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FULLY BOOKED PRESENTER Gail Porter is ending what may well be looked back on as her breakthrough year by supporting the latest attempt to promote safer sex among young people. The 'Get It On’ campaign warns against indulging in unprotected sex during the Christmas party season, when even the most sensible can take the 'goodwill to all men’ attitude to the extreme. Porter will also be broadening her presenting horizons as the face of Classics For Kids, a

: three part introduction to tunes of ; the magnum opus variety, screening ; on consecutive days from 29

December. Readers are invited to make their own connection between a call for sexual restraint and the sedative qualities of most classical music. Perhaps even Mozart's Don Giovanni could learn a thing or two.

IF READING The List’s definitive guide to Scotland's most important bands has fired your ambition and you're determined to feature next

time we take stock, maybe you j should send your demo to the

nation’s newest label. Galvani Records promise to ’provide a cosy home for left-field musical

; enterprises that find big halls too

draughty.’ If that sounds like your bag, the outfit is based at 40 Henderson Row, Edinburgh, EH3 SDN.

AND ANY BUDDING Noels or Ceryses out there who fear misappropriation of their fledgling masterpieces may be interested to hear of a new organisation

designed to make establishing ownership of your songs that much

easier. The Independent Music Composers Copyright Protection group will provide a copyright

registration service. Special rates are available for students, the unemployed or disabled, and information packs can be ordered by calling 0181 778 5801, between 103m and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

ORGANISERS OF A fashion show to be held at the SECC on 29 January were warned by nervous council officials to keep a close eye on designers with a reputation for pushing the couture envelope. Predictably, Vivienne Westwood was named as woman most likely to cause offence, with politicos insisting that any nudity, particularly involving younger models, could be seen as a breach of the conference centre's licence and lead to the show being shut down. With so many of Britain’s most exciting young fashion designers coming from north of the border, The List hopes that the council's prudishness won't become an obstacle to holding major catwalk events in Scotland.

THE FEDERATION OF Scottish Theatre is considering the possibility of introducing special pay and conditions for those working at venues throughout the country. This would mean negotiating contracts with Equity independently of the Theatre Managers Association and the Independent Theatre Council. While The List applauds any attempt at decentralisation, there are fears among actors and technicians that a two tier pay system could be the result, and the implications for touring productions are obviously complicated. A proposed breakaway by Scottish members of the TMA only muddies the waters further. See future issues of The List for more developments.

KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED . . . for fallout from Eurostar’s decision not to provide direct high speed trains from Scotland (or any where else apart from southern England).


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