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Will Smith has been prattling on about his big ears while promoting Enemy Of The State, and ~ Io! here comes Noddy in his wake. Twenty-five years ago, Mr Holder and the rest of Slade were Number One With ’Merry Xmas Everybody'

' . and ready to hit the big screen in Flame, a mOVie that set crazee glam costumes against an expose of the seedy music industry. Flame is part of an NME/BFI touring package that also includes live concert films by Metallica, Portishead and Robyn Hitchcock. Catch them now before they too become a Vic 'n' Bob sketch too. (Alan Morrison)

NME On Tour begins with Metal/ica

Untitled, Glasgow Film Theatre, Sat

91an,‘ Edinburgh Fi/mhouse, Sun 70

Jan, Flame, Glasgow Film Theatre,

Sat 30 Jan, Edinburgh Fi/mhouse, Sun 37 lan. See film listings.

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The Art Of The Nasty

’Years ago, children went off With their Saturday sixpence to see Roy Rogers and Trigger. Now for 50p, they gather in sniggering groups to View SS Experiment Camp.’ So runs a Daily Mail editorial of 1983 as quoted in The Art Of The Nasty, a new book celebrating the warped brilliance of Video nasty box art.

|’l his introduction, Nigel Wingrove argues that the schlock sleeves of early horror Videos »- often more stomach- churning than the films themselves fuelled the establishment panic which led to the Video Recordings Act of 1984 and the loss of some claSSic mowes. g ,_ _1_ Among the 300 lurid :{MD—h/(I‘W-Im I ' g ‘5' ' pre-certificate covers ‘L Milly/mo " i ' reproduced in full .krroai/r/oii '.

'_§ gal/(0ka . ., - , ' colour lurk great lost fifigfifi’k - , 5 ; mOVies including Meir Swim/m! , "- i Zarchi’s/Spit On Your ' ' Grave, Abel Ferrara’s Driller Killer and Wes Craven’s The Last House On The Left. (Peter Ross)

The Art Of The Nasty is published by Salvation, £79.99.

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7—2i Jan i999 THE usrs