Our Guide tells you what’s going on day by day and hour by hour. With more locals and visitors taking part in the festivities than ever before, strict control of the numbers admitted to the Virgin and lvlcEwan’s Street Party has become a priority. This means you’ll need a pass to be admitted into the Street Party (for details of entrance . and pass availability see page 14). Of course, the celebrations are not confined to the restricted access areas nor the official festival attractions wherever you are, wherever a crowd is gathered, you’ll


find plenty of music, dance and live entertainment to keep you SU nday partying well into 1999. .. t 9‘ The Hogmanay festival officiallyruns from Tuesday 29 December 9 M0 until Friday 1 January, but attractions are in place from Sunday 27 . . . . / December through Saturday 3 January and beyond. For this Tuesdayée, publication, we’re listing events on a day by day basis and, within E that hour by hour, so that you can find out exactly what’s going on Wed nes&730 at any time, in any place. -' The centre spread is devoted exclusively to the Virgin and H09 manay me events lvlcEwan’s Street Party and on the back pages you’ll find a list of local attractions also open on the days after Hogmanay. There’s also H ()9 ma nay me events general information, ticket outlets and public transportation details. We’ve done our best to make everything clear and easy to use and 13 n ua ry 1 to make sure you find the most fun things to do.

Enjoy your Hogmanay. Happy New New. Ja n ua ry 2

Permanent attractions

Edinburgh's Hogmanay Box Office 0131 473 1999


NB Readers are warned that »- owing to weather conditions and other factors -- some of Edinburgh‘s Hogmanay events are subject to cancellation or

postponement at short notice.

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As the festive spirit spills over from the official four-day festival, you’ll need to know what else Edinburgh’s cultural scene has

M . to offer. The List provides readers with information on all of

' i , the arts and leisure activities in Edinburgh and Glasgow and three week outside the cities - including a comprehenswe guide to all the special issue ..

club events happening in the cities over Hogmanay. _ Informative, concise and with plenty of attitude, The List is ,2" * -' required reading for everyone. For the low down on what’s I,_y,,,,,‘,',‘,._. happening every day right up until Thursday 7 January, pick up t 1, .~ v; a the latest copy of The List, available from all good newsagents. , '7 g y Published by The List Ltd.

all the action HEAD 0FF|CE;

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