GLASSIFIED recruitment



The National Museums of Scotland are undergoing an exciting

period of change to help meet the demands of the 2lst Century. aznofiéglefilés The Museum of Scotland was opened on St. Andrew’s Day 1998 ENHANCEMENTS

and has already become a focal point for Scottisn identity.

Together with the existing Royal Museum, this provides Scotland ; (26"! FEBRUARY - 16"! MAY 1 999)

in 1999. Glasgow is staging the largest and most ambitious celebration of architecture and design ever attempted.

We require gallery guide supervisors for the exhibitions “Vertigo: The City in the 2lst Century” at The Old Fruitmarket.

You will provide a high standard of customer service. be handling cash from catalogue/merchandise sales.

with one of Europe's most significant museum complexes.

Head of Communlcatlons and Marketlng - REF: 98/16’TL

Competitive Salary

As part of its future development. the NMS now seek to appoint an experienced Communications and Marketing professional. . . . . This influential and strategic post will report to the Head of Public pm"??? smm'gfflfifZSQ tggafiugifb‘xxde Affairs and, working with well established and experienced Press, i :ggze"¥,,onitor anefidance at the exhibition and

PR and Marketing Sections will develop and implement the PR supervise exhibition stair,

gzduMag‘etgng Strategy fol: NMS' m .the context Of a devaed Good communication skills, a high standard of 0 an ' e manager “’1 “8'9 995mm NMS at a “fin'ng personal presentation. a confident and helpful mm through firm C'ass market'”g Strateg’ and dynam'c f manner, be able to work a shift system involving

communications programmes. i evening and weekend working and be physically fit

Candidates should be graduates, with substantial expenenoe E as some of the duties require manual handling of

in communications and marketing and at least 5 years eqU'Pmem and .""'"95 are.essem'al' . , Prevrous supervrsory experience and an interest in art

manage a t a p. edema ldgany candidates Should have , 0r architecture and design is desirable. (“Defence womng 'n a pum'dy funded ans' w'mral 0' hemage 1 Appropriate training will be given. REF: 09/T12/01 organisation or have an understanding of the public sector. '

. . . ; For application forms and job descriptions Strategic thinkers. with substantial experience of managng both i phone on, 287 5657

staff and budgets, they will have excellent organisational,

communication and interpersonal skills. The ability to persuade, influence and motivate others, both internally and externally, together with energy, initiative and commitment will ensure success . ms,” \999

The closing date for the above posts is Friday 5th February 1999

and impact in this challenging role. WWI s“‘."§”’,,\~

i We 9,0 5 ApplicatJOns in strictest confidence, including salary details and quoting ; “m "m‘ reference 98/1641 to: Tania Silver or Karen Nicholas. Fletcher Jones Ltd, Hanover House, 45-51 Hanover Street. Edinburgi EH2 2PJ. Tel: 0131 226 5709 Fax: 0131 220 1940. § ART IN HOSPlTAL

(i i. A s (i o‘w

Limitations are: invited lor the post oi Atlniinrstratrie {existent i5 days per : neck 20 hours lll total) Salary £10000 per aririurn, on rate Candidates i r 2 should he atileto demonstrate experienceiriollit;e ailriiritislriititzn. lrztarieial T A R T A record keeping and lie (Loriiputer literatetPC liaSi-il ;~a-:;l;aues - word

cotland S I L K 1 T D ' n l”0905‘“llfli‘li’lllng Speeds elSOi-.prri spreadsheets;databases; inability Account Executive L e a to work u‘ri your own rrirtiali'.'t‘: ISt‘SSClll131 An interest iii lilljiiliS‘.‘.Otll(111E? - , art a: hill] age , U . ADMWLSTRATIVE ASSISTANT E'i ,":r a r ,. The main purpose 01 this rule is to provrde general support tor Art 111

,1, ,1._,,-_..;,’;;:;_;,: 9...;1; ' Exhibition Space availab|e Hospital in this exerting and important stage ol (le\.:eloprrir.~iit. particularly ,, g . , '7',“ in large, airy, internet cofé. in areas til tiltitze administration and liriarieial records Also promoting

elleetire riorrirnurirtation between hosrirtal bases.

t.‘ ' J; .;.'-"- v.' .1 1- '1'" .

'5,“ y.” ,2... ,1, A. ., J, 13.3,, I if you wouid like to exhibit your wofk. contact/“199.0 The role 01 the administrative assrstaril \‘.|H be to assrst and as much as

.,. mm? .3, on 0131-220 4403 or onge| ' {ft‘SSI1)1(?. allow the Director 01 Art in Hospital the freedom to devote more

My: .m a, mm W , J . hurt: to lilt‘E1‘Iil‘.’l1lt35811(1 development of the project

“I, {Ade-,1 ,. cafe '—' ti’i'fr'i 5 11-"11.'-'i"‘ , Deadlines. ii‘r applications IR Thursday 29 January 1999.

Mandi/ling gum: :1 1m,” 3., 3‘5, 88 Hanover St. 1‘ ; ii‘i':l\'l(?'.‘.S cull lie l‘-:'l(1 lrorn luloriday 1 February 1.199

17 Cu' 1'31. Lireef, Eti'nouriz'; {~23 3 Edinburgh EH2 1EL _: .'.i".u.’: ':-.“:.>:<,~-.: wiry. ~7in Further ruloruiatiuu lftlltl‘

ECG ->"izi:i 'r‘a--@tart;‘irv u-' 1;.v i ope” Mfr _C \ . W C I, I g h ; fut Ill Hospital. Bia.i..irthitl Hospital. 129 llnleliouse Drive. Glasgo'.'.'t313316 . q 1301 10am ..l lUprri. out 12 noon tit 1pm Tel 0141211 9051/Fax 01412119007

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