to pay, ever. As part of a current offer, collect one of the funky pagers for £59.99 and receive a three track sampler of Ministry Of Sounds’s The Annual /V, mixed by Judge Jules and Boy George, for free. Available from Vodaphone, Argos, Carphone Warehouse, Tandy, Scottish Telecom and more.

0 The deCision's been made: the new Harvey Nichols store Will open in Edinburgh. While the deal has not yet been signed, an announcement Will be made by the end of December after the 'exclusive negociation period.’ The site of the St Andrews Square bus depot has been

l _ earmarked for redevelopment which would see it and the adJOining Offices demolished. However, don’t cancel your shopping trips to London JUSI yet. Assuming that the plans do go ahead, it Will still be two years before the store opens.

_ o IrVine Welsh has put his face and name to Edinburgh designer clothing shop The Original Casuals. The shop has been open for three months and this is their first promotional push. Expect to see the flyers and posters dominating the city over the next few weeks. The shop stocks labels like Stone Island, La Coste and Burberry. Original Casuals, 14 South Clerk Street, 662 8506.

0 Trip back to the 70s when leading Italian designer Fioruco was the r/ man in fashion. Now he's back making an impact With his T-ART range of T- shirts and watches. The range features Fiorucci’s famous 'angel' motif plus a new deSIgn of kissing Cherubs. Prices start at £25 for the T-shirts and

, £40 for the watches. Available excluswely from Phoenix Graphics, 290 Sauchiehall Street,

355 0102.

Postcard Bendy Things

For a wild way to display your fave postcards, pics and other bits of card, we recommend these postcard holders. Destined to be a hit with old and young alike this Christmas, these are available in a variety of designs. Indigo Blue, 78 Wood/ands Road, Chari'ng Cross. Prices range from £7.50 to £8. 50.

One Foot Taller

Well into their fourth year, Glasgow-based design and manufacturing company One Foot Taller continue to make waves. Specialising in housewares, expect to see pieces which border on art, from egg cups to prominent furniture. The best place to view their range is at Nice House. The Italian Centre, Glasgow, 553 7377. Speak to the company direct at One Foot Taller, HR 97 West

Graham Street, Glasgow,

332 5864.

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