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Usually when a bank gets reborn as a restaurant or bar, the owners take the lrmrt of therr rrnagrnatron as far as

callrng rt somethrng Innovative Irke The Vaults, Overdraft or, (unnrngly, The

Bank Thrnkrng a whole lot further are 5 the duo responsrble for the Beetlenut

Brg World Cafe, Gordon Thom and

g Gordon Nrsbet, whose prevrous forays rnto odd names rnclude: The Immortal i Buzzy Wares, Sal's Famous and the

slrghtly more restrarned Joe's Garage. Thrs stylrsh new cafe/restaurant can get away wrth the extravagant name (leave aSrde the Beetlenut part, rt’s about a tree apparently) what matters here rs the global reference The Brg World they are talkrng about applres to the menu-mrx of modern East Asran,

fvledrterranean, Amerrcan and hearty

Brrtrsh grub whrch all occupy the same space gurte comfortably There can be few trrnes that grrlled goats cheese on sprnach, tornan salad and crostrnr

} (£4 65 starter), frlO chrcken stuffed

wrth saffron mussels on tarragon cream (£8 75 marn) and bread and butter puddrng ([345) have appeared together The lunch menu keeps drshes

under a frver (and a lrttle srmpler) and there's also a speCral krds' menu, whrch rs handy to remember rf you’re vrsrtrng

Kelvrngrove Art Gallery or the Transport museum Just along the road.

Whrle there rs lrttle (f1()r( e for ' veoetarrans, the chef wrll modrfy the

menu If you ask Resrstrnr) the temptatron to go off on

one Wlifl the der or, the stylrng of

Beetlenut rs calrnrnr;|y restrarned The one room space has a colonral arr wrth

roll-back wrcker charrs, wooden slatted

blrnds and a few rubber plants to soften the edges of the raw brrckwork. Add the parquet floorrng, modern bar

‘_ and exposed sandstone and Beetlenut 7 rs a warm and welcomrng place, JUSI as

satrsfyrng for a mornrng coffee as an evenrno meal (Rory Wellerr

Beetlenut 8rg World Cafe, I42 Durnbarton Road, Part/(k Cross, Glasqoi'v: 337 7145

Beetlenut: bringing the world to Glasgow

eating & drinkrng


The Basement

10a-12a Broughton Street. 557 0097. Restaurant qualrty food at pub-grub prrces, served 'trl 10pm rn lrvely, colourful surroundrngs.

Common Grounds

2/3 North Bank Street. 226 1416. Amerrcan-style coffee ‘97‘ house on The Mound, 1:13.32“) Food served all day. Lrve 1‘ musrc most evenrngs.

32c Br0ughton Street 478 7246

Global food wrth stylrsh decor Tuesday

- Saturday nrghts, Sunday lunch We need 'U' to tun DSK to D'U'SK


EH1 197 Hrgh Street.

220 5277 e Chrrstmas menu avarlable

through Dec. 3 courses £13.95, Mon- Thurs trl' 10pm, Frr-Sun trl' 7,30pm Also temptrng darly speCrals served darly untrl 7pm

Filmhouse ETLMHOUSE 88 Lothran Road 229 5932

Relaxed, atmospherrc cafe bar, serVrng great value snacks, salads, specrals and brrllrant cappuccmos -- 10am tr|| late

Pancho Villas 240 Canongate 557 4416Mexrcan-born owner Mayra Nunez says ’If you're gorng to eat Mexrcan, then don't be bland' Lunch untrl 5pm, drnner untrl 11pm.


24 Deanhaugh Street, Stockbrrdge 332 4476 Cosmopolrtan cursrne wrth darly set prrce drnner menus from £12 50 (bookrng advrsable), lrght lunches, coffees, beers and wrnes

Peter Sellars 11-1 3 erllrarrr Street, 226 3161 lcelandrc experrence, new ( ursrne comes to Edrnburgh on Sundays wrth the best of Nordrc food - FOOD OF THE (3005'

Back Alley Restaurant

8 Ruthven Lane 334 7165

World wrde cursrne, weekend breakfasts, Happy Hour, lunr h menu, evening specrals and Glasgow's best burgers!

Balbir's 51 West Regent Street 331 1980 Not brg, not desrgner,not sexy, rust brrllrant Hrgh qualrty Indran cursrne at affordable prrces

Brel bar: restaurant

39 Ashton Lane 342 4966 Belgran beers

(draft Leffe and Hoegaarden), frne Wrnes, rustrc food, cool musrc, relaxed atmosphere

Caffe Latte

58 Virginra Street, Glasgow, 553 2553. L Przzas, Pastas,Salads, Sandwiches, Snacks. chensed untrl midnight, seven days. Relaxed, frrendly atmosphere.



20 Woodlands Road.

353 3278.

Scare-free food, organrc grocerres, excellent bread, frne cheeses, herbs and sprces, wholesome foods yum, yum.

Le Petit Pain

239 Byres Road.

337 1118 (phone/fax). Coffees, qualrty sandwrchesand pastrres to go or to stay. Outside catering.

Market Bar 24 Candlerrggs 564 3005 ' Relaxed atmosphere at thrs

stylrsh new bar/krtchen, servrng modern rnternatronal cursrne 'trll 8pm.


158a Bath Street

331 2257

Much acclarmed

stylrsh bar ~ a unrque blend of modern brasserre cookrng rn an rntrmate settrng.


28 Grbson Street.

334 2665.

Fresh Scottrsh rngredrents, authentrc and orrgrnal recrpes, award-wrnnrng cookrng, lrvely and rnformal atmosphere

The 13th Note

Krng Street. 553 1638. Bar/cafe/venue wrth a totally vegan menu of wholesome food wrthrn a relaxed atmosphere.

The Ubiquitous Chip

12 Ashton Lane.

334 50070ne of Glasgow's frnest restaurants servrng modern Scottrsh fayre

Tron Bar

Chrsholm St


Contemporary European style bar and newly- refurbrshed restaurant, servrng excellent cursrne


and wrne rn Ba, comfortable, relaxed Ream..." surroundrngs. Open trll rnrdnrght. r-rw “7


,Q‘W‘ it?" .



MON - F'RI 7.3CJAM - 4.3053M



vegetarian cafe

15% student discount Monday - Thursday from 3pm


“top budget restaurant in Edinburgh”

1997 and 1998 by ‘The List’ readers

“brilliant combinations of flavours, textures and fresh herbs” Scotland on Sunday

“The most exciting salad bar in the city” BBC Good Food

“Sophisticated vegetarian food” Elle Magazine

“a real find” New York Times

5 Hunter Square Royal Mile Edinburgh

Open 7 Days

10.00a.m.-11:00p.m. Reservations: 226 1112 Credit cards accepted LICENSED

17 Dec 1998—7 Jan 1999 THE lIST 135