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Fly the coop: Ewan

Little Voice mins

In Mark Herman’s film version of Jun Cartwrrght's 1992 hit play, The Rise And Fall Of Little l/Orce, Jane Horrocks recreates her acclaimed performance as a repressed Northern girl who reveals a remarkable grft for impersonating great pOp divas.

Little Voice's astonishing talent rs disc0vered by her brassy, man-hungry mother’s latest lover, failed talent agent Ray Say (nrlrchael Carne). When he hears her singing, he realises he's stumbled upon hrs last shot at the big time Coaxrng Little VOrce from her attic bedroom where she has spends all her trrne listening to her adored dead father's record collection, he thrusts her unwillingly rnto the spotlight

On stage, lane Horrorks knocked audiences out ‘.‘./|IIi her uncannin acCUrate impersonations of singers lrke Judy Garland, r'vlarlene Dietrich, GraCIe

McGregor and Jane Horrocks in Littleiloice

Fields, Marilyn lvlonroe and Shirley Bassey, On smeen, even though her performances were re orded lrve and not post-synched, the {Ttr‘i’ttt‘ isn’ nuite the same A biggrr problerrr rs tlae romantic subplot in \‘JIllt'Il LIIII-L' '\./orce is courted by Evan l-.erre:;.,r‘s shy telephone engineer hr the play, the youth’s hobby was stage lighting, for the film he is a pigeon fancier, 't'JII'LIl allows Herman lx'xri errlrmrtrr :‘rf Brassed Offl to indulge a irbrrirr‘e'l metaphor of the (art-"r! L!III{' finally flying free

The film's strength 1‘) .. :ts performai‘rces. Horntks serratrorral, as are Brenda Blethyn as the rrmther and t~.4:chael Came as the the uteri/'3' agent lndeed, Cain-f- has the trims best scene a :Iriinken ir-na's -' Orbison's 'it's Qwer' in r.'.'l:' out a lifetrrne's i:r:!t-'fli:--'\ disgust. ilason Fir-st S'TF/(‘Uc‘t’f “WHEN flu-’7; fr. C; '1”! 3r“

()ft',“.’.i't," i V

Calling the shots: Denzel Washington in The Siege

The Siege (15) 116 mins

A terrorist art rs the starting p’nnt for a sWift descent into :haos and [idliit This is kind of obvrous to the British, and to many other nationalities who have suffered from su<h outrages But when rt happens in New York, you (an tut the righteous indignation \‘JIIIl a knife, as various Goverrrrrrent agencies ‘.’l::‘ for rl-rrnnnarxe in order to Justify therr fr-deral budgets The gung-ho nature it all rs unintentionally amusing, as (ornpetrrrg fartiirns try to hunt down the 'sEarnrr' fundamentalist (ells operating ‘.'.’liiilll Airrerica's shores Baffled FBI agent Hubbard r >ervel \A’t'rshrngtorii tires to get to the bottom of thr- rnystery, and is intiitiuerl by the I)l~"$t"ll({- of lilise Kraft I/Xnnette Beninrii '.'.'ho‘,»w ins/ii lll()Il‘.'(") are far from rl-r-ar llrs rinnri is not eased by

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dubious ‘.'.‘t‘:l(I; at an"; .37.: 1 7r. ~11. General i)t“.'-i'lr'<i’r,- 'E'ir'n-

as the it‘fll.'!‘,'. ar ‘w :-~; "7 -. rzse

\‘Jidesprearl panic, 'zu;r‘.‘ :i

:rnpz-sed b. ti‘r- ire. Liz"! an: iiiiplerirented E7»; lt'.:l.‘, '- 2' v‘; New York a tit Liv; t;"‘.-- :2 we 2.". 'r‘.’ 't'

‘.'.'ays than one

lot ariti-Arat.-, "w,- H it" ._ StllH/lllltilll‘l i’. has ‘i'.’l’;'.",it"I, it: anlz's \‘Jr‘lI stariw': filin proves In H: :i-c- l auxin-nit t1": ifl expected \v\.'lt1\iilll(,‘i()ll rs 'It‘flrl 1 than tremble, exert .t :.:~ does spout some pretty i." dialogue Tin:- (‘hitkens (()ll‘.ll‘.’} Iifr'lir h iiiesstrge to pr-iii‘n-atr- '..'.-‘ -‘«.':.-..';\ ii: tonscrraisne'm, the plot ‘.'.’|II sun ly i,-e a; ;‘-'r. British auda-rrrr-r, filer!- ref? even llllifII‘,’ [Illliill‘r/J 2:11;;24' fire!!-

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the I,rI"rl ."- it nature a”

Pi (it) (15) 84 mins The frlrri that r‘auseu insist of a burn! at the 19 8 Edinburgh lr‘rternatronal Film Festival was a low l;-..dget, black-and- white American l’tiIlL‘ ‘.‘».'lIIi screritific theory as its central prerrrr~,e The science fiction of Pi is more Stephen Hawking than Star Trek, its mnsprracy theory plot makes iirost eprsodes of The X-Fi/es‘ seem like children's fairytales, anrl its t“ igv irrood harks back to a tune ‘.'.’Il‘."ll the Ariierican independer‘a scene was r:II about inventiveness and spirit, not l-etomrrrr; the new Tararitrnw IvIIIIIIUITIJIIr'dI r: -- Gulletter is r,~l:ses,-:~: .‘..Iir r_t'r‘-.r,‘.rrir‘,g rtt-arns an '39 and l‘. itzire. shrittirv: himself f" in n.. lii‘!()IIIL()lll$ and hrs urban environment, he comes rirzi [Irii precedes a stock market crash. A not-so-chance

m “m”, .,r ‘r Number's up: Sean Gullette in Pi (it)

.ir tt’)‘.‘, .r z. l o

enr-wirrter re- r it; 2- r:.;-;‘- him to believe the same number, when applied to the Torah, t 'r wirir-n name of God. Thus capitalrsm and cabalisrn (’(:llirIe, .'.'v.r:-<'s list? -i rrrr: :ornpiiter implode, leading to psychological

lgieakdr .'.n .I“ 'ZII,’ iikrin

-. ,trrr' tl‘rizller, Pr trres to make sense of a maddenrng

i.I ire IltTiIli'ttl 2! ‘ur o'err:rilenniurn tenSion in Its purest cinematic form.

tifil‘.'t“ll‘,'_" 1"! i', I}? ’»‘\la.". l‘xl-~ .":‘;",l‘;’ 3 Erjinfigirqr,‘ (nine )

t' r', I

, ;.'r Glasgow Film Theatre from Fri 22 Jan.

To less Women Talk About—Their Lives (18 87 mins

‘. ’l format“. t._ ' ii..:‘- ‘:r_.t 111:" l‘rii‘th sCi-ne ill this offbeat drama about a :' iii . " i The very pregnant artress Danielle Cormack ‘.'.ll(\ l i : r '~:r.'. 7.1 . ciIlhlic‘ltl but not on film - gives an outstanding f v r r ' ' “:ril tho rinses her abartion appointment and becomes a ’l i ' t.;...!

y .3 'r . r .r r -.: rr. ,rnih ptg-rrtrrrr', urrector Harry Sinclair developed t'- r s rr; t rr iii in r :r wrap opera-style short television dramas as he

airr‘xr r'i.i."rll "‘r'Zfl’ir’I makes for a pleasantly rambling and by turns

' i" it i .1t.i' :‘iiz s'. :rflin’i ffin Et’s als’) a method that provided Sinclair with

°'.. ' m: i. ' r: , x a ‘.'.'Itl(Ii, particularly in Cormack's case, paid

A r w: r r r » 3'14? around the big-bellied Liz: current boyfriend

. ' i : 'i . ' r be Neil, best friend Prue, and the weird and

. ' ' , it: ' l ' '.':ter (leterr‘nined to realise his unhealthy sexual

rat 3! r: . ' . 5.:rzt'ntary, their, nor pornography, Sinclair

'1'»: r' r ' . ’ir’l:I!ll to his frlrn's title That and the opening

tr I :3 ..' r -.'.r‘; liith century period drama set in New / . 1 i ..r: ' l , ' toad humour. (Miles Fielder)

(fir rir i "r: :i'. r.‘ r’r'r'r 27 r'a/i

Star Trek: Insurrection

(PG) 105 mins

Hit' t i"! I'ir'Z {r'z'z' ..' ‘.-. bk:

, t , Ir l\ t

if: r' 5; ' 2 » r »

I‘r'l ' " ..r'r I"

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[x I"): {i i " . ."

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r-ar ‘I: r v

I‘I'Ct" I":t'\,1'i fl :_' ' r' z'.'. '1' ’,

t? I" i} if: ‘1 .V - .._ .' z .- m. 5 x 4 ' "4 ' Il«i'\il {It '\i'." ‘.V i l, \) Ii' I'.‘\'\r ,1 -'; , . "-' iI‘H’fh’Ii fit'ft'lltz'N' s ..' I . -'1 ~7 il'i't‘Vfl ':", 4' 'i’i'i i5 I r" :'.7 _rrrr-..- 1'» Btu-win; 2's", l.t -'.r.t"‘ Patrick Stewart in Starrrek: Insurrection

,' :r‘: r r r t i- r? "r r. in: 2'. is to (house liens/Len followrng orders or

l\'l‘,l'l~2 i tr .' -li‘, "Hilla'll‘l ir-rttr to arrl tire Ba'ku and their lovely, treatrtx ' u ., 71".; 5.1;.ipl‘ur {m ..' ,-..~. riixrr: ii in. a r f rant-rt rirretts the Enterprise team through yet

2 tr 1n tilled rrrsta1rrr-.«rit, though it lacks the moral bite of its were questionable Here, Worf (Michael t]: '52, 4., t: r t-: z. 1;: r: 7-irililll'i.’, and then it's iust a guestron of what tv-fnrr: -‘ ' " ='- ' "‘-' " ~ Ml ‘.'.le' rise to (lespatrh [Vii

" ° .r e: .'~ ':-3 pi:- we more than rust the fans, With its pace. Illilltt :ii air: 1,: '4‘ -‘ 7:.~ :-_ ‘ii t't‘r-tts inalce-up is particularly good, as is F l.‘r .r' r. lit-v ‘rir ' ,zr :xuiazn iifzr'ato rlohn I‘.ItitK(‘l‘./lt,‘) $1 {wivMJ‘i'iI 3 r