It's the year that Scotland finally gets to vote for its own parliament - until everything collapses when the millennium bug bites. Every fortnight,

The List will bring you the cream of the arts and entertainments scene in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

But just to tantalise your tastebuds, here we highlight the 99 events for 1999 that are already getting our juices flowing.



1. Orphans (Feb) If My Name Is Joe was your first introduction to the work of Peter Mullan, prepare to be astonished once again as the actor moves behind the camera for a darkly comic drama about a Glaswegian family coming to terms with the death of their mother.

2. Life Is Beautiful (26 Feb) Roberto Benigni's award- winning movie is likely to be this year’s Cinema Paradiso or I/ Post/no, The director also stars in a Chaplinesque romance set in Tuscany during W2. 3. You've Got Mail (26 Feb) After their brief encounter on top of the Empire State Building in Sleepless In Seattle, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan team up again with director Nora Ephron for this

sentimental romantic comedy. The plot - sworn enemies are actually in love With each other due to the notes they swap With each other Via e-mail ~ takes The Shop Around The Corner into the Internet age. 4. The Thin Red Line (5 Mar) Critics' favourite Terrence Malick (Days Of Heaven, Bad/ands) male-s only his third film as director, retelling the World \‘v‘ar II story of the Battle of Guadal Canal. Who s in it? Nick Nolte, John Travolta, Sean Penn, Woody Harrelson, George Clooney and John Cusack, for starters. 5. Pleasantville (12 Mar) Not simply a speC'ial effet ts mowe, Pleasantvl/le examines American family \ tiEues as Toby Maguire and Reese Witherspoon aie zapped into the plot of a cheesy 50s sitcom

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