I e S d a y 2 9 festival events

Listings are divided into time bands. Unless otherwise stated, all events are free. For events requiring tickets, see details on page 14.

Starting before 4pm Hogmanay Carnival Waterloo Place.

I lam- l lpm. Winter fairground thrills iii the heart of the city for all the family.

Hogmanay Food Fair Assemth Rooms.

George Street. 1 lam- 6pm. t‘vlouthwatering showcase of Scottish foods featuring exhibitions. samplings and tttttsic. Supported by Purely Scottish Mineral Water.

Hogmanay Hootfest II The Stand Comedy Clttb. 5 York Place. I- 3pm. Lunchtime laughs with improvisation. stand-up comedy. games and prizes. Street Theatre Afternoon Mound Square. between the RSA and National Gallery. 3.3()~-6pm. Family preview of the multitude of international companies appearing at the Virgin and Meliwan‘s Street Party. The dynatnic. intaginative and. in sonte cases. downright bizarre acts include:

The Best Of The Notting Hill Carnival including steel and soca/calypso hands. drtttttmers. l)Js attd dancers: the customised bike-riding. harp-towing. accordian-playing Baby Dee: But 'n' Ben. a replica of a Highland cottage peppered with peepholcs and fttll of street performers doubling as a typical Scottish fatttily preparing for Hogmanay; Geometrie Variable. the roller skater whose acrobatics are powered by the motorised front wheel section of a moped; Austrian stilt/ tickpocket act. Irrwisch; Mister Cul uto. the amazing parabolic (that's '\\'eeble'-shaped) puppet; Quidam et Inko Nito. the French stilt performers with inflatable suits; lire juggling from Pyromania; make up. manicures attd fantastic hair dressing frottt stylists Swank. Quartier de Nuit. another stilt act from France whose startling fibre optic cable-lit black suits resemble ILR. (iigct"s designs from the Alien films trilogy; audio installation

specialists. Temple Of Sound. who recreate the sound of the sea in the city centre within a semi-circle of shells. Winter Wonderland liast Princes Street (iardens. 10am 8pm. £4.50 (£3.50 without skate hire): £3.50 for under l2s including skate hire; £12.50 family ticket. Ice skate iii the open air to seasonal songs. Sift through the Christmas Fair crafts and gifts stalls while warming yourself with mulled wine and roasted chestnuts.

Starting 4—6pm

The Chipolatas TSB Hogmanay House. 5 Chambers Street. 4pm. £5.50 (£3.50). Childrens‘ show catering for 2 l0 year olds featuring a lively mixture of songs. comedy and juggling.

Starting 6—8pm

Bank of Scotland Torchlight Procession and Fire Festival Leaves Parliament Square. 6pm; vouchers for torches £5 (£4 in advance frotn all tnain festival venues). The llogtttanay celebrations are officially launched with this spectacular illuminated parade of fire attd music which will this year be led by Andulucian horses attd a Viking longship. Starting at Parliament Sqttare. the procession/parade proceeds down the Mound. along Princes Street. through the Carnival and cttltninates with the Fire Festival‘s pyrotechnic display on Calton Hill. All proceeds go to local children and victims of the conflict in Kosovo via Radio Forth's Help A Child appeal and Scottish liuropean Aid.

Hogmanay Hootfest II, Useless Guide To Scotland The Stand Comedy Club. 5 York Place. 6- 7.10pm. £5 (£4). Bill Dewar attd Brian Hennigan's Fringe hit. an alternative historical/sociological guide to Scotland with highlights including the ‘Scottish Vietnam lixperiettce' attd the 'Bttddha ()f Bathgate'.

Puss In Boots Adam House Theatre. Chambers Street. 7pm. £6 (£4). Lively stage production of the well-known fairy

The Best Of The Notting Hill Carnival

Through its Carnival, Notting Hill is associated with world music and dance as is Edinburgh during its summer and winter festivals. That’s why The Best Of The Notting Hill Carnival is taking part in Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations, kicking off at today’s Street Theatre Afternoon. The Carnival includes a steel band, a soca/calypso band, drummers, Carnival DJs and

costumed dancers.

The Best Of The Notting Hill Carnival, The Mound, Tue 29 Dec, 3.30—6pm and George Street Fiesta, Thu 37 Dec, from 70.30pm.

Monsieur Culbuto

The Monsieur has been caught on film by the French press attempting to squeeze his bqu through shop doorways and traversing traffic jams; by the German press hypnotistng children; and by the UK press hauling his considerable bqu along the South Coast seafront. If you equate street theatre with the bizarre, then M. Culbuto should please. The parabolic (’Weeble’ they wobble, remember, but they don’t fall down) shape allows the clown to perform gravity-defying feats.

Monsieur C u/buto, The Mound, Tue 29 Dec, 3.30—6pm and George Street

Fiesta, Thu 37 Dec, from 70.30pm.

tale with a one-man band and attdiencc participation.

Scottish Harp Concert 'I‘SB Hogtttanay House. 5 Chatnbers Street. 7pm. £8 (£6). Five of Scotland's fittest traditional musicians provide the audience with a memorable evening of harp music. Duncan Chisholm and Ivan Drever TSB Hogmanay House. 5 Chambers Street. 7.l5pm. £7.50 (£5.50). lix- members of Wolfstone combine fiddle and gttitar producing fine popular songs. Christmas On Mars Bedlam Theatre. 7.30 9.30pm. Forrest Road. £7 (£5). Adult theatre with Harry Kondoleon's htttnorotts tale of fottr dysfunctional friends mixed tip in lies. deceit and present giving.

Craig McMurdo Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Street. 7.3()~9.30pm. £15. £1 1. £9.50 (£6 concessions from one hour before). Sttpported by his seven piece band. That Swing Thang. the Scottish crooner will pay homage to such greats as Bing Crosby. Bobby Darin. Lottis Prima. Lottis Jordan. Dean Martin and. of course. Frank Sinatra.

Starting 8—10pm

Hogmanay Hootfest II, The Bob Doolally Show The Stand Comedy Club. 5 York Place. 8 9.30pm. £5 (£4). The very nearly titan of Scottish football returns with his own home-grown brand of filth and innuendo.

Eddi Reader St Mary's Cathedral. Palmerston Place. 8 945an £ l 2. One of Scotland's premiere sittgcrs perforttts music specially prepared for this concert. Dance India TSB Hogmattay llottse. 5 Chatttbers Street. 9.30pm. £5 (£4). Contemporary dance with the Dance Base troupe.

Jock Tamson's Bairns 'l‘SB llogtttanay House. 5 Chambers Street. 9.30pm. £8 (£6). Legendary Scottish folk battd with twenty years experience and at least one classic album under their belts.

Fred Morrison and Ross Martin 'I‘SB llogtttanay House. 5 Chatttbers Street. 10pm. £8 (£6.50). Morrison. the wild young piper plays Highland music with guitarist Marlin.

Starting after 10pm

Phil Kay Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. 10.30pm tnidnight. £10 (£8). Verbal athletics and inspired improvisations with the evergreen comedian who refuses to deliver what the audience expects. Support comes frotn Michael Redmond. Hogmanay Hootfest II The Stand Comedy Clttb. 5 York Place.

l0.30pm l3.45am. £6 (£4). Five act extravagan/a with comedians Parrot. Kevin Hayes. John Flint. Pattl McNeil] attd contperc Jane Mackay.

Bruce Morton TSB Hogtttanay House. 5 Chambers Street. I lptn. £8 (£6.50). Stand-up comedy with one of Scotland‘s top performers.

The Marwicks Ceilidh Night 'I‘SB llogtttanay House. 5 Chambers Street. midnight. £7 (£5.50). Burn off some calories with one of Scotland‘s fittest ceilidh bands. With free acoustic sessions iii the bar. open until 3am.

Bank Of Scotland Torchlight Procession The official opening of Edinburgh's Hogmanay celebrations. The procession is lead by a Viking longship the longest of its kind and culminates in the Fire Festival on Calton Hill.

Bank of Scotland Torchlight Procession and Fire Festival Leaves Parliament Square, 6pm.