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The dates listed below are for one- off or ticketed shows; see separate section for free residencies. Gigs are listed by date, then by city. Performances will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least eight days before publication. Jazz listings compiled by Abigail Bremner.

UGM's fat. funky rhythms with Elemental's tnellower groove. DJ effects from SIy Si plus guests. I'd say you were getting double your money’s worth.


I Sixteen Ton and Urban Soul Ensemble Jazz. Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 1288. 10pm-3am. £3. Contemporary

swing sounds from the sixteen-piece big band Sixteen Ton. followed by vocal and bass duo Alice McLaughlin and Ben Schogler. Turntable tunes from female DJ combo Beau. Related.


Glasgow I Kaching Basement Jazz. Blackfriars 1 Underground. 36 Bell Street. 552 5924 |

I 9.30pm. £2. laitt Copelands tan-funk ;

otttfit -- expect a few Christmas number's Edlnblll'gh

in recognition of the season. I Altered Beats Phase One Jan. I I Strathclyde University Big Band , .Ioint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 1288.

' 10pm—3atn. £4 (£3). DJs Richie Rufftone and Vital Sign are joined by musicians on percussion. keys and sax. plus various s guests. for an improvised exploration of the jazz/drum ‘n' bass crossover.


, _ , , Ramshorn Theatre. 98 Ingram Street. 287 The Pretenders celebrate Hogmanay wrth U840 and Mansun in Edinburgh 5 West : 55‘ I. mm” 5350 £5.50. Mm mm m Princes Street Gardens. See supplement for details.


I Cathie Rae’s Jazz Singers Night Jazz Joint. 8 Mon'ison Street. 221 1288. I()pm-—3am. £4 (£3). See Wed 23.



I Reba McEntire Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Sauchiehall Street. 287 5511. SOLD OUT. See preview page 52. I Buddha Crush, Fabulous and Lady Exchange King Tut's Wah Wah IIut. St Vincent Street. 221 5279. 8.30pm. £3.50 plus booking fee.

I Rough Justice Kilkennys. John Street. 552 3505. 9pm. Free.


I dour Stroke Sive Jazz. Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 I288. l0pm--3am. £4. Live hip hop with a ith edge.

. directs this 24-piece ensemble in a selection ofia/z standards and contemporary numbers.


I And Lain Band 'rt-on Ceilidh House. 1 . l'IUIiICI'YSqulerg. 226 0931. 8.30pm. £4 Edlnblfl‘gh

(£3). The band. which also features Dick A I The Dynamic Duo Ja/J Joint. 8

Lee and Tom McNiven. present a tribute Morrison Street. 221 1288. 10pm—3am. to Frank Sinatra to engender a suitably £3. The duo. aka DJ lixtra and DJ Pitts festive atmosphere for the last Iidinhut'gh § One (the winner of this year‘s Scottish Jazz. Project event until late .lanuary. DMC Mixing Championships). are joined I Colin Steele's Grits 'n' Gravy .Ia/I by rappers and musicians for old and nu Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 I288 ' skooI hip hop vibes.

I0pm-—3am (band on-stage around I

tnidnight). £4 (£3). Colin sit-eras latest 5 “W musical venture features alto- .

saxophonist-about-the—I.ondon-scene ; Edlnblll‘gh

Andor. keyboardist and Scottish Young § I Cathie Rae’s Jazz Singers' Night Musician of the Year. Paul Harrison and Jan. Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 1288. drummer Paddy I‘Iaherty ofThe Jan l0pm--3am. £4 (£3). Both established Syndicate. DJ Kultt mans the decks. singers and newcomers drop in for this

, traditional jazz. night with music frorn the Brian Kellock Trio l)Js Kqu and Jaze


1 Glasgow

I Academy Brass And Big Band

RSAMI). IIlI) Rc‘ttft‘c‘yy‘ Street. 552 50.57. | 1pm. £3.50 (£2). Bryan Allen directs the bands in Richard Stt'auss‘s /-'('\nriii.viA I)” I Slut/I Him and Mark Anthony 'I‘tirnage's

Set 7}). plus some st/xling salsa to finish

Glasgow I T. k t ' f t. I off with. I Reno’s Men and Willard Graze Nice e ; I Glasgow Jazz Record Club 1.'nitarian 'n' Sleazy. Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 1 I Church Centre. 72 Berkeley Street. 221 9pm. The headliners are frotn New York I 3154. 7.30pm. A seasonal Christmas ; Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 1288. and feature a former member of Willard night with Dick Bltier and Bill Winter. 10pm ~3am. £5 (£4). Regular performers I




I Real Easy The Ferry. Clyde Place. 553 0606. 9pm. £6.

I Shakin' Steve Bottrbon Street. George Street. 552 0141. 7pm. £4 (£14.50 with dinner). The tribute phenomenon continues apace with perfortners now being tributes to the all- titne mediocrities as well as the all-time greats.

I Open Stage The Halt Bar. Woodlands Road. 564 1527. 4--8pm. Free. Jam session for local musicians.

I Live Music The Halt Bar. Woodlands Road. 564 1527. 9.30pm. Free.


I Edinburgh's Hogmanay See separate supplement. . I Ugly Groove Movement and Elemental .Ia/l. Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 1288. 10pm ~3am. £5 (£4). See Sat 1 19.

book now

; Glasgow

; I A Christmas Eve Salsa Night BreI. . 39 Ashton lane. 342 4966. 8pm. Free. With tan. DJ Andy Young and friends.

Edinburgh I Hub Central Christmas Special Jazz

The prices given are for tickets alone. In many instances there will be an additional booking fee. Some venues charge a booking fee even when tickets are bough on the door.

Tickets for most mediumtlarge concerts can be bought from the following:

Virgin, Argyle Street. 204 5151 Credit card bookings from:

Graze who celebrate by playing their Further details are available from Iirnie 11th Central host the Jazz. Joint's Christmas first gig in ages as support. Speirs. I4 (ilendee Road. Renfrew. I’;\4 do expect guest performers and guest l)Js I The Globe Kilkennys. John Street. 0A1). Tel 0141 886 2949. on top of HUDS‘ funky blend of beats.

552 3505. 8pm. Free. I Jools Holland Clyde .-\uditorittm. . Finnieston Quay. 287 7777. 8pm..1oolsts joined by his Rhythm & Blues ( )rchestra . for some ivory -trninng. toe—tapping Edlnblll‘gh sounds. I Lizzard Lounge Cafe Graffiti. i . Mansfield Place Church. Broughton : Edlflblfl'gh Street. 557 8003. l0pm--2atn. £6 (£5). 3 I Midnight Blue Cafe Ciraffiti. Mansfield The I.i//ard Lounge All-Stars provide an antidote to festive over-indulgence. with DJ Joseph Malik spinning the tunes.

Place Church. Broughton Street. 55'7 8003

9.30pm~2am. £6. The MB Players are

rejoined by \ ocalist Soubte. bttt substitute I Jazz Joint Post-Christmas Party

their regular sa\ Player for Antlor Jensen. Jan Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 1288.

DJ Tinktt is on the decks. |0pm-—3am. Drown those post-Christmas blues with a seasonal selection of bands and l)Js from the Jazz Joint pool.


I Sixteen Ton and Urban Soul i Ensemble Jan. Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 1288. 10pm —3am. £3. See Sttn 20.

MONDAY 4. Ticket Link: 227 5511. Glasgow ; EDINBURGH ;

I Acoustic Jam Nice 'n' Sleazy. t .

Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. 3'92" Plane“ Elma 220 3234° _ pp ng ecor 5 South Bridge.

Edinburgh 226 7010.

I Altered Beats 99 Preview Phase Assembly Rooms George Street.

One Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221

1288. 10pm73am. £3. See Mon 21.

TUESDAY 5 Edinburgh

I The Dynamic Duo Jazz. Joint. x Morrison Street. 221 1288. 10pm—3am. £3. See Tue 22.



I Churn, Kaosphere, Fault and Eyesore Strawberry Fields. ()swald Street. 221 7871. 9pm. £3. local band showcase.

I Nimbus Cottiers. Hyndland Street. 357 5827. 9 tn. Free. See Sat 19.

I The 800 its Kilkennys. John Street. 552 3505. 9pm. Free.

I Wig Wam Bamz Flares. Bath Street. 331 5160. 9pm. Free. Glam sounds.

I Hub Central Jan, Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 I288. 10pm~3am (band ott- stage arotmd midnight). £4. Cool funk meets breakbeat chemistry in a combination which is earning the group ' deserved popularity. Soulful vocals from Z Tony King add the finishing touch. Deck wizardry from DJs SIy St and Kttlti.


. Edinburgh

I Jools Holland Playhouse. 18-22

Greenside Place. 557 2590. 7.30pm. £15. See Fri 18. : I Lizzard Lounge Cafe (ii-at't'iti. Mansfield Place Church. Broughton Street. 557 8003. 10pm~~2anr £6 (£5). Funky Latin sounds from F1 Cometas 10. which features members of Salsa Celtica. Decks I action from Joseph Malik and Fh'.’ \y'unl ; I Ugly Groove Movement And i Elemental Jazz. Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 1

I Offspring Barrowland. Glasgow. 552 4601. Stm 10 Jan.

I Garbage SECC. Glasgow, 287 7777. Sat 23 Jan.

I Robbie Williams, Supernaturals SECC. Glasgow. 287 7777. Thti 11 Feb. I Neil Diamond SliCC‘. Glasgow, :87 7777. Thu l9/Fti 20/Sun 22 Feb.

I Catatonia Barrowland. Glasgow. 552 4601. Sttn 14 Mar.

I Orbital Barrowland. Glasgow. 552 4601. Sttn 21 Mar.

I Beautiful South SECC. (ilasgow, . 287 7777. Thu 22 Apr. I Gary Barlow SEC‘C. Glasgow. 287 7777. Sat 24 Apr.

I All Saints SECC Glasgow. 287 7777. Tue 15Jun;1idinbttrgh.

Pla house. 557 2590. Sun 18 Apr.

I eIine Dion Murrayfield Stadium. Edinburgh. 549 8383. Wed 7Ju1.


I Sixteen Ton And Urban Soul Ensemble Jan. Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 1288. 10pm—3am. £3. See Sun 20.



I The Glenn Miller Orchestra Royal Concert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 287 5511. 7.30pm.£10~£17.50. Enjoy the big band sound popularised by the late. great Glenn Miller.

. Edinburgh

I Altered Beats - Phase One Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 1288.

f 10pm—3am. £4 (£3). See Mon 2..

221 1288. 10pm—3am. £5 (£4). A double bill for the festive season. contrasting

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