christmas shows reVIew \ Sleeping Beauty singalongs Glasgow: King’s Theatre, until Sat 16 Sweeue Showers jan ,5, ,r, * glitz, glamour and pizazz :3? The celeb-laden King’s panto sticks Storylines have never been a strong to its winning formula with slightly point with the Kettlers, and this show diminished returns this year. Elaine is no exception. Not that it matters, as C. Smith returns as the dame, hours of relentless Singing Kettle Barbara Rafferty is the evil witch video-watching by their adoring public Carrion and Jonathan Watson gets has ensured that every kid in the place to do a few of his Only An Excuse is in their element for the entire show. impreSSions, but there is still plenty (Kelly Apter) room for the traditional Sleeping Beauty story The Happy Gang's magic and adventure (4‘, castle Adventure slapstick and knockabout ’3 Glasgow: until TUE DEC jokes and japes * * * * * love and romance :3 Inventor and toy-maker Professor smut and innuendo 2‘ Nincompoop has left The Happy Gang baddies and bounders 3 in charge of his Adventure Castle, celebs and soap stars ‘5 asking them to carry out three simple top tunes 2 instructions; feed the cat, don’t touch Singalongs 1‘ the inventions and make sure Beasty sweetie showers 3 Bertha Big Foot (boo, hiss) doesn't steal glitz, glamour and pizazz ’4‘ any of his wonderful ideas. The costumes and sets are typically magic and adventure :57 lawsh but the songs and choreography slapstick and knockabout ".53 lacked oomph on opening night. Blind jokes and japes t4: Date and Saturday Night Fever send- love and romance ups save the day wrth their Silliness. smut and innuendo (Fiona Shepherd) baddies and bounders :4: - - celebs and soap stars The Si’nging_Kettle [Op tunes .3, Santa S MUSICB' singalongs :5- Toyshop sweetie showers i4? Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Fri gmz' glamour and We” 4" i i g H -6933, .- 18—M0n 28 Dec * k wk 1% Welcomed on stage in a way that t ' U i. *s. g, ' s The Kettle crew - Cilla, Artie, Jane, would befit a teeny pop group, these 1",“ ' 1“ )- Gary and lesser-known fifth member guys do not disappoint. Plenty of sing- By the pricking of my thumbs: Katherine lgoe as Sleeping Beauty l Mr Bubbles are all busy helping Santa songs, a magical set and costumes (in j prepare his toys for Christmas. Luckily particular the Gang's transformation m they still find time to sing plenty of : into miniature form) and frying pan

whacking a la VIC and Bob adds the final sparkle. (Helen Monaghan)

Robin Hood And His songs, in a variety of costumes, using a The Magical Adventures Babe "1 The Wood host of colourful props and of

l - - course, lots of audience participation. Of PmOCCh'O | Glasgow: East Kilbride Arts Centre, I

GIBSQOWI Pavilion Theatre, until Sat until WEd DEC * f" ‘5 magic and adventure 2; I * ****STAR SnAnri'Shslgz Jan *'* * * ; Cast forth into the forest for dressing slapstick and knockabout J‘ *** it Very ood Workshy wooden boy Pinocchio i beneath his class and fraternising | jokes and japes 3 *‘H W0" 3 Sho‘ (Jannette Krankie) is helped out of his wrth fat friars, Robin Hood dedicates love and romance :7" ggthaggégggamed truth-avoidance issues by the unholy his time to poncing around in green smut and innuendo trinity of Jimney Cricket (Jimmy tights and singing Crap songs With baddies and b0unders - NUMERICAL RAT'NGS Cricket), camp LampWick and the Blue his cross-dressing mates. Sparks fly celebs and soap stars Marks from ® to © Fairy, hindered by the nasty Stromboli, when he meets Maid Marian and top tunes 5‘ l who runs a dodgy puppet import/ discovers there's more to life than i export trade, while Italian chip-shop annoying self-appornted, forest- 5 owner Gepetto looks on helplessly. based despots.

magic and adventure <3: magic and adventure :3.

slapstick and knockabout £3) slapstick and knockabout :4;

jokes and japes e: jokes and japes ’31

love and romance C33 love and romance ,3,

smut and innuendo @ smut and innuendo T2

baddies and bounders (43 baddies and bounders :5

celebs and soap stars (A; celebs and soap stars

too tunes (5; top tunes .3

singalongs Q? singalongs 3

sweetie showers Q; sweetie showers .3.

glitz, glamour and pizazz :3: glitz, glamour and pizazz :2: Although the romance falls a bit flat A sharp script and plenty of local- and there's no overt Christmassy angle, based jokes more than make up for an this show scores high on the stoopid amateurish set in Gerry McHugh and stunts and corny jokes scale. Raymond Burke’s version of this well- ., (David McNally) worn favourite. (David McNally) Bubbling up: The Singing Kettle

82 THE LIST 17 Dec 1998—7 Jan 1999