house for a busy crowd. Residents Alan Henderson. Sean Pearson and the Mad Ambassador.

I The Egg at The Wee Red Bar. llpiii—~3ani. £3 members; £3.50 non- members. Weekly. A varied playlist taking in soul. 60s. new wave. indie. Northern. soundtracks and much. much more. There's a very cheap bar as well. Free photographic membership available on the night.

I Ego at The Shooting Gallery. Monthly. Next date l3 T‘it‘ll

I eh1 more at eh I. 9plll--lillll. Free. Weekly. Yogi Haughton plays his garage and soul tunes on the first atid third Saturday and rising deep house star Murray Richardson shows why he is worthy of the attention on the seCond and fourth.

I Energise at Subway. I lpm—3am. £2. Weekly. Various party sounds.

I Fire Island at Wilkie House. Monthly. Next date 30 Jan.

I Fuzzy Instinct at Wilkie llouse. Fuzzy Instinct has now finished.

I Glam at The \"aults. ‘)ptn-~-3aiii. £ It); £3 before llpm; students £5. l6 .laii. Fortnightly. Hard house from guest The Shy Brother (The Tunnel) with support from Keith Baxter and Sean Pearson.

I Hanky Panky at La Belle Angele.

l Ipiii Jam. £5. Weekly. Come and frolic shamelessly to the cheesier than cheesy 7()s. Stls atid 90s party tunes.

I Headspin at The Bongo Club. l().3t)pm--3ani. £5 (£4). l6 Jan. Monthly. Headspin celebrate their first birthday with a bang. A four deck mix of trip hop. hip hop. house. funk 'n' soul with live musicians jainniin' along.

I Jazz Joint at Henry's Cellar Bar. lt)pnr-3ani. £5 (£4). Weekly. Mellow ftiiik outfit lilemental ( l61an) alternate w ith Yuiiibaiiibc (9 .lati i. a brand new Latin jazz collective.

I Joy at Wilkie House. lt).3()pm-—3am. ‘7 (£6) before llpiii; £9 (£8) after. 9 Jan. Monthly. With Ilogiiianay now a distant memory (like you were ever going to remember it? ). it's time to get l‘)‘)‘) off on the right foot at this gay/mixed night. Get down to a night of hard house and techno bliss from the brilliant Maggie and Alan with Trendy 'llop .‘vlcCrutch' Wendy arid Sally Findly through the back with their cheesy disco anthems.

I Jungle Magic at The I’ottei'row.

9pm 3am. £7 (£5). l6 Jan. Monthly. ‘liast Meets West.‘ The Future lingineers. Kid. (i-Mac. The (ieneral. Ketnal and Rob (i represent druni a bass iti Scotland. with MC Feelnian. All raging on what has got to be one of the best soundsy stems tn the country.

I Le Freak at The Attic. llpiii--3aiti. £5. Weekly. Back to the 70s atid all that used to glitter. Sti'tit your funky disco stuff.

I Liquid at the Liquid Room. lt).3t)pni-.’~ain. £5. Weekly. Residents l)ay e Smith and Andy Ford play club favourites frotii house. garage and old school. \'ery busy. get there early.

I The Living Room 9pm -lam. Free. Weekly. See Fridays.

I Lizzard Lounge at (‘afe (irat't'iu. l()pni 2am. £6 (£5). Weekly. l6 Jan. ‘3 The llardway”. lidinburgh's prize atid joy The Lil/aid Lounge gets Joseph Malik. Al and l'tikle l'awa/ to provide the beautiful ia/ly beats. hip hop bits and and [titles It) stitilllt‘ ytilll' .s'titIl. All absolute iiitist

I Loveshack at the .lal'l'acake.

ll).5ll[tlll iaiii. £5. Weekly. Now over a year old. a mainstream party night. Iispect a mix of 7(ls, 80s and ‘)().s chart hits. plus a reyaiiiped venue.

I Luvely at Wilkie llotise. Nest date 23. .Ian w ttli their third birthday party. Tickets on sale now froin ()tit ()fThe Blue. Bioughton Street.

I Made In Iguana at Iguana Cafe Bar. Spin lam. Free. Weekly. Stuart Duncan ('I‘riptonite North/JDJ) with house in this busy bar.

I The Mambo Club at The Cavendish. ltlpni- 3am. £3 conc atid before I lpm: £~I thereafter. Weekly. World music with Sir ()ssie playing the full African. soca. Latin. salsa. reggae and iaga sounds.

I Messenger Sound System at The Bongo Club. llpm—3am. £6 (£5). 9 Jan. Fortnightly. Dub reggae on a custom- built system. The Jah Shaka gig iii December sold out and then some. proving that this club really knows the score.

I Mingin’ at Studio 24. l(l.3()pni—3am. £5. l6 .Ian. Monthly. A night of unadulterated bliss on the edgier side of trance and hard house with the awesome Alan (Joy) and Brian Detnpster (Luvely). At only a fiver. a great way to start “)9. I Ministry Of Sound at The Pottet't'tiw. Monthly. Next date 23 Jan.

I Moroccan Clouds at Po Na Na. lOpm—3am. Free before I lpiii. £2 after. Weekly. Well Stirred at the controls in this busy bar/club. dropping a mix of disco. funk. 60s. 70s. 80s. hip hop and cheese.

I Naughty at The Ark. 9pm—-3ani. £5. Weekly. Half price with tlier. A night for the office workers wanting to drink atid dance to party tunes.

I Noa 9pm—3am. Free before I lpm: £3 before midnight: £6 after. Weekly. llcad through to the backroom for quality garage and house with Taste’s Martin Valentine and Stuart Barrie.

I The Party at Revolution. l()pm-3am. £5 10—] lpm: £6 llpiii—inidnight: £7 after. Weekly. Door policy is dress to itnpress so dust off your fave bits of Lycra and buff tip your shiniest shoes. it's part ' time!

I P at Pharm at City 2. ‘)pin--lam. Free. l6 Ian. Fortnightly. Man-about- town Yogi Haughton serving tip real deal garage. rare groove and ftitik.

I RAW at Negociants. lt)pm--3;nn. Free. Weekly. I)Js TY] atid The Bump continue to deliver their unique blend ot underground sounds.

I The Rocking Horse itpm ~3ani. £3. Weekly. Three floors of the darker and harder side of things. Tomb Raider for the gotliic and industrial sounds. Frenzy for rock atid alternative and Fly for the indie and chemical noises.

I Scratch at The Venue. llpiii 3am. £6 (£5). l6 Jan. Fortnightly. Hip hop. Scratch teams tip with Tribal Funktion to celebrate their monster seventh birthday. ()ne of the biggest nights of the year with all the residents and mates dropping by. Get there early. Look out for massive guests on 30 Jan The Scratch l’ei'verts playing on a rare four deck set up.

I Squeezed at Loca. ltlpm— 3am. £3 before 12am2£4 after. Weekly. Whoop it up with Brian McGarry playing funky house. soul atid disco iii a refurbished

I Substance at The Honeycomb. llpiii—3am. £l() (£5). ‘) Jan. Monthly A special door price for members to welcome iii the new year. linjoy one of the country's most popular garage clubs with sotne of the best I)Js. Craig Smith. Mikey Stii‘ton. Bootsy and Ross Keddie play to an appreciative crowd. Always busy.

I The Subway West End -lpm--3ani. £ |. Weekly. See Thursdays.

I Teaseage at The Citrus. llpiii 21am. £4. Weekly. Indie. with a touch of dance and funk. played to a packed and sweaty crowd.

I Tribal Funktion at The Venue. llpiii—~3iitii. £7 (£5). l6 Jan. Fortnightly. Who would have tliotiglit that (ieorge T. Simone atid It would be throwing their seventh birthday basli‘.’ As well yott know. Tribal is the faye club of so many funky house atid techno l).ls it takes your breath away. Naniechcckcd in more thugs and rags than I care to remember. this club is something really very special. Hip hip hooray to all the Tribal posse. I)Js and re 'ulars.

I Un erworld Vibes at Barthel-titans. 9pIIi-lillii. Free. Weekly. Local l).l.s spin pre-club vibes iii this popular bar. Tonight. it's mainstream dance cheese. I Vegas at (‘asino Royale. Monthly. Next date 30 Jan.

I Voodoo at The I’otterrow. Monthly. Next date l3 Feb.

I Viva at Club Mercado. 9pm slain. Free 9—l()pm; £8 thereafter. l61an. Fortnightly. Going from strength to

listings CLUBS

Tribal Funktion's Seventh



W S?

a P‘."; E 2


Tribal Funktion celebrate their seventh birthday this issue and we hunted around to find out what some of their favourite guests thought of the

Edinburgh club.

Cajmere - DJ and producer 'irihal ’riitiktioii :ii Editibtiirili ;’ The people there

were, as you say, ’up for it‘ (Monk)

Gene Farris—DJ and producer ’l love, love the Sub Club in Glasgow and Tribal Funktion in Edinburgh. lti fat I, I love Scotland.’ (Muzik)

George Morel—DJ, producer and head of A&R for Strictly Rhythm 'lt was the funkiest, grooviest and most happening club With the best crowd?

Erick Morillo—DJ and producer 'The best DJint; experieote was Tonal Funktion. People y-xere going mad, they knew all the records before I was try/en mixing them

in lwas in a zone (lylixmao)

Trit'ia/ Funktion, The ‘K’erititi‘, Sat 1610/).

strength. this fantastically glam. glittery night continues to impress the best. A tiiglit which starts off as a cabaret then moves through easy listening. disco and ftiiik then boogying into classic dance anthems. Make an effort with your outfit »- think fantasticl

I Walkers 10.30pm 3am. £tbc. Weekly. ()ver le. Smart dress. l’arty night with residents S. (‘hapiiiair C Frame and Slinicii. (hie for the local office workers atid West Fndei‘s.

I Yush! at (‘ity 3. Free. ‘) .lan. Fortnightly l’iidei‘ground sounds i'epiesenting the label. Al from lilileildll/L‘tl provides the hip hop atid reggae flavour.


I Absent With Out Leave at Revolution. ll)..’i()piii itllll. £2.5t) before llpiii: £3 llpiii llain; £-l after. Weekly. A fusion of poptastic dance. chatt and garage anthems from Alan Key and Adrian Luvdtip.

I Bare Story 7.30pm latii. Free. Weekly. Drinks promos. l’re-club action w ith I).ls dropping the garage and house vibe. Selected bottled beers £ l.

I CC. Blooms llpiii 3am. Free. Weekly. See Thursdays.

I Cafe Aquarius at ('afc Aquarius. 9pm lam. Free. Weekly. Make no excuses. itist get there early. grab a table and t'll|t)y the Taste I).l.s hy ping everyone tip for the start of a brand new week.

I Catwalk at The (’atwalk. ‘lpiii lain. Free. Weekly. Key and Mark play funky mellow house.

I Club Mojito at (‘uha \orte. S llpiii. Free. Weekly. An early evening Afro- (‘tibaii and Latin cocktail.

I Creamed at The Ark. llpiii 3am. £31. Weekly. llalf price with diet: Quality party favourites and mainline spirits at 4‘)p. . . the weekend's not over yet.

I eh1 More at eh I. 9pm lam. Free. Weekly. Titii King plays his favourite hip hop. acid iii/z and funk records in this pi'e-cltib bar.

I Electriscity at the (iatyyalk.

l()ptii laiii. Fice. Tl (‘i‘ossley and guests spitiiiiiig hip hop. garage and house music iii .i great bar.

I Galaxy at The Liquid Room

ll)..‘\l)piii 3am. £3. Weekly. Funk. soul. Northern and disco. Selected drinks at 5llp all nightl

I Hot Lava at Negociants. lllpiii--.‘iaiii. Free. Weekly. Bonalide Love from (ilasgow presents original ragga and hip hop sounds.

I Jazz Joint at Henry's Cellar Bar.

8pm 1521”). £3. Weekly. A double bill in which urban soul trio Tasty share the limelight with Jazz. Incident. the jazz. quartet who have provided samples for hip-hop aitists throughout the genre I)Js Ktilu and great combo Beatz Related.

I The Kirk at Wilkie House. 2 7pm. £3 (£2 with tlier) Weekly. I'm told that it's '(iuys. girls. beer. bands. comedians. drinks piotnos. gatties. classic 70s. Stls atid “(is music and other interesting .stulff While away your Sunday illilt‘l'lltltillS.

I LOSt at Ltica. lllptii aiattt. £5. \Vcckly. Some fine drinks promos to wind youi yycck dog. it. oi is that start your week oft"? (iaieth Soiiiiiicry illc playing a mix of soulful house atid garage.

I Mad at The \lllc' l()ptii iani. £5. Weekly. (‘hart and classic disco going happily hand-iii hand with very cheap drink protiios.

I Noa ()[illl- iain. l'ree before llpiii; £3 befoic midnight; £6 alter. Proving that there is life in the Westlitid. this out—post is a diamond find. Not a bar. not a cltib. but definitely woith a look.

I Out Of The Blue Presents Veja Brasil at The Bongo t'ltib 8.30pm lam. £5. l7 .lan Big l'esta. The last night party of tiie ‘\'eta Brasil‘ l'esiiyal featuring live percussion from Izdiiiliiiiglis samba school. Brazilian disco and loads of cocktails and food.

I The Subway West End him 3am. £ 1. Weekly. See 'lilttlt‘sdtiy‘s.

I Sundaze at l’o Na Na, llpiii Jam. Free before I lpm: £3 after. Weekly. Murray Richardson (Rebel Waltz) with dance classics from days gotie by.

I Sunday Sunday at The (‘itrus' (‘Iuh l()pin 3am £3. Weekly. Drinks are £l all tiiglit. Funk. dance. indie. big beat. disco. rock. Stls and much. iiiticli more.

I Tackno at ('ltih Mercado Monthly. Nest date il .lan Hospital 'l'ackiio. Wendy takes hei cast off?

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