Sub Culture The sensational Eric Rug aka Dirty Jesus who records for Paper JOlnS the Sub Club residents Ham and Domenic again after a stunning set earlier this year. The Sub Club, Sat 26 Dec


I 3 Room Fusion at Yang. 1 lpm-4ain (bar open from 6pm). £5 (free before llpm). Nu-funk and rare groove in Room One from Muchaill. Dema and Nice iii Rooni Two with hip hop scratch mixing show. supported by the B'Men breakers aka The Freak Menoovers outfit. plus Rob G and Kemal (Elements). in the main club room. the only regular. dedicated drum & bass club night in Glasgow. Drinks promos. Its’ Dec special guests Crispin J Glover (Strictly Rhythm) in Room One. Room Two DJ STS. Room Three Future lingineers and Shu Hirata all guesting tonight for the SKX Park party. ()pen Christmas day.

I 4th Dimension at The Baby Grand. ()pm—midnight. Free. Andy Young and Danny play jazz. Brazilian. soul. fusion and funk. Drinks promos. Pre-club. Closed Christmas and New Year's Day. I 705 Glitterball at The Glasgow School of Art. l()pm-3am £5 (£4). l8 Dec only. Return of the mad extremes of DJ Shaft and Supei'disco to celebrate the last day of term. Drinks promos.

I Alaska Opening at Alaska. llpm~lam l‘) Dec only. Free (but it's invite only. available front Spy or PR staff). Mix of funky house. electric lounge and party favourites from .‘yliligo. Htish Puppy. Kev. Mark. Nick Peacock and a vast array of professional liggers getting well into the free booze.

I Apartment at The Apartment. llpm—4am. £8. Jim Da Best playing a wildly eclectic mix of big tunes. crossing genres like nobody's business. Private function 25 Dec. ()pen 1 Jan with extra special cheap drink. £ It).

I Area 51 at Nice 'n‘ Sleazy (ground lloor bar). opin» midnight l-i'ee (but donation appreciated). I .lan only. Area

5 l 's Jules and Shall \y ilh a reverse night of that will kick off \y itli acid techno and chill right doyy n as the iiighl goes on.

I The Ark at The Tunnel llpni~4am £7 (£5) Dressed up iiiglil iii this award- winning club. which eight years on still looks the business. The trio of Michael Kilkie. Scott Mackay and [ammo (Rhumbai take no prisoners in the main room for large-scale hard house dancelloor detonators. and then there's Duncan Reid and Simon Foy in the second room for a slightly less full-on vibe All drinks £l before 12.30am. ()pen 2.5 Dec with (‘ohii Tevendale and Scott .‘ylackay with Btid Ice and Champers for £ I .7() (LS/£6) and l Jan Ark residents (if they ‘i'e still standing) with all drinks £l iitilil lam.

I Bargo at Bargo ()pm -midnight. liree Quality house music from Dom and Jay (Sub Club) at this city cenlie east style bat. Pre-club. . '

I Bar M at Bar M. 8pm-inidnight. Free. l8 Nick Peacock playingjazzy grooves and 25 Dec the Subby‘s Domenic plays deep American house. Closed l Jan. Drinks promos.

I Bennet's ll.30pm—4am. £4 (£3). Grant Duff downstairs with an upbeat dance night then DJ Shawn for handbaggy house upstairs. Drinks promos. Open 25 Dec with residents. Gay. 1 Jan. upstairs is lesbians only tonight. with DJ Karn Dunbar.

I Bom at The Bom. llpm—4am. £5 (£4). Colin Hamilton. George Bowie and The Sly Boys with pretty full-on house. Drinks promos.

I Bonafide Love at The Cross Bar. 8pm—midnight. Free. Reggae. ragga and soca from DJ Dirtsman. Drinks promos. Pre-club. Check with bar for Christmas Day activities.

I Bonkers at Bonkers. llpm—4am. £4 after midnight. £3 before. Club classics at this after office hang-out with residents David Campbell and Noble Whitelaw.

I Bonus Beats at g2. llpm—3am. £3 (£4). New night from l8 Dec (closed 25 Dec and l Jan) replacing Spectrum with beats and breaks from Gregory Peck and guests. Drinks promos.

I Budda at Budda. Spin—midnight. Free. Chris Harris (Temple) with a chunky house re—club warmer.

I Bu dasole at Club Budda. llpm—4am. £5. Stevie Middleton continuing upstairs with his own particular brand of American deep house arid garage in this luscious new club every week. ()pen 25 Dec and 1 Jan (£5). I Buena Vista at Glasgow School Of Art (downstairs). lOpm—2.30am. £3. A slice of Latin jazz and funk from Mark and Michael of Delaney's Rhythm Section with Nick Peacock (Back To Jazz) playing the last Friday of every month.

I Bump 'n' Hussle at Babaza. 5.30pm—4am (DJs from llpm). £5 (free before I lpiii). £5. Paul Traynor w ith R&B. soul classics. garage and house for a dressy. drinky. jump about a bit crowd. Dead. dead busy. ()pen 25 Dec and 1 Jan. I Cheesy Pop at The Queen Margaret Union. l0pm—2am. £3 (£2). Back l5 Jan. I Club 69 at Rocksy's Basement. l()pm—2.3()am. £tbc. 25 Dec only. Club

69's Christmas Day Schpecial (sic) with

Martin and Wilba of dance record shop Rub-A-Dtib playing the best and deepest from the underground.

I Crash at The Shed. l()pm~3am. £4 (£3). The return of Crash after five years with Dave Ross playing an eclectic mix of kitsch classics. Drinks promos. Brand new club for the Southside from the team

3 behind the Garage. ()pen 25 Dec and |


I Cul De Sac at Cul De Sac Bar.

()plll- lam. Free. Anton and Doug with pre-club head phtiiik. Check out Kenny it playing 5—7pm for the Happy Hour too. ()pen all through Christmas and New Year.

I Deep Fried at The l3th Note Club (both lloors'). llpm—4am. £3. The Kung Funk Collective w ith reggae. dtib alid mellow grooves on the ground floor and hip hop. big beat aiid funk in the basement. Closed 25 Dec and l Jan. but extra date 24 Dec.

I Face Off at The Arches. llpm —3am. l8 Dec only: £6 (£5). ()llie Teeba illei'baltser - Ninja Tunes) headlines. but tonight sees the first liye set from Glasgow's deep house rising star Datitel lbbotson who has just released his staggering new album Stream Lines on Glasgow Underground. Face Off residents Phar ()ut atid The Jengaheads host the night. plus l‘n (‘ut's Silicon Soul.

I Fellatio at Bar Sau/a. Spin midnight. Free. Deep Philly funk. house and garage. Pre-club.

I GB Smirnoff Experience iii The

Temple, llpm—«lam £5 (£4). New night with Radio (‘lyde‘s George Bowie and Trevor Reilly playing pumping hard house. l8 Dec the night welcomes Ales Gold from Xtrayaganza Records as guest DJ. Drinks promos ()pen 25 Dec and l .lan (99p all drinks)

I Get Smart at Spy Bar. 5—9pm. Free. New loungecore night of phuturislic music from DJ Mingo-go and Hush Puppy. Happy Hour cocktails.

I Gold 'n Delicious at Archaos. llpm—4am. £6 (£4). David Gilmore playing quality house and garage amidst the spectacle of the Friday night acts. Bungee jumping acrobals. stilt walkers and a whole heap of other madness. Jamie Strang also plays soul and R&B in bar one plus disco. garage and cheesy stuff iii Betty‘s Mayonnaise and James Gilmore in The Skybai'. Drinks promos. Open 25 Dec and 1 Jan.

I Goodfoot at The Sub Club. llpm—4am. £6. l8 Dec and monthly. The Goodfoot mob continue with their massively successful and long-running Northern soul night with quality Northern soul. hammond jazz. 70s funk. ska and soul.

I Havana Barcelona at Barcelona. 8pm—midnight. Free. The sound of the Latino house underground front DJ Jazz. Pre-club.

I Havana On The Boat Renfrew Ferry. 9.30pm-3am. £ IO. 1 Jan only. The award-winning DJ Jazz playing all the year's finest salsa. merengue and flamenco in the fantastic situation of the Renfrew Ferry.

I Katch at The Cathouse. l().3()pm—4am. £4 (£3; £1 before ll.30pm). Three floors of rock. hip hop. chemical beats. grunge and contemporary indie. Drinks promos before midnight. Open 25 Dec and l Jan.

I Lime at The Lime. l().3()pm—4am. £4 (£2). DJ Camniy with house. garage. nu soul and hip hop. Drinks promos.

I Living Room at The Living Room. ‘inn—midnight. Free. Brian M and Jim Hulchison with deep house Pre-cluh.

I Love Bug at The Garage. l().3()pm--4am. £3 (£4). An eclectic llll\ of good-lime party tunes. Drinks promos. l8 Dec end of term party. ()pen 25 Dec and l .lan.

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