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Summit Conference

Glasgow: Citizens' Stalls Studio, until Sat 23 Dec a s a at

Walter Benjamin was a Jewish Marxist intellectual livmg on the dictionary definition of borrowed time in the Third Reich when he said the followmg: ’There is no document of civilisation which is not AT THE SAME TIME a document of barbarism.’ He can't have known it at the time, but he was talking about Robert David MacDonald’s Summit Conference.

This remarkable play, performed in a typically superb Citz set designed by Matt Johnson, is an urbane comedy of manners set among the perpetrators and handmaidens of genocrde. Eva Braun and Clara Petacci meet up and swap barbed gOSSlp, while their menfolk -- Der FUhrer and II Duce respectively go about the serious busrness of making the world safe for fasCism and highly dangerous for anything else.

The sly repartee of the early scenes seduces the audience to the pomt where we laugh at the gaucheness of Eva‘s swastika-embrOIdered Cushions, rather than recoiling in disgust at everything they Symboiise. The mood alters as the women adopt the masculine personae of their partners, and the chill which creeps through the tiny studio space is all the sharper because of the indulgent warmth we were feeling towards these two charmers only moments before. Such characters requrre great charisma and assured technique on the part of the actors, and Andrea Hart and Kathy Kiera Clarke rise confidently to the challenge, \Nlili Paul Albertson equally effective as the soldier whose treatment at their hands moves from teasing to persecution.

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Six sensational stage shows

MacDonald's writing and directing are strong enough to facilitate further Cinderella Glass SIIDDEF'S perfECt fit changes in tone, and he even has the chutzpah to end the play With a Joke, SOUrS snobby sisters - Sparky Prince Dressed to (hiihgndrea Hart 35 although the laughter it provokes is of the hollow kind. ’Springtime for Hitler' ends Up in Cinders. See revieW, page Eva Braun this ain't. (Rob Fraser) 83. Edinburgh B’Unlon Theatre.

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and Jimmy Cricket star in a big colourful SECC Cinderella Wed ()—Sat 9 Jan. 7. l 5pm; saves day See page 83. anto based on the classic story of the , Finnieston Quay. 287 777. [P. WC. WA]. mats Thu 7 Jan l.30pm a Sat 9 Jan - A

iiuppet boy who comes to life. See l The Happy Gang's Castle 0f 2. l 5pm. £3.50—L‘32 (concs available). Edmbufgh Royal Lyceum Theatre review. page 82. Adventure Until Tue 22 Dec. times vary. See Touring. snowmte D'Sney dwarfed by

i £5 (£3.50); family ticket £l8 (£3.50). La Fille Mal Gardée \vcti an Dec. doyenne dame David Wallace and RSAMD i Join the Happy Gang as they look after l.30pm a 7.l5pm; Thu 3i Dec. l.30pm. plenty of PACE, See reView, page 82, Hill Renf'reiv Street. 332 5057. [.Access: ; Professor Nincompoop’s Castle of" £3.50—L‘32 iconcs available). See G/aggomz. Pas/WA“; Centre, PPA. ST. l.. Facilities: WC. WS. H. C). C. 3 Adventure. See review. page 82. Touring.

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Allienaetiiii Theatre. L'ntil Sat ll) Dec: Hope Street. 332 9000. TT. [Accesv catastrophic cat-minding caper. See .‘vlon-lri 7.13pm. Sat l0am.‘L.\ (L3). PPA. ST. R. Facilities: \\ C. \\ S. H. (i. C. BEDLAM THEATRE . _ “mew page 82. G/asgovfl SECC l-.asterii promise from the RSAMT) , Help: AA]. l lb Bristo Place. ltdinburgh. 225 9893. . Christmas shoyv. \y ith (‘ierry Mulgreyv‘s Hansel And Gretel Thu l7. Sat l9. Tue Christmas On Mars Sun 27 —\\'ed 30 Summ't Conference Fe'StY fem/T795 excellent adaptation. previously ; 22 & Wed 23 Dec. 7. lem; mat Sat 5 Dec. Sat 2—.\1oii~1 .lan. 7.30pm; mat 30 lam/6’5 “(mm and “'n 'n frlgmen'ng performed by Coiiimunicado Theatre j Dec. 2. lipm. See Classical ck ()pei'a Dec & 2 Jan 2.30pm. £7 (£5 l. Riototis fable Oi faSCIsm. See review, page Company. listings. page 80. Assentny tackle a play by the late Harry 84, 6/8590“! cmzens' Sta/[5 Stud/“O. l Kondolon. Four characters lind C d . Ed 8 B I If RAMSHORN THEATRE , cuscow mac; llTCliisc‘ch‘s together in an apat'litienl the 0""? Y. “"9 0 5‘9’ Your” 98 Ingram Street. 552 348‘). Bookings i play describes the intense. painful and Wm blame)’ for the Hogmanay also Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. see ! THEATRE ROYAL ltiitny relationships between them. .’\'ot celebrations, as the svelt Dubliner Ticket Link details above. [Accessz ST. Hope Street. 332 9000. TT. [Accessz recommended for children. {egaleg Us with his [immegg wit and Facilities: WC. WS. Ci. Hel :AA] ? PPA. ST. R. Facilities: WC. WS. H. (i. C. i 4 a v Wyrd Sisters c‘.-\.\'Clil.l.t~iT). ! HelptAA]. Continued over page (harm ELI/burgh 6”de Balloon

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Citizens' Circle c, . Citizens: Stalls

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17 Dec 1998—7 Jan 1999 THE UST 85