When the bells ring out at mid- night, Glasgow will be ready to give 1999 a smacker right on the lips. Everyone is invited to 'pucker up' for GLASGOW'S HOGMANAY and redefine what it means to receive a Glasgow Kiss. With three main entertainment areas - George Square, the Radio 1 Dance Party and the Merchant City New Year is sure to arrive with a bang. If you want to know how to get to the heart of the party, The List is here to kiss and tell. For Edinburgh's Hogmanay, see the pull-out section in the centre of the magazine. QESEB'C’” Katie Hutchinson



The re/i'talised George Square is once again a key venue in the city centre celebrations, with an emphasis on fun and festivities for everyone to Erle/ lt wouldn’t be Hogmana y without a ceilidh, but this is where traditional Scottish danCing takes on a funky modern edge. Passes la/ready sold outr are reguired, and the area can be entered from Hanover Street or West George Street. Celebrations get underway at 9pm and bands take to the stage in the following running order;

That Swing Thang Put on your dancing shoes and, i.‘ you're wearhg a

kilt, swmg your thing to Scotland’s premier Jump JIVE’ band. The spirit of Frank Sinatra lives on in the crooning vocals of Craig MCMurdO, frontman of this seven-piece ,zazz Outfit who sweep the music of the 40s and 50s off its feet and whisk it into the 905. Year after year, they sell out their shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, so don‘t miss your chance to catch them for free.

Tartan Amoebas Deserting their regular Edinburgh Hogmanay spot, the Tartan Amoebas move west and raise the temperature in Glasgow's City centre. Bagpipes, fiddle and saxophone are mixed With drums,

18 THE LIST '7 Dec ‘9987 ,a” '999

Dave Pearce

Radio 1 Dance Party

Renowned for his dance anthems, Pearce is no stranger to playing to the masses. Before joining Radio 1 in 1995 to present the Early Breakfast Show, he was one of the original crew at London's Kiss FM. He now hosts the regular drivetime show (Mon—Thu, 6-8pm) and every Sunday dedicates a two-hour show solely to dance anthems (7—9pm). A self-confessed party animal, Pearce is pretty clued up when it comes to top nights out, and there was no doubt in his mind where he wanted spend this Hogmanay.

’New Years Eve is the ultimate party night of the year,’ he says. ’Last year in Glasgow the reaction was so amazing we just had to come back. I'm delighted we’ve secured a larger site as thousands were unable to join in last year.’ And as if this wasn’t enough, Pearce will finish the night off with an after-show party at the Tunnel (see club listings).

percussion, keyboards and dancefIOOi beats, crossmg all the borders of traditional folk. Celtic mUSlC has never been more hip.

Piperactive Forget those tourist-trap pipers who only seem to know 'Scotland The Brave’ and ’The Skye Boat Song'. Here we have a gathering that blasts out the funkiest sounos ever heard on the bagpipes. Old Highland and Celtic tunes combine with bursts of modern mu5ic from techno to disco, from reggae to rock Febus Funky Celtic rhythms continue apace as five-piece Febus stride Out from the deepest depths of the Scottish Highlands. With 40 years of age separating the button-box player and the fiddler, this nOisey bunch span the muSical generation gap by grounding their s0und in ceilidh and dance mUSlC, mixing in a touch of drum 8 bass.


Last year was so much fun that Radio 7 can’t help coming back for more and this time it’s even bigger and better A free open-air dance party held in High Street Car Park, this already legendaryevent is expected to attract a massive crowd of 25,000 revellers. However, they won’t be alone in enjoying top club anthems played by Dave Pearce and fellow 015 because from 70pm until midnight, Radio 7 will be broadcasting its Glasgow shenanigans live to the nation on 97—99FM and on the Radio .7 Web Site. A pass is reguired for the site (already sold Out/ and entry is from High Street at the east end of Ingram Street. For those wanting a break from the music, there’s a funfair on site,‘ otherwise the line-up IS as follows: Dave Pearce The Radio 1 Di plays house With the odd bit of trance and techno dropped in for good measure See panel

Ruff Driverz Their tunes are huge in Ibiza and have been championed by clubiand’s top dance Dls, including Seb Fontaine, Tall Paul and Brandon Block. Underground garage anthem 'Don't Stop’ topped the UK Dance Chart in 1998 and follow up singles ’Deeper Love' and 'Shame' were also massive hits on the dance scene.

Tina Cousins The ex-model has proved to be one of the hottest new stars of 1998. She’s had a hectic year, virtually tOuring the world With Sash and singing in all the top UK dance venues. Like a true club diva, the 24- year-OId has been known to appear at four CIUOS in a single night. Earlier this year, "er in with Sash, ’Mysterious Times', reacned number two in the charts and her new solo Single, 'Pray’, IOOKS set to be another dance classic. Blockster DJ ‘eger‘d Brandon Block has joined up oid pa:s Ricky IVIO’TISOT‘ and Fran 8001 to create new club act, Biockster. Ther rs: producton 'You Showo’ Be ’gives the Bee Gees a 90s dance makeover. Block is a regular on the lbrza scene ano has more recently moved hto radio with a or;vetime snow on Kiss FM.


If you don’t have a pass for the other areas, don’t despair. The Merchant City has it all, from bands to Dls and even a sofa to sit and snog on. Again, events get underway at 9pm and run until after midnight,


George Street.

Abba Revival With white flares and platform boots, these four dancing queens recapture the glitz and glam of the ever-popular 19705 ScandinaVian group You won’t be able to stop yOurseit’ boogieihg on down to yow' fave disco hits