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Best Band

Winner: Air

Close second: Radiohead

In the running: The Beastie Boys, Garbage, Manic Street Preachers

French duo Air breezed in to secure this category as Thom Yorke and chums slipped down a place from 1997's poll, possibly because their Scottish activity this year was limited to a single gig in Aberdeen The Manics still wave the Welsh flag, but watch out for Catatonia and The Stereophonics snapping at their heels.

Best Gig

Winner: T in the Park

Close second: Stereophonics

In the running: Pulp, Ocean Colour Scene, P.J. Harvey Come rain or shine —- and this year saw extremes of both Scotland's annual music festival rs far and away the leader in the live music field. Strong support for The Stereophonics in their own right suggests that they’re sure to be among the ones to watch for 1999. Nostalgia had its place too, as votes came in for Blondie, Ian Dury and Culture Club (two weeks before the concert took place, strangely enough). For sheer eclecticism, however, the Mongolian Throat Singers, who appeared at the Festival Fringe, are surely worth a mention.

Best DJ

Winner: Judge Jules

Close second: Fatboy Slim

In the running: Pete Tong, Trendy Wendy, John Peel Extra cheese on top was the order of the day, as Judge Jules romped home with the Best DJ award. Numerous visits to Scotland ensured that the Radio 1 favourite overtook his peers. Bringing in a bit more credibility was Fatboy Slim (aka Norman Cook) whose chart success no doubt played a part in the polls. Laurent Garnier and Carl Cox also made the short list, but then so did Zoe Ball.

Best Club Night Glasgow

Winner: Sub Culture@Sub Club

Close second: Archaos@Archaos

In the running: Knucklehead, Yang, Love Boutique Quality deep house was the sound of the crowd in Glasgow, with Harri and Domenic’s Saturday night slot bringing the underground to the fore. Elsewhere there was clear support for the work of Stevie Middleton, The Jengaheads and Slam, while votes for Tangent (Sub Club, Fridays) and Test (Sub Club, Fridays) confirmed the Subbie’s status.

Best Club Night Edinburgh Winner: Lizzard Lounge@Cafe Graffiti Close second: Tribal Funktion@The Venue

In the running: Tackno, Planet Earth, Arakataca Atmosphere rather than up—for-it dancefloor madness won through as the Lizzard Lounge showed why it’s one of Edinburgh's most respected clubs. The capital’s kitsch side emerged in votes for Luver and Going Places, although Pure and Taste were also shown favour. And for those who wittrly suggested ’Thursday’ and ’Saturday’ for Best Club Night ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Best Theatre Show

Winner: Les Miserables

Close second: The Collector

In the running: The New Rocky Horror Picture Show, Mr Puntila And His Man Matti, Perfect Days Blockbustrng West End-style musicals were in demand, as The Playhouse’s spectacular show came out triumphant over jesus Christ Superstar, Blood Brothers and Miss Saigon. Readers reckoned The Lyceurrr’s updating of John Fowles’ The Collector was the most successful straight play, while Festival Fringe hits included Cool Heat, Urban Beat and Kamikaze Freak Show.

Best Comedian Winner: Eddie Izzard Close second: Phil Kay

In the running: Alan Davies, Steve Coogan, Paul Merton

The panning Velvet Goldmine received in the Worst Film category hasn’t harmed Mr lzzard's career at all, as he keeps hold of the top slot for the second year in SUCCEPSSiOl‘t. Fellow master of the surreal, Phil Kay, also repeats last year’s performance; but the one to watch in 1999, if List readers have any say in it, is Ed Byrne, who made an impressive showrng against a well experienced field.

Best Art Exhibition

Winner: William Klein

Close second: Mona Hatoum

In the running: Robert Capa, Yoko Ono, William Gillies

Klein’s black and white photographs of New York in the 1950s narrowly edged out Hatoum’s vrdeo projections of her insides, With another photo exhibition ~ the Capa retrospective in Edinburgh pushing for third place. As far as permanent collections went, Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art led the way (and to the person who voted for The Vatican »- it’s a bit out of our geographical rernrt).

From left to right: Air (best band), South Park (best TV show). Judge Jules ( best DJ), Eddie Izzard (best comedien), Looking up - vacant lot + Brooklyn Bridge by William Klein (best art exhibition), Ewan McGregor (shag of the year—male), Jennifer Lopez (shag of the year - female)