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30 THE “ST 7—21 Jan 1999

g All dressed up: forget those winter woollies at the Scot


News and views in bite-sized bits.

BBC SCOTLAND'S CELEBRATIONS at having secured the deal to produce Film 99 may prove premature. Corporation insiders feel that the world's top movie stars not to mention new presenter Jonathan Ross - may not fancy shuttling to

Glasgow as part of the promotional

junket. Scottish production teams could well face the journey south, although fears are growing that the BBC may balk at the extra expense and simply recruit London-based professionals. Could such fuss have been averted if the presenting job had been given to Mark Cousins in the first place?

THE ONGOING SAGA that is Scottish

Ballet’s search for a new and

; permanent artistic director may finally be reaching its conclusion.

Following a meeting with the Scottish Arts Council, a deadline of 31 March 1999 has been set for the appointment to be made. This follows seventeen months of ad hoc, pro tem and job share arrangements, which dismayed SAC

Chairman Magnus Linklater. He issued a statement saying: 'We hope ?

that the company can meet this

deadline, and we will offer as much

help as we can to enable it to do so. If they are unable, we will have to

seriously reconsider its future ' funding.’ Watch this space.

THE RECENTLY LAUNCHED Scottish Carnival Arts Consortium aims to

' bring a much needed splash of

colour to this bleakest of midwinters.The organisation hopes

to build on the success of the annual summer carnival, held in Glasgow

since 1996, and develop co- ordinated, nationwide promotion, training and information services. Any individual or organisation

interested in steel bands or all things samba-tastic should write to Consortium Secretary Julie Murray at 143 Columba Block, 323 Blytheswood Court, Glasgow, 62 7PD.

GLASGOW'S BIGGEST CITY centre cinema is about to get even bigger, as the Odeon in Renfield Street embarks on a refurbishment programme which will see it expand to nine screens. All auditoria are to be refitted with improved seating, sound and vision, and a new café is also planned. This is good news for regular moviegoers who don't fancy sitting through the same set of ads for the millionth time.Thankfully, at least five screens will remain open throughout the upgrade, which is scheduled for completion in June of this year.

NO CONTEST FOR the title of person who's had the best start to the new year: self-effacing author Nick Hornby. The middle-brow spokesman of the bloke generation has switched publishers, going from Gollancz to Penguin in a deal said to be worth £2 million. Coming just twelve months after the world's most famous Arsenal fan sold the film rights to his last novel AboutA Boy to Spielberg’s Dreamworks for more than $1 million, the transfer fee elevates Hornby to the ranks of Europe's highest paid scribes although he's still second division compared to stateside behemoths Grisham and Crichton.

APOPLOGIES TO PHOTOGRAPHER Alan Wylie for failing to credit his excellent shot of BAFTA winner James Young in the Agenda section of issue 349 of The List.

KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR... repercussions surrounding a possible new venue for the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

tish Carnival Arts Consortium