Who else is pushing for a place in Scotland's musical line-up of the good, the rad and the cuddly?


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a.c. acoustics Past masters at lttlling their audiences into a false sense of security before bludgeoning them with angular guitar explosions. (ilasgow‘s a.c. acoustics have a new single ‘She's With Stars’ out in February. lixpect an album later in the year.

Annie Christian Numerous TV and radio slots. a cover of T- Rex’s '(iet II ()n' for the new Kathy Burke film. Jo Whiley‘s single of the week with "l‘he Other Way' it‘s all going right for lidinburgh's glam dram. eye—liner lovers. Debut album 'liri/ig/zt comes out in liebruary.


Formerly of (ioya Dress. this Shetland—born singer can turn your head inside out with her voice.

Howie B Now one of the world‘s most respected producers. Mr Bernstein has worked with ['2 and Madonna. and hit the charts in his own right with the album Turn The Dark ()f/l

Blacka’nized Edinburgh's foremost hip hop crew continue to cross-fertilise musical ideas from big band crooning to the deepest dub.


()ne of a handful of bands who have popularised traditional music. given it a contemporary twist and still retained the respect of the folk purists.

Dawn Of The Replicants

Absolutely barking mob from the Borders town of (ialas‘hicls‘. whose hatstand sen— sibilities manifest themselves in a wilful musical madness. not to mention a fondness for absurd stage props.

These consistently improving country rockers keep adding to their fanbase.

Funk D’Void

(ilasgow-based. globally renowned Detroit-style producer. remixer and [)J A try his 'Ii't'lmoir album for size. Also records in a jaI/ier style as ('haser with Nigel llayes.

From top: Annie Christian, Capercaillie, Geneva, KMC, Martyn Bennett

Bubbling under -

They're not household names yet . . . but one day . . .

This four piece from (ilasgow are reinventing Krautrock through their largely instrumental. rhythmic reasoning.

As a follow-up to 1997‘s Further. Geneva are currently laying down tracks in the studio with Howie B.


(ilasgow‘s intermttionally regarded godfather of house. best known for his long-term residency at the Sub (‘lub and lesser known production work.

High Fidelity

Sean Dickson’s new crew explores the space between analogue and digital sounds.


(ilasgow's premier drum ’n‘ bass export lays down tracks for (iood Looking Records among others.

Martyn Bennett

Bennett's trance dance and ethno-techno has plateaued for a while. but just one album in the right vein could shoot him into the big time.

The Pastels

While The Pastels may not be in the spotlight to the degree which they were in the 80s. their music has had a lingering influence on (ilasgow‘s musical output.

Salsa Celtica

As lidinburgh’s homegrown music scene has absorbed more and more global flavours. Salsa (‘eltica have usually been in the thick of the action.

Which catne first: Glasgow's love affair with the American West (‘oast's music or Scotland‘s love affair with the l’annies'.’


While it‘s been all quiet on the Travis front lately. they have an album out in 1999 which will be preceded by a single. 'Writing To

Reach You‘.

Bill Wells

The l’alkirk jazz scientist recently gained yet more plaudits for an experimental collab— oration project with (ilasgow’s V-Twin.

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