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WORLD TRICKSHOT CHAMPIONSHIP Fri 15 Jan, 7.30pm. £8 for arena, £5

for the balcony. Paisley Town Hall, Abbey Close, Paisley, info: 887 1010. Now in its eighth year, the World Trickshot Championship is a decidedly serious affair, and not just an opportunity for John Vir o to do his hilarious impressions. Although Jim Davidson's telly si ekick will indeed be there, alongside other snooker greats such as Steve Davis, Dennis Taylor (above) and Canadian Alain Robidoux. Scottish interest is provided by Edinburgh's Craig MacGillivray while continental glamour comes from the USA’s Mike Massey (aka the Tennessee Tarzan) and all the way from Jawornzo, the ’Potting Pole’ Mr Bogdan Wolkowski. Paisley follows in the footsteps of other glitzy Trickshot venues such as Sun City, Antwerp and Brentwood. That’s Brentwood, Essex not LA.


Glasgow 1999 Sat 0 .lan. Spin. As part of the city 's celebrations during its spell as l'ls' ('ity oi'Architecture and Design. the ski-cs and buildings will be lit up by a spectacular display ol' light. colour and sound Sequenced iight l‘oi'iiLitions will illiinanatc the likes of I‘rnnieston Crane. I’acifit ()uay and St Mary 's Cathedral and y-. her-aver you happen to be lit the city. you re sure to espei‘iencc a visual

World Trickshot Championship Hi 15 Ian. 7 30pm LES i£5l. Paisley Town Hall. Abbey (‘Iose. I’aisley. See photo caption. Glasgow World Classic Hockey Sat to k Sun i~ .lan Kelvin llall International Sports .-\lL‘l‘..".. .-\:'gy lc Street. hotlinc: 337 tsor- .\lcn s ( oii~moiiwealth champions ’\ll.\ll;lI’-.t pi: their indoor hockey w its against South -\ti':ca. Ilciii‘.;i:k. l'SA and Scotland. captained by I-Leniiy Stzbblcs 'l‘hc weekend's tun ls eril-niicetl by a women‘s challenge I‘ciween the Scots and .-\trstr‘.iliaiis.

Vimto New Year Carnival t'aiit fs‘tzn i7 Jan Itlpni. Lo Ll~l.5l). SICCT. I‘llllli:‘\liil‘. t‘hiav. into. 237 7777.

I'.tlf~‘;‘t' s iargest indoor cai'niyal cozitiiiaes w rth the likes ol' the IIeItcr Skeltcr. Sriiiiiiator' and Big \\ heel making your he hi and tummy spin

Alien War Zone t'nirl Sim 17 Ian. £5.95 it.“ V5,. SI-(‘(‘. l-'riii:iestoir Quay. 257 "M (io through ilark Ctll'l'ltltilfs. past smoke machines and strain your eyes with flashing lights as you try to avoid the :iionstei Sigournev \Veay er had a I‘ew rumbles with -


Art Gallery & Museum

.’ igy'le Street. Kclyingiove. 2S7 319‘). Mon Sat 10am 5pm: Sun Ilaanpm. l‘iee T his true esainple ot‘ late Victorian architecture houses a permanent collcclloti til \yoik l‘y stic‘l! names as Rt-iiibi'andt. Botticelli. Whistler" and ('adell. plus numerous historical artel'acts and animal displays. Also showing: The

72 THE LIST 7-2‘. Ian 1’999

LII/mm (i/iml [)(lllt't' Slit/'1 (Hi/er! Cinema. [ff/Numeric In The Dark. liiiiili'i'ervirv III (i/iiseoir. Britt's/i ll'i/t/li/i' l’lmtugm/i/ier ()f 'I‘lri' li'in‘. [Titre/line ('o/iipiuiroiir: .li‘mii'l .‘l’lt/ Sen/til and lirisiik/ii Binnie/iv.- l’ui/iret/ Burt/rem .'III(/ [L‘IlI/H'Ult/i’l‘l’t/ (Wit/Ii See (.ilasgtm ,-\l‘l listings. page o7.

Burrell Collection

2060 l’ollokshaws Road. 04‘) 2 I5 I. Mon—Sat Illaiii—5prii: Sun Ilam 5pm. Free. Sir William Burrell‘s world l'aiiious collection ol~ beautiful art ohrects t‘roin around the globe. housed in a specially designed. award-winning building. .-\lso showing: 'l‘lri' l’liivt/t' IAIN, 'I‘liw Kim's Sliim'l .‘lllt/ lllt/(‘l' [fin/iiiiii/(it'd l'iii‘ii/y'lii/iev. See (lilasgoy'; -\i't listings. page ()7.

Calderglen Country Park Strathaycn Road. liast Kill‘i'ide. (H.355 23(yo—l-l. l)aily Illam 4 30pm. I'lt‘t‘ 'I’I country park otlers something Iot' all ages. with air ornamental garden [or horticultural enthusiasts. an .tlltllti~\ isuai display. a children's mo and a host o! walks and nature trails. l'.\pcrt statl are on hand in each section to answer your questions. and South Iaiiarkslure Ranger Service prov idc a lull programme ot countryside activities.

Chatelherault Country Park

C‘ai‘lislc Road. Ilaiiiiltoii. 01008436213 Mon Sat Illam .5pm; Sun noon 5pm liree. Ilouse open Mon ‘l‘liu k Sat l()am--4.30pm: Sun noon «1.30pm lclosed Fri l. Named alter the Dukes ol' llamilton‘s hunting lodge. restored to its loriner glory in I‘m? the park also contains the ruins ott'adzow Castle and extensive woodland walks. some through ancient native I'orest. I‘Ishrbrtions abotit the area's history and w ildlil'e are complimented by a lull programme of ranger-led activities ‘call for l'urthcr details).

Coats Observatory 4‘) ()akshaw Street West. l’aisley. .ssu

2013. Tue—Sat 10am~5pm1 Sun 2~~5pm. Free. Built as the result of an endowment from a local philanthropist in l880. the observatory tiow acts as the major seismic station for south west Scotland as well as tiling daily weather reports to the Met ()ITIC‘C. The telescopic equipment is still operational and the building houses a library ol' specialist books. David Livingstone Centre I65 Station Road. Blantyre. t)|o‘)8 823l40. :‘yloir- Sat l0ani--3.30pin; Sun l2.30--3.30pni. £2.95 (£I.h()—-£l.75). This museum. situated in the tenement where Scotland's most I'atiious iirissionary- explorer was born. l‘eatiires memorabilia from his lil‘e. both in Scotland and in the heart of Africa.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

730 Great Western Road. 334 2422. Grounds open daily. 7am~duskz Kibble Palace Mon—Sat Ilium—4.15pm. Nineteenth century garden and glassliouses home to an interesting (Illtl educational selection of plants. as well as featuring in the film .liit/t'.

Glasgow Cathedral Cathedral Street. 552 S I‘lt‘s’. Mon l‘l'l 9.30am- lpm is 2 —~lpm: Sun 2 4pm. l‘ree. :\ stone-built church has stood on this site since ll3(i and the lower church contains the shrine ol‘ St Mungo. who died in 603; however most of the present building dates from the l3th or l5tli centuries. the most notable exception being the stained glass w indow s. renowned as one of the truest post-war collections in the country. Sunday services take place at l lam and o 30pm and there are daily prayers at noon. (hill. and the necropolis is well worth a wander round as well.

Greenbank Garden

I-lenders Road. C‘lai'kston. (33‘) 32M. Daily 9.30am dusk. L3 (122k This w alch garden. tucked away III the tilasgow suburbs. contains a wealth ot interesting plants and flowers as well as woodland walks. a glasshouse and w ater displays. House For An Art Lover

Bellaliouston Park. Ill lhriiibr‘eck Road. 353 4773. £3.50 (£2.5(li. I’ot' opening times. call into lrrre tllJl 353 ~I-I~l‘). -\rt lover’s ('ale and Shop open ltlam—5pin daily. Initially designed by Charles Rennie .‘ylackintosh tor a competition in I‘llll. this unfinished work has been completed by modern—day architects and designers lll true Mackintosh style .-\§so showing: Ivyiit'liillmi ()1 I’liiiltrent/thei‘y l;t/1//:rr'."tir,'. See (ilas‘gow :\l'l listings. page 02. Hunterian Art Gallery

l'niyeisity or S2 Ilillhead Street. ‘30 5~l3l .\Ioti Sal‘Lhkiiii 5pm Inc Home to the university 's collection ol llat art and sculpture as well as changing e\hibitioiis :l'or details. see art listingsi. Ill gallery also realities a recreation ol (‘harlcs Rennie \laclaniosh‘s (ilasgow house which contains a host ol original t'urnrsliings.

Hunterian Museum l'iiiyersity.-\yetrire.33tl~122l.\Ion Sat ‘).3Ilairi 5pm l'rec. Dating horn [80.2. the lltititeiian is Scotlaiids oldest public museum ll lost its artworks in NM) with the opening ol the purposebuilt art gallery in the grounds. but it is still home to a collection ol the uniyeisity 's ll't‘tisllt't's.

Hutcheson's Hall

I58 Ingram Street. 552 53% \lon Sat Illarn-5pm. l‘iee. Built by the philanthropic llutcheson brothers in the l‘lth century. the hall has recently been completely :eliiibished to giye a taste oi its l'oriiier glory. The site also :iiclutles .i ten-minute audio~\ rsiial display about the Merchant (‘it_\ Note \ icw mg is siibiect to l'unctions iii the main hall

Motherwell Heritage Centre

35 High Road. Motherwell. 01698 251000. Mon—Sat 10am-5pm: Thu l0am—7pm; Sun noon—5pm. £2 (£1) ~ charge applies to Local History Laboratory only. The centre‘s fully interactive exhibitions tell the story of Motherwell‘s people and landscape from Roman times. through the Industrial Revolution. to the present day. Highlights include computer consoles which allow you to follow- local people as they journey through life. and the tow er. which allows you to view the el‘l'ects of Motherwell‘s industrial heritage on the landscape ol‘ North l.anarkshire.

Mugdock Country Park (‘raigallan Road. Milngavie. 956 (3100. Free. This country park on the north east side of the city has a full programme of ranger activities as well as numerous woodland paths and walkways. The visitor centre is open 9am—5pm every day ol‘ the year. C‘all lot more details on the opening tinres ol‘ the gift shop and crafts tiiiit. or for a toll itinerary ol countryside events.

Museum Of Transport Kely in Hall. | Buriihonse Road. 237 2720. Mon-Sat Illarn -5pni: Sun

Ilam >5pm. A museum crammed with buses. trams. lire engines. ships and other transportation. l’ernianently on display are four exhibitions: for Crime, have! (her /()() liar/tr :lgo, S/ii/rliin/i/nie ()ii The River (‘t’i'i/t' and ’l’rtr/ispo/‘I Disasters. ~\lso showing: Btickyballs -'\nd Beyond. See (ilasgow .-\rt listings. page o7.

People’s Palace & Winter Garden Glasgow (ireen. 55-1 0223. Mon-Sat Itlam -5pm; Sun llam—-5pm. Note: the museum is closed from Il-3l Ian for repairs. (ilasgow's best-loy ed institution t‘eatures thematic displays on ordinary lile. coyeriiig such subjects as The Potter and (lime .-l/r:/ l’:i/ir'y/init'rti'. -\lso showing. III/Inuit Stilt/ruin. See (ilasgow .>\ri listings. page (\T’.

Pollok House I’ollok (‘ountry I’ark. 20(10 I’ollokshaws Road. (ilo (i4lli. .\Ion- Sun I I;lltt~~lplll. ()ne ol' the most elegant lh'th century buildings in the country. this historic house It‘dlllt't‘s some ol‘ the finest Spanish paintings in Britain from the collection of Sir William Stirling Masw ell. Scotland Street School Museum Museum (It~ liducation. 225 Scotland Street. 42‘) I202 .\Ioii~~S;it Illam -5pm; Sun 2 5pm. Designed in I904 by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and now home to archiye material on education in Scotland t‘iom I872 onwards. Reconstructed classrooms giy e a Ilay our ol Victorian. Iidwardiari. World War II arid l‘h’ills school day s. -\lso showing: /'/n'(‘/ot1n'x ()r,’ (Iiir lit/t It See (ilasgow .-\it listings.

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Springburn Museum

\tlas Square

.-\y r Street. 557 lslli5. lue l‘i‘i; Sat 10am 4.30pm By use of photographs and ar‘tetacts. arts and cial'ts. the museum brings to life the social and industrial history oi the north ol'tilasgow illustrated by two pei‘iiianent t"\illl‘ll!t‘ll\ lint/e //I [he .\'ort/i and S/i/‘i/ie/ini'n I’iu'k. li \Ii'n/irv. Yin/titul/n/ lit/iiiil‘rou'.

St Mungo Museum of Religious Life And Art

2(‘astle Street. 553 2557. Mon Sat itiani- 5pm; Sun Ilam -5pm. .-\ museum ot \\tllltl lartlis. featuring a /.en garden. priceless art works trom the world‘s sl\ iiia_|oi‘ religions. l)ali's ( 'i’n/yt (if Suzi/it ./.i/1/l ()1 /'/i:- (‘nm and the story of religion in Scotland through words and pictures. .-\lso showing: Ht'i'rit'ri/ie Hope. See (ilasgow -\rt listings. page ()7.