_ Festival favourite IandsTV deal

One of the Edinburgh International Film Festival’s most popular events is about to reach a Wider audience Via the miracle of the cathode ray tube, The List can excluswely reveal. Since its creation in 1996, ’Mirrorball' has showcased the best work in the field of pop video and Wlll now bring slick Visuals and cutting edge attitude into your late-night liVing room.

DaVid Smith deVised the Festival strand and is the driVing force behind the new series, which begins production in January and \Nlll hit the Channel 4 schedules next summer

’Most Videos are trash, but the top 5% WOrk as great corrinieirial art or perfectly self-contained sl‘ort films,’ he said. Smith hopes the shtiv-i ‘.‘/lll draw attention to the talent behind the Videos, rather than the band or artists whose aural wares are being promoted. 'People always refer to the new George Michael Video, or the new U2, or whatever, and it’s not theirs. They didn’t make the fiim.’

Each of the Six episodes Will focus on a partICular director, tracing their career and including what Smith calls 'films they Wish they’d never made', and where applicable, dist;rictive work in the field of advertising The line-up is yet to be finalised, but is certain to feature are the likes of Spike Jonze (the man behind the Beastie Boys (_laSSlC 'Sabotage'i, Beck favourite Mark Romamek, and controversial Swede Jonas Akerlund

‘I almost hesitate to say it, but Akerlurid's take on "Smack My Bitch Up" is a great short narrative him] argues Smith, who notes that a way-past-the-watershed broadcasting slot means [hillTTOTball' can afford to risk

Sound and vision: Beck captured on video by Mark Romamek

touching a few raw nerves. ’We hope to show things that you won't see anywhere else, Unkle’s "Rabbit In The Headlights" or "Losing My Favourite Game" by The Cardigans

With more Video directors going on to helm maior motion pictures, Smith feels the time is right to pay the art form some serious attention and respect. ’In the 705, you had Alan Parker and Ridley Scott coming from a TV advertising background now Video is the training ground, the place where new styles and techniques are developed. Videos are the most imaginative, most fun short films out there, and we’ll see their influence growmg in cinema.’

This cross-fertilisation, exemplified by Spike Jonze’s forthcoming feature debut Being John Malkovich should make 'Mirrorball’ essential VieVVing for cineastes and pop kids alike. (Rob Fraser)

tar check: the next generation

New talent: James Young collects The List sponsored Best Performance Award

less than three years ago after an open audition for Hamish Macbeth. Next up is a new series of children’s programme 6 Force for BBC Scotland.

Other wrnners included Edinburgh College of Art graduate Jim LeFevre, Best Director for The Little Princess’ Birthday Party, and Jane LiVingstone for her sCreenplay Roses Of Picardy A speCiaI 'Best Achievement’ gong went to the charming Wee Three, collected by Aimara Reques on behalf of the Glasgow Film and Video Workshop. Producer Linda Fraser was honoured IWice for Swimming With The Tiger (Best Producer and, perhaps ineVitany, Best Production).

The composing award went to

The List J()I!t(3(l a' host of telebrities, filmmakers and irioVie industry bigWigs to celebrate the atl'iicmirnents of a new generation of actors, i'i'i'rgttois and tet‘ltnitians at the l998 BAY-TA New Talent As'Jards llir; <(~>rerri<,ri'y, which recognises work in the usually low budget but always {'Xilllllf} world of short films, took place in Edinburgh on Sunday 6 December Among this year's Winners were Jarries Young, who scooped The List sponsored 'Best

52 THE LIST 17 Dec 19987 '/ Jan 1999

Performance prize for his work in the abattoir-set diaiiia Pan Fried.

'l'rii arna/ed,‘ said the eighteen-year- old attor, fresh from (Cl'ectirig his award from Kelly MacDonald ‘I didn't have a speech prepared I thought Joel Strachari would win for Swimming With The Tiger ' Ready or not, James made a pretty good fist of the whole acceptance procedure, thanking his family, co-stars and agent wrth the air of a veteran ~ not bad for someone who got his break

Andrew CrUickshank for Ruby, and was presented by Patrick Doyle, responsible for much of the mu5ic in Kenneth Branagh's directorial output as well as Car/ito's Way. Other established film and TV figures called upon to tumble With gold envelopes included Richard Wilson, DaVid Hayman, Young Person '5 Guide To Becoming A Rock Star actress Simone Lahbib, and Peter Mullan, for once not on the receiving end of the lamb praise. (Rob Fraser)

The Scottish Inquisition

Questions you don’t expect. This issue: Deborah Rea, Artist and Administrator; Anatomy Performance Company and Lookout Theatre Company.

Tabloid or Broadsheet? Tabloid.

First arts related job? Secretary in the Personnel Dept of Sky TV.

Career highlight?

Meeting Dionne Warwick at the Concert Hall, with the added bonus of drinking her leftover Chrystale.

Name a work of art you cannot live without . . .

The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark.

. . . and a law you're proud to have broken.

Unwittingly causing a near riot by crossing the road during an Orange march en route to a Prince gig.

Where would you spend your last night in Scotland?

Late night shopping, followed by champagne cocktails at Rogano, finished off with Bjorn Again at Barrowlands.

Glasgow, City of Architecture and Design: which building should be destroyed?

St Enoch’s Centre is the obvious chOice, although the new shopping centre in Buchanan Street also appears particularly clumsy.

What should be in the Millennium Dome? Should there even be a Millennium Dome?

The Lifetime Contribution to Scottish Culture goes to . .. John Logie Baird.

Top Scot for the new millennium? Olive Milne (artistic directot) and Jill Rodger (general manager) of Glasgow International Jazz Festival.

How do you see Scotland's future? Wet. (Compiled by Rob Fraser)