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1 Baby of Macon. The Cook, The Donal Lunny. From barn-storming, “- Thief, His Wife And Her Lover hoefdow“ hook-W5 ‘0 the be“ '” 3‘ and The Book. the 56_ traditional singing, CGIIIC e year-old director's brand of‘ _ r ' Conl‘ea'ons he? got the m 599 fichema is in‘O'med by hiql.~/ Erlewew and listings, pageVi/Ad baclcgi'otrr'iflT as a draugh man, 7 issguonwé r322” venues’ e painteiuand installationis x rt w. . f h' .u h M? 63—98 at Edinburgh's 'K'"9 o. T e H' More “man Talbot Rice Gallery assembles than The Simpsons' less mane mar} paintings, drawings and Beavrs And Butt-head, Mike Judge 5

_ King Of The Hill has greater depth, phomp'eces (mated by insight and humour than the

Greenaway 0"” the '3“ 35 majority of TV soaps. Follow the Yeafs- adventures of Hank, Peggy and In addition to the EXhibition, Bobby over the coming weeks, I\ Greenawaywill make a public Channel 4, Fri 8 Jan, 7 7pm. ‘appearance at Edinburgh couege Art: Winning: The Design Of Sports Art. QiVing you the An examination of the way in which opportunity to meet the man sport has come to dominate popular behind the enigmatic work. culture in terms of fashion and, to a (Brian Donaldson) large degree, design. This exhibition I Pets,- Greenaway Art Works kiCkS Off Glasgow 1999 UK City Of

63.98, sat 16 [an—sat 20 Feb, Architecture and Design. See feature, Talbot Rice Gallem Edinburgh, page 9. Glasgow: McLe/lan Galleries, 4:9th Greenaway appears at Fri 8 Jan—Mon 5 Apr. Eainbllrgh College OfArt, Fri 15 Film: Pi Number theory, religious jan' ,‘ pm; for free tickets can conspiracy, capitalist greed and

.0131 650 2211, 100 Allegofies‘ mental breakdown conspire in a film 5‘15 Represent The worm is that reinvents the term ’science published by Men?” fiction’. Find the true spirit of

"mm PM ‘25- See A" 9929323331?de$323633? 33’9' mangs’ page 67' Edinburgh Cameo from Fri 8 Jan. Music: Mercury Rev The last time they played Glasgow, they split up on stage. Now the left-field American band return wrth material from Deserter’s Songs, one of 1998’s finest albums. See preview, page 46. Glasgow: Garage, Thu 74 Jan. Books: Underworld Wider regarded as the elusive Great American Novel, Don DeLillo's epic novel of nuclear missrles and baseball has just been published in paperback, where its 827 pages of brilliance are altogether more manageable. See review, page 84. Published by Picador, f 70.

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