Lizzard Lounge at the 1&8 Club ’99

Starting 8-10-pm

Carol Kidd Queen’s Ilall. (‘lerk Street. 7.3()-»‘).3()pm. £17.50. £14. £1 l.5(). £8 (concessions on the door). Debut performance of material from Kidd's Sinatra album. on which the diva mixes ‘Frankie‘ favourites with little known Sinatra gems.

The Dram Good Knees Up! The (‘ity Chambers. Iligh Street. 8pm lam. £35. Kicking off with a champagne reception. the festivities continue with a ceilidh. disco and cabaret (including hot buffet) and feature the Pop Tarts performing hits from Blur to The Beatles and back again. Party goers are free to come and go from the Virgin and .‘vlclivvan’s Street Party. Profits go to The Dian Fossey Gorilla thd.

Crash ()ltl (il’O Building. \Valerloo Place. 9pmr-4am. £25. (price includes a Virgin and Mclivvan's Street Party pass). Biggest club night in tovvn tonight. situated in the entire site of the former Post Office in the heart of the street party. [Us for this night of pure hedonism include Michael Kilkie (The 'l‘unnel/Atomic Baby) Lawrence Nelson ((‘lub For Life) (‘raig Burger Queen. [ammo (Rhumba) all on a hands-in-the- air hard house tip. Look out too for The Disco Queens: Irvine Welsli. Kris Needs

and 1)] KRoca. Added attractions include car wrecks and dance podiums. roller- skating angels and pro basketball players shooting hoops. Upstairs. the glass- roofed Skylight Bar affords a view of the fireworks at midnight.

1&8 Club 99 The Traverse. (‘ambridge Street. 9pm 3.30am. £25. Ticket holders for tonight will receive a Virgin and Mclivvan's Street Party Pass. The BlllCTOt)Ill/:\lrllllll/ Traverse Bar/main theatre (‘lubroom party continues. (‘lassic 80s sounds from [Ms Leon 'silk' Singleton and Ted ‘jump to the beat’ Flynn of Bezique in the Blueroom. I.ive vvorld music in the Atrium vvith Fl (‘ometas l() and The Jimmy Shandrix Experience. Soul. jazz. hip hop. Afro- funk and Latin in The Traverse Bar. courtesy of (‘afe Graffiti's resident I.i/./ard Lounge I)Js Joseph Malik and Iih! Wun. Ilouse. funky techno and classic anthems from [Us George T. Simone and H of Tribal Funktion. one of lidinburgh's longest running clubs. Hogmanay Party ’I‘SB Hogmanay House. 5 (‘hambers Street. 9.30pm—3.3()am. £25. Four floors dedicated to Sir and Madame Hogmanay and featuring the blues and (‘ajun group Boogalusa. (‘hipolatas. folk rock outfit Burach. Salsa Viva Club. dance band The Wildcats ()f Kilkenny and Islander. With acoustic sessions in the bar. open until 3am.

New Year Revels Assembly Rooms. George Street. ()JOpmr~3.3()am. £25 (limited to 4 per person). Something of a Hogmanay institution. While ticket holders may come and go to the George Street Fiesta and the Virgin and Melivvan's Street Party. it's unlikely you‘ll have time to stop svvinging your pants and kills in this club 'n‘ ceilidh atmosphere. The Highlands I’eatbog Faeries Combine vvorld music with Celtic. ftmk and jazz. and are joined by the ever-popular Robert Fish (‘eilidh Band. Ilonky and 'l'ackno DJ Trendy Wendy. While the musicians and [Ms see to your needs. there's a revitalising Nevv (‘hill ()ut Room for reveller maintenance.


The Street Theatre acts, one of the undoubted highlights of the celebrations, perform throughout the George Street Fiesta. but also spill over into Princes Street. Performers include: the customised bike-riding, harp-towing, accordian-playing Baby Dee; But 'n' Ben. a replica of a Highland cottage peppered with peepholes and full of street performers doubling as a typical Scottish family preparing for Hogmanay; Geometrie Variable, the roller skater whose acrobatics are powered by the motorised front wheel section of a moped; Austrian stilt/pickpocket act, lrrwisch (pictured below); Mister Culbuto, the amazing parabolic (that’s ‘Weeble'—shaped) puppet; brilliant new company Quidam et lnlto Nito, the French stilt performers with inflatable suits;






Quartier de Nuit.

" " -‘ ‘5'; 1 ' another stilt act from

"' France whose startling fibre optic cable-lit black suits resemble H.R. Giger's designs from the Alien films trilogy; audio installation s ialists, Temple Of ound, who recreate the sound of the sea in the city centre within a semi-circle of shells; fire juggling from Pyromanla; make up. manicures and fantastic hair dressing from stylists Swank; and a processional-style show from pyrotechnic artists Groupe F (see panel on page 6).


jereboam of (‘hampagne Mercier to the

The Virgin and McEwan's Street Party includes events all over the city centre, which can be attended by anyone holding a Street Party Pass. Pass holders only in the city centre after 8pm. The four main stages 90 live at 10.30pm and stay that way until 1.30am. Details of the programme on each stage are given on this spread. Even if you can't get near the ‘~ * stages, you can still watch live footage of all the events on Hogmanay Live TV, broadcast on three giant screens located at The

Mound and both ends of Princes Street. At midnight look to the roof of the National Gallery for the lone piper who play us into the New Year with Prince's 1999.


lls vvmi mm m


J . I _, .l l.

. . _, a West Princes Street Gardens, lOpm—l .30 am, £15 (gardens). £17.50 (enclosure). The biggest event of the Hogmanay celebrations: a pop concert beneath the Castle and a ringside view of the spectacular fireworks display at midnight. With the 808 retro well under way, it‘s appropriate that The Concert In The Gardens should feature two of the biggest names in pop music of that decade: 0840 (pictured above) and The Pretenders. While the headlining acts hark back to the currently-favoured decade of the past, support comes from a very late-nineties pop phenomenom in the form of special guests Manson. Running order: lO.25--10.55pm Mansun. ll.lO—-l 1.55pm The Pretenders. 12.05-- 1 .30am U840.


This year the vvildest. vvackiest costumes of the Virgin and Mclivvan's Street Party will be judged at the nevv Dressed To The Nines Avvards. Judging takes place from l()pm and winners will be announced from the Waverley Stage at 10.30pm. A

most outrageous group sartorial garbs. a year's supply each of Melivvan‘s and Virgin (‘ola to the best dressed individual. and a hamper from lidinburgh's famoth Italian deli. Valvona & (‘rolla to the winners in each category to be sent home anyvvhere in the world.

Lawnmarket, top of the Royal Mile. / lO.30pm--l .30am. Gaelic dance sounds to get you going all the wa into the wee small hours. SHooglenifty (pictured left) have been described as ‘hypnofolkadelia’ and ‘tunes ’n’ base’ whatever the case, this folk fusion outfit are an infectious dance experience. Bagpipes meet rock guitar with the USA’s Seven Nations, who bring a new energy to traditional Celtic music. Running order: 10.30- -I l.15pm Seven Nations, 1 1 .30pm-- 12.25am Shooglenifty, 12.40-- 1 .25am Fiddlers Bid from Shetland.