Mighty foil abusive thugs with little more than water pistols and integrity. Younger viewers. on the other hand. will tap into the boys‘ imagination. but might be disturbed by the heart-rending scenes towards the end. See review. Glasgow; Odeon Quay. Edinburgh: ABC Multiplex. Cameo. UCl. Miracle On 34th Street (PG) (Les Mayfield. US. l994) Richard Attenborough. Elizabeth Perkins. Dylan McDermott. l l() mins. Kriss Kringle (Attenborough) is a department store Santa who goes one better and claims he‘s the genuine article. Only by winning a court case and convincing one cynical little girl (Mara Wilson) can he put the joy and magic back into the festive period. A fairly unnecessary remake. but this secular fable still sparkles with charm. (ilasgow. UCl Clydebank. East Kilbride: UCl. Stirling: Allanpark.

Les Miserables (12) (Claude Lelouch. France. 1995) Jean-Paul Belmondo. Michel Bottic‘nah. Annie (iiradot. I77 mins. A \astly enioyable 20th century updating of the Hugo novel. which also examines the effects of trial. tribulation and coincidence on a single man (Beliiiondol. lts unflinching depiction of l-‘i'ance's treatment of the Jews under the Occupation puts iron in the movie‘s abundant soul. (ialashiels: Pavilion. Mr Magoo (PG) (Stanley Tong. US. l‘)‘)7) Leslie Nielsen. Kelly Lynch. Matt Keeslai'. 87 mins. When a priceless stolen gem falls into the hands of bumbling millionaire Qtiincy Magoo. who keeps on emerging unscathed as chaos ensues around him. 'lhis lise action version of the short cartoons I‘L‘IIC" oii broad physical slapstick for its comedy rather than verbal jokes. Edinburgh: ()deon.

Mrs Brown (PU) (John Madden. UK. l‘)‘)7) Judi Dench. Billy Connolly. Antony Sher. l()3 mins. Queen Victoria‘s obsessise mourning for Prince Albert is casting gloom over the entire country. so Highland ghillie John Brown is called down from Baliiioral to shake tip the stuffy linglish court. The performances are uniformly splendid. with Dench and (‘onnolly (both perfectly cast) giving the film a surprising emotional depth.

Hanging offense: Marina de Van in Sitcom

Supported by the short film Dancing. Edinburgh: Lumiere.

Mulan (U) (Barry Cook. ‘l'ony Bancroft. US. l998) The voices of Ming-Na Wen. Donny Osmond. Eddie Murphy. 8‘) mins. After Disney‘s tastily designed venture into (ireek mythology with Hercules. the studio has brought its lens to bear on the rich and colourful possibilities of Chinese legend. Details of character. movement and expression are as fine as should be espected from the world‘s best known cartoon studio. but the stunning large-scale set pieces are truly astonishing. (ieneral release.

The Muppet Christmas Carol (U) (Brian Henson. US. 1992) Michael Caine. Steven MacKintosh. Meredith Braun. 86 mins. Caine is Scrooge. (ionzo is the narrator (Dickens). Kermit is Bob Crachit (married to Miss Piggy. of course) and Tiny Tim is a froglet on crutches with a cough. There's also an old curiosity shop called Micklewiiite. Not a lot of people knew that. Edinburgh: ABC Multiples.

My Name Is Joe (ISi (Ken Loach. L'ls’. NOS) Peter Mullan. Louise (ioodall. [)avid McKay l()5 mins. My Name /\ jutI's blend of comedy. social drama. lose interest and tense thriller makes fora more accessible movie than we'd normally expect from Loach. Recoyering alcoholic Joe Kavanagh (Mullan) meets and falls in lose \HIh health visitor Sarah ((ioodall l. btit his well intentioiied scheme to get a young friend out of the grip of a sworn drug dealer looks likely to backtire on everyone he cares for. General release.

The Negotiator ( l5) Samuel L Jackson. Kevin Spacey. J.'l'. Walsh. l4() mins. When Danny Roman. the best hostage negotiator in Chicago. is framed for murder by his fellow boys iii blue. he takes hostages and seals himself off in an office high-rise. :\s an extra safeguard. he demands that negotiations are handled by his peer from another precinct. Take a deep breath at the beginning. because you won‘t let it out until the final credits roll. (ieiieral release.

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