Jerry Sadowitz vs Mark E. Smith

Channel 5 is rarely the location for a great meeting of minds, but that’s just what happens when two of the world’s grumpiest men lock horns on a forthcoming episode of The People vs Jerry Sadowitz.

The shock Scots comic with a nice line in funny hats and misanthropy meets his match when he inVItes demented Fall frontman Mark E. Smith on his confrontational show.

Smith guests as Sadowitz's bouncer, forCIbly ejecting tedious audience members, but bails out halfway through, branding the audience ’a bunch of freaks and perverts’.

Sadownz, who offers a prize to anyone who can guess the amount of alcohol in Smith’s bloodstream, has been typically cryptic in his response to the singer’s outburst.

’lvlark E. Smith was not drunk,’ he says. ’The rest of us were afflicted With

- V , /;,~'\‘ \ sobriety. (Peter Ross) bl >i' The People vs Jerry Sadowitz, Channel 5, Fri 8 Jan, 70.45pm.


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k‘ :3 Christina Ricci & Ghost World

Christina Rico, the altogether ooky actress currently starring in The Opposite Of Sex, is to play the lead in the film version of Dan Clowes cult graphic novel Ghost World.

Ricci will play Enid Cohn an adolescent anti-heroine With bags of sass and angst. Terry ZWigoff, who made the acclaimed documentary Crumb about cartoonist Robert Crumb, Will start directing Ghost World early this year. The film is being produced by Danny DeVito’s Jersey Pictures, the company behind Get Shorty and Pulp Fiction.

In another typically Gen-X role, Ricci Will star opposite Courtney Love in 200 Cigarettes in which a group of twenty—somethings try to cope With relationships, loneliness, desire and their iiidiyidual neuroses. (Peter Rossi

The Opposite Of Sex is released on Fri 75 Jan. See review, page 33. 200 TALKING PAGES Cigarettes is released later this year.

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