Exhibitions are listed alphabetically b cit and category, then

aIIpha etically by venue. Please send details to our office at least ten days before publication. Art listings compiled by Helen Monaghan.



l9 Parrrie Street. 553 7779. Mon—Sat

I lam-(rpm.

The Christmas Show tinitl Sat 30 .Iilll. ()ver‘ 500 works in all media by I50 artists.

BARCLAY LENNIE FINE ART Regent House. ll3 West Regent Street. 336 5-ll3. Mon—l'ti I0aiii-5pm. Glasgow Style t‘rtiil Sal 3t) .Iali. An exhibition of work by Annie French. Charles Rennie Mackintosh. 'I‘alwin .Morris and coirterrrporary artists Norriran lidgar. Norirran Kirkhairr and WJ. Maskell.

ROGER BILLCLIFFE FINE ART I34 Blythswood Street. 333 4037. Mon-~Fri 9.30ani-5.30pm; Sat

10am-« l prii.

Objects Of Desire llntil 'l'tre l3 .lan. An applied art exhibition including ceramics. glass. silverware and textiles.

Neil Hardy l‘ntil 'I'ue l3 .lati. Autoirrata. Glen Scouller l'irtil Tue l3 .lan. Recent paintings

Mixed Show Wed l,‘~ Sat an Jan. A selection of work by gallery artists.


350 Sauchielrall Street. 333 753 I.

Mon Wed Ilam (rpm; 'I‘litr iv I’rt llarii--8pirr; Sat llarir- optri: Sun

noon 5pm.

Green-Stick Fracture t'tittl stir it» .Ian. Site-specific work in the gallery by Glasgow -based artists collaborative. Henry Vlll's Wives " Rachel Dagnall. .lonas liggen. Bob Grieve. Simon Polli. Per Sander and Lucy Skaer curated by one- trme (ilasgow -based curator. Kirsty ()gg. COLLINS GALLERY l'niverstty of Stratlrclyde. 33 Richmond SII‘CL‘I. 5.53 ~14llllext 3633. \Itrit—I'I'I l0am 5pm; Sat noon 4pm.

Tongues 0f Diamonds: Metaphor And Storytelling In Painting Sat It» lair—Sui 13 Feb. Drawings and paintings rnlluenced by mythology. archetypes. folklore and fairytales. featuring selected work by live contemporary artists: Alisotr Harper. Debbie Rosemary Beaton. Helen Flockhart and Lesley Barr.


I78 West Regent Street. 33I (i370. Mon—Sat l0airr-5.30prir. Christmas Exhibition l'iriil Sat 30 Jan. The 30th year of this ('hristirias show featuring a selection of paintings. prints. drawings. ceramics. ieweller'y and sculpture by \ ariotrs artists,


32I \Vt‘sl (ic‘til'gc Slt't‘cl. 34b 97.5.5. Mon—Fri ll)arir-»5.30piii; Sat l()am—»3pm. Scottish Paintings t'tttil Sal 3o .Itrn. .-\ selection of 19m and 30th century Scottish paintings


l8 Castlemilk Arcade. (r34 3603. Mon—Sat l0am 75pm,

Colour Chords Mort I8 lair-Sat l3 Feb. New work by Andrew Hemphill.

GALLERY OF MODERN ART Queen Street. 339 I996. Mon—Sat l0am—5 rm; Sun IILIIII-‘SPIII.

The En L'nttl Tue l3 .lan. Bulkhead presents a display of the ten exhibitions which have been shown on the bulkhead of the Str'athclyde bus fleet. Reversepective: The Art Of Patrick Hughes lintil Strit 7 Feb. Ifnustral landscape paintings employrrrg intriguing vistral trickery on show for the first time by contemporary artist Patrick Hughes.

listings ART

GATEHOUSE GALLERY Rouken Glen Road. 630 0335. Dain l.30~5.30prn (closed Tue).

Mixed Show Sat lb Jan—Thu 4 Feb. A

rrrixed exhibition of work by gallery artists.


I48 West Regent Street. 331 .3095. Mon—Sat 9.30am—5.30pm.

The Winter Collection Until Sat 30 Jan. Sttrall paintings and drawings by 30th century British artists.


Cafe Cosmo. 13 Rose Street. 333 8138. Simply Glasgow Until Sun 31 Jan. Photography exhibition by Adrienne Brennan capturing the colourful character

and diverse architectural styles in Glasgow. Port of ('i/tivemr I999.

otA—soowiuoeeerioeur STUDIO 4th Floor. ()4 ()sbourne Street. 553 I473.

Opening hours by appointment.

Beagles And Ramsay Sat 9-Sttn 24 Jan. A veritable smorgasbord of ideas from Beagles and Ramsay. featuring ‘Gary The Misunderstood Toddler'. See review.


35 King Street. 553 0704. Mon—Sat l0arir—5.30pm.

January Sale Sat lo-Sat 30 .lan. A sale of Glasgow Print Sttitlio publications. artists prints and materials.

: otAsoow SCHOOL or ART

Mackintosh (iallery. l(i7 Renfrew Street. 353 4500. Mon~Thtr 9.30am-—8.30pm: Fri 9.30am—5piir; Sat l0am- noon.

Fifth Year At The Mac Thu l4 lair—Wed 3 Feb. ll’oditrm Gallery). The first in a series of live exhibitions whereby student work from the Mackintosh School of .-\rcliitecture. will be displayed. The first

exhibition celebrates the founding of the

Diploma Course. Part of (Ilux'emv I999. Made In Scotland Thu 14 Jan—Fri 12 Feb. lMackintosh Gallery). An exhibition

of work by GSA's graduates who are currently working in an international

milieu. illustrating how their professional otitptit has developed from their student work. I’d/‘1 (if (i/tlig'utt‘ /‘)99.


l’niversity of Glasgow. L'iiiversity

Av enue. 330 5430. Mon-Sat 9.30am—5pirr. Home to the university's collection of art and sculpture and an on- going programme of temporary exhibitions. the Hunterian also features a recreation of Charles Rennie Macintosh's

Glasgow house which contains original

furnishings including a recent acquisition

' ~— a chair designed by Mackintosh in

I 904.

4 Tools For The Shaman ()n permanent

display in the refurbished Sculpture Courtyard. Jake Harvey shows iirotrumental works carved from Irish basalt.


l8 Krtrg Street. 553 3540. Tue—Sun lt)aiir--()pm.

Johanne Helard and Stephanie Bourne Strrr I0---Sun 34 Jan. Johanne llelard and Stephanie Bourne explore dream and reality through photography and three-dimensiotral pieces constructed from organic material.


Station Road. Milngavie. 578 8847. Tue Fri l0am— I put. 3--5pm: Sat 84 Sun 3 —5pm.

Mixed Exhibition Tue I9—Sat 30 Jan. A selection of works by the gallery's permanent collection.


300 Bath Street. 33l 0733. Tue—Sat 9arn—(i rm; Thu llam—8pm.

Bucky alls L'ntil Tue l3 Jan. New ‘ballsy' paintings by lint McChesney. The Sacred Science Sat It) Jan—Thu 4 Mar. Mezzotints and etchings by Stuart Duffin. based on his experiences in



7] Houldsworth Street. Finnieston. 33I 4799. Wed—Sat 3—6pm.

Printmaking Exhibition Wed 20 Jan—Sat l3 Feb. An exhibition of work by 3nd year students from the Printmaking Department at Glasgow School ofArt.



370 Sauchiehall Street. .331 I854. Mon-Fri l0arn—5pm: Sat—Sun

I lam—5pm.

Winning: The Design Of Sports Sat 9 Jan-Mon 5 Apr. This exhibition looks at sport as a dominant influence iii popular culture and as a driving force for design innovation. from the latest sporting accessories to the development of new materials. See feature. Part of (Hus-emi- I999.


Centre For Developmental Arts. I8 Albion Street. 553 3833. Mon—Fri 10am—5 nr.

Artwor From The Education Unit At HMP Barlinnie Mon I8 Jan—Fri l3 Feb. Artwork by inmates at Barlinnie Prison.

Henry Vlll's Wives Laughter, gentle provocation and a few handy tips on how to construct a 'human' Newton's Cradle from Glasgow's very own cooperative band of artists, Henry Vlll's Wives. Glasgow: CCA until Sat 76 jan.

Bryndis Snaebjornsdottir The Icelandic artist resident in Glasgow shows photographic works charting a ten-day Journey through a desolate stretch of Iceland. See prevrew. Edinburgh. Portfolio Gallery Sat 9 Jan—Sat 6 Feb

Euan Sutherland An antidote to all the talk of the new millennium? A show that tackles 20th century decay, greed and self-interest. See prevrew. Glasgow: Street Level Tue 72 Jan—Sat 6 Feb.

Turner's Watercolours It is that time of year for the annual airing of Turner's watercolours bequeathed to the gallery tni9OO by collector, Henry Vaughan Edinburgh; National Gallery


3nd Floor. l4 King Street. 553 7080. Sat & Sun noon—4pm.

A permanent collection of kinetic sculptures by liduard Bersutlsky.


36 King Street. 553 3I5 l. Tue~~Sat I0am—5.30pm.

Twentieth Century Decay Tue I2 Jan—Sat (i Feb. New issue-based work by litran Sutherland comprising wall-based constructions. projections and large- scale. irrulii-Iayered plrotocollages. See preview.


38 King Street. 553 48 I 3. Tue—Sat

I lam—5 )m.

Voidoi Tue l3~Sat 30 Jan. New work by Glasgow-born artist Jim Lambie which ‘combines an awkward conceptualism with throw away pop with spontaneous sculpture'.

TRON THEATRE I 37 Bar and Restaurant. ()3 Trongate. 553 “ml 5‘” Dec 4367. Family Not a gurde to how to survwe

The Design Process Considered Sat 9 Jan—Wed 3| Mar. An exhibition looking back over the design process of the Tron Theatre‘s redevelopment (completion is in June I999). featuring developirient drawings and models that inspired architects RMJM and their design team. Part at Glasgow /999.


This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other museums, see Glasgow Life, page 72.

them over the festive season but a show of some of Britain's brightest artists from Damien Hirst, Douglas Gordon through to Rachel Whiteread. Edinburgh: Royal Botanic Garden until Sun 37 Jan.

The Lakota Ghost Dance Shirt Object Cinema Screenings are continuous throughout the day. every day. Playwright Peter Arnott has created a film which sheds light on one of Glasgow Museums‘ most controversial exhibits. ‘The Lakota Ghost Dance Shirt'. Reputed to have been taken as a


387 3699. Mon—Sat l0am—5pm; Strn llam—5ptrr. Cafe. [D]. I

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