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Regular weekly clubs plus one-off events are listed by city, then b day, then alphabetically by title. Clu s will be listed, provided up-to-date details reach our offices at least seven days before publication. Lack of information ma result in clubs being omitted. Clu listings compiled by Rory Weller (Glasgow) and Simone Baird (Edinburgh)


I 4th Dimension at Brel. 8.30—l lpm. Free. Andy Young playsjazz. Brazilian. soul. fusion and funk at this West End venue. Drinks promos. Pre-club. 24 Dec. special Brel salsa party until lain. 3| Dec. The Divine Sound System take you into the New Year.

I Access at Bonkers. l lpm—4am. £3 (£2). Well-respected Tunnel residents Michael Kilkie. Trevor Reilly and Simon Foy playing upfront house in the Bonkers basement club. traditionally an officey venue. but given a credible touch by these guys. Drinks promos. Replaced by iii-house arties 24 and 3| Dec.

I Annie s Bath House at Bennet‘s. llpm-3am. £3 (£2). Annie and Grant with cheesy. dancey. poppy. retro and 70s party tunes on two floors. Gay. 24 Dec £7. 3| Dec 9pni—4;1m£8.

I Apartment Christmas Eve 9pm—4am. £15. 24 Dec only. Apartment Christmas with all the trimmings being served up by the residents for a dressy crowd.

I Apartment Hogmanay 9pm—4am. £30. 3| Dec only. Full experience with haggis. neeps and tatties from

9.30—l lpm. complimentary 1/4 bottle of Moet on arrival. the obligatory piper. da bells. and Jim Da Best and Colin 'sing-a- long' Barr playing glam rock. party pop. disco shock. house topping classic tunes of ")8 and beyond. Get your ticket early. I Aquaplanet at The Sub Club. llpm—4am. £|(). 24 Dec only. The legendary Derrick May guests alongside Harri. May aka Rhythim is Rhythm is the original techno innovator with his '87 Nude Photo EP. his signature track Strings of Life and his own Transmat records label.

I Archaos Christmas Eve and Hogmanay at Archaos. l lpm—4am. £l5. 24 and 3| Dec only. Saturday night specialists AJ. Kris Keegan and Ian Thompson iii the dome room with snow over the dancel‘loor. presents for all and

recent Fantazia compilation mixed by Allister Whitehead Will know what a good time, hands in the air, party rocking DJ he IS. The Temple, Thu 77 Dec.

flying cherubs and angels. Paul Traynor and James Fullerton play soul classics iii the Skybar.

I Ascendance at The Temple. llpm—3am. £5 (£3). Weekly from 17 Dec. New night of glammy hard house at The Temple. with Colin Tevendale (Tunnel)joined by the party animal Allister Whitehead to kick the whole thing off. 24 Dec Ascendance features Temple weekend residents Geoff Montford and Chris Harris playing upfront house and garage. £7 (£5). 3| Dec it's the Ascendance Hogmanay party with Darren Stokes and Chris Harris hosting the official George Square after- party sponsored by Smirnoff.

I Bar M at Bar M. Rpiii-iiiidnight. Free. 17 and 24 Dec Paul Cawley with an official Psy Phi hip hop pre-club. Drinks promos. 3| Dec Saturday DJ laiti Livingston takes over playing musical deep house and fat beats.

I Blowfly X-rated at The Apartment. llpm—4am. £3. DJ Tchico with his

superior brand of R&B. swing and funk.

Drinks promos. No event 24 Dec and

replaced by Apartment Hogmanay (Blowfly moves to Wed).

I Bonkers Christmas Eve at Bunkers. 7pm—5am. £ 1 2. 24 Dec only Club classics at this party venue beneath the Bonkers Showbar with the weekend residents David Campbell and Noble Whitelaw.

I Bonkers Hogmanay .ii Bonkers. 7pm-5am. £|5. 3| Dec only (‘lub

Club News

CLUB PROMOTERS WHO USE FLYPOSTING to attract custom may be risking their licenses. Edinburgh City Council’s Environmental and Consumer Services department have sent letters to twenty venue licensees identifying flyposting as an illegal method of advertising. They warn that should clubs continue to employ it, 'our Department will make representations to the next Licensing Board or Committee with regard to the public nuisance caused by this activity.‘ Most licenses are up for review toward the end of January. Some clubs affected by this have formed the Edinburgh Club Owners, Managers and Promoters

Association. The contact is George Duffin at Cosmos, 0131 558 3146.

AT A LOCATION in Glasgow to be confirmed, Concrete Skates are teaming up with the best skaters in Scotland to redesign and build a skate park. Credible brands such as Volcom, West Beach and Split are interested in sponsoring this new facility for skate boards, BMX, roller blades (and possibly snowboards) which is set to open early in the new year. A celebration party for the arrival of 5K8 will be held at Yang, Fri 18 Dec and the Concrete Skates crew can be seen on a mini ramp in the back room of Discojunkey Sat 19 Dec. Boarders up for skating on the night get in cheaper.

classics at this party venue beneath the Bonkers Showbar with the weekend residents David Campbell and Noble Whitelaw seeing in the New Year.

I Brown Sugar at The Bom. llpm—4am. £4 (£3). Two rooms with DJ TNT in the front with R&B and swing while DJ Benji takes up residency in room two with more of a hip hop sound. No information was received before publication about festive events at this

I Budda at Budda. Spin—midnight. Free. Nick Genimil with a broad mix of credible dance. from house to drum 8: bass and hip hop. Pre-club.

I Bump ’n' Hussle at Babaza. 5.30pm—4am (DJs from llpm). 24 and 3| Dec. £tbc but tickets are available at Bahaza. Paul Traynor moves itito the Thursday night slot for the festivities Babaza-style. R&B. soul classics. garage and house fora dressy crowd. It's usually dead. dead busy. so god knows what it's going to be like this fortnight.

I Button up at Strawberry Fields. llpm—4am. £2.50. New night of soul. 70s groove. Blue Note. ska and more. from DJ brothers Garry. John and Greg Kane plus friends.

I Chu Chu at Club Budda. llpm—4am. £4 (£3). New night from Geoff Montford and Scott Ritchie doing their top class house thing they do so well tip in The Temple. Massive drinks promos. 24 Dec. Chu Chu Christmas live party with residents (£|()). 3| Dec Hogmanay with residents and Stevie Middleton I0).

I Cop at Arcliaos. l()pm—4am. £4 (£3). Immense student night (possibly the busiest in Scotland) with [)J Vance and CJ up in the main room playing contemporary club tunes to a young. glammy bunch while Tani 'The Fuzz' Coyle does his indie/pop/kitsch stuff in Betty’s Mayonnaise. Drinks promos. Replaced by Archaos Christmas Eve and Ho'nianay 24 and 3| Dec.

I ollective Hogmanay at The Arches. 9pm—5am. £25. 3| Dec only. Glasgow‘s biggest Hogmanay bash with [Ms from all The Arches' Saturday and Friday nights including. sharp intake of breath. Stuart McMillan and ()rde Meikle. Phar ()ut. Laurence Hughes. Silicone Soul. DJ Q. Jengaheads. DJ Roy. Lawrence Nelson. Simon Foy. lain Boney Clark. Darren Mackie and Stevie Donaldson. Mighty

I Colours and Inside Out at The Arches l().3()pm~-4ain 24 Dec only

1. I450. It's not yet been decided who gets to play the w arm-.ip. but the lion‘s share of the night goes to the awesome Roger Sanchez. undoubtedly one of the finest New York house [)Js in the world. Do you think he'll play his llil\ of Prince's 109‘)" Hope he does

I Colours and Inside Out at The Arches. |().3()pni~4ani. £l(i.5(), 2(i Dec only. Second of the Colours/Inside ()ut collaboration. getting together for Christmas tonight with Tall Paul. John Digweed. Jon Mancini. Simon Foy. Honey and [amino .»\ mighty. might hard house line-up. only surpassed by their Roger Sanchez night two day s earlier

I Dee Jays In Disguise iii Variety

Split Cltisc‘. i'ilk‘k' Hillc‘li tilttl Jilkes ()i Knucklehead with a dubby |lll\ of new dance and techno. Check out llatch's Pusher l3 night at The 13th Note continuing oti every week and Jilkes' new night with Twitch (net at g2. l’i‘e- club.

I Deep Fried at The l3t|i Note (‘lub (basement). llpin—4ani. £4. 24 Dec only The Kung Funk Collective with reggae. duh. hip hop and funk.

I Dream Baby Dream at g2.

llpni «lain £3 (£2). Twitch (Pure) and Jilkes (Knucklehead) continue their new. winning partnership started at their

listings CLUBS

Party like you’ve never partied before in the party city.

Collective Hogmanay Glasgow's biggest Hogmanay bash and no mistake With a Whole troop carrier of DJs. The Arches

Sub Culture Ham and Domenic from the Subby's Saturday do the honours tonight. More of a famin feeling than being round at yOur folks for Sure The Sub Club

Hi Karate Rock The Bells Neil McMillan and Andrew DiVine's damn fine Thursday night kicks in the new year With hip hop, beats & breaks, ragga, reggae, funk and electro. Glasgow School of Art.

Tunnel Hogmanay Rocking like a tiny little boat in a very big storm and banging like a demented Judge’s gavel. The Tunnel

Mish Mash First Mish Mash Hogmanay party in a legal venue, but no less extreme The Whole Mish Mash collective slam together. Alaska. Pure Seminal techno Visionaries Pure (Edinburgh) choose the west coast again for their New Year revelling. Residents Twrtch, Brainstorm, Dribbler and The Bill are iomed by Sparky (R&S) playing live The Old Fruitmarket Glasgow's Hogmanay Street party mayhem With Dave Pearce, Ruff Driverz, Brandon Block on the Radio 1 High Streetcar park Slam on the Bell Street Dance stage, The Jengaheads \lilp hop) on the Bargo stage Simon Foy, Michael Kilkie, George BOWie, DJ Boner and Darren Stokes are on the Smirnoff stage. Merchant City

All events on Thu 31 Dec.

Subbie Sunday ()ptimo. playing techno. I electronica. and house. Major drinks , promos. Replaced by Hi Karate vs. Missing Links 24 Dec and g2 Hogmanay l party 3| Dec. l I The Dub Club at The l3th Note I (basement). ‘)pin»-3ain. l7 Dec only. The | club formerly known as the Dubware | Sound System changes its name. but keeps on with their super-heavyweight dub from their patent sound system. Tonight DJs from Rub A Dubioin the Messenger Sound System.

I Eclectic Underground at Yang.

1 lpm—4am (bar open from 6pm). £5 (free before I lpiii). Three way action in this new. modernist club with the best in underground sounds. Doug and Tony iii

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