recruitment CLASSIFIED

RECRUITMENT Glasgow based print design studio seeks established

. designers/illustrators to na take part in America's . . leading licensing trade Fun and fast paced internatlonal internet cafe Show. WOPk Should be advertising company seeks 6 - 8 suitable for greetings cards 3 . . is looking for m" & and gift wrap. tablemp and i energetic people for. trainee part time people kitchen. children's apparel } management posmons 1n g to work in their and Paddingg I i sports / entertainment industry. k-t h For more information: i . nowmue‘i'z scomtuo I C en' sunny was", : Must be 18-31 and available to It you are enthusiastic about start immed'atel ,. food. good at organising ply“ mo Inc" S l 3 VOurseli and have lots of Srumo 11, Great pay, Opp \i i‘ um t L9 5 PhonecirZZanfSZM on 328:3? sesaumo’s’ Own transport might be an advantage. g u a n a 0131 220 4403 "‘5 imam. m. m u. no”: Gussow 63 SJ“ Scout on edinhuryi’s southside require Previous kitchen experience ‘I'El/FAX: activated. enthusustic and

; experienced individuais for WOU'O risen? :sfégggllge but 42. i the positions Ieiou.

' eaceiient career prospects, fuLl. training and coapatitive rates of pay.

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PUbIIShlng lelted bk k sous our / urcueu venues N M S ds 3 a? seeks ale-mac one a untrue srrw nee gtaegow eiease call. for application - - ADMINISTRATOR r send t : Marketlng Officer l xii-1n“ new," toguana, 41 l iothian street, edinaurgh

Responsibilities include general admin and planning of Glasgow‘s 0131 23° #1“ annual West End Festival. artiste and venue liaison. Must be ' computer-literate. self-reliant and able to deal with any eventuality! Fund-raising experience would be helpful. Would suit cake-loving

witt: enthuse-ism and commitment tar a small team producing SC>lil5§l‘t (illii museum-related titles This is a ftiii-tiriiw .'.'itli (t ti.'.'-:,.--y€3€tr Contract in the first instance starting; salary (tritirgi Ci 1 (30'7"

Further details for Helen Kemp, Publishing Director,

L ’isg';";’<’ ' . gxeifggggigékiEmmet: muggy; ffggjiéeg: ; .“iiiiii ($523535Clixeight;.iiéiiaéiiif2$0035: MALE ( . to be received by 21 January 1999. Also possible close involvement with other Michael Dale Projects by arrangement. i Send letter and ex: to Michael Dale. West End Festival. The White in Edinburgh area

[3 S G A‘Y ! House. Dowanhill Park. Havelock Street. Glasgow Gll SJE by Aged 18 _ 35.

January l8 at the latest. FE STIVA L A D M i N i STRATD R i For more on the West End Festival phone OH! 341 084-1 (fax 341 If you have recently

I ()855) or look at our website at www.westendl‘ Stopped using Dynomlcl Drogmonct COmDUlel merch and experienced ll'lfl’ l\ grunt tut/ul/n' G/ttrgmi' (in Council urn/Scottish Am Council. GCStasy & WOUld administrator wanted for Glasgow's annual lesbian and j to be part of a gay arts festival. 22—31 October 1999. 1 project looking @ £15000 no. oro rate. V the long term effects Application deadline: 18 Jan 99 f h

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Intervrews: 22/23 Jan 99 : O t ecgnggc'tp ease For application pack ' OPPORTUNITIES . Tel: 0141 400 OBOl/Fax pm 552 3592. : DR DAVID SEMPLE

Could you be a FRIEND to an adult who has a learning

disability and include them itt some of the people. places Confidentiality assured, and past-times which you enjoy? It you also have a few

hours to spare at least once a fortnight - then you tnight be i an ideal person to volunteer to become a Befriender.


. I Part time work available I for busy outside catering firm.

' ' i We are also lookinsy for co le who ma ' have a s are room Lookin v for voun hardwork- re utre Oriental models . = P P > P . t. g' . q o O which they can offer on a regular basis to an adult which pg“Pr"t?3;'1""_alblzwpli {orh ) for d H FlkS promotion. will give thetn and their family a bit of a break. mfg gipoizili' ; 429 3100. ' f -— - . . I Creative web designers , lratntng. support and allowances are L’IVCI‘I to both l ° r .‘h "as‘ v )ur talent: on P ease Send CV 6‘ photo to‘ a Bltllt‘RIENDERS 21ml SHOR'F- TERM CARERS. §,1,§’;t;u:g,§cwmmgweb gm. FISHTAN K I - s 5 " I Group sessions for prospective “"‘hkstéong ChaSCLSf lucram'c I ._ ,_ H wor’. ontact aw. i O N \olunteits .ltL planned lot February—Match l999. The Music web. 0'“ 334’ P LA NTATI Q N WH A RF, 5 I!" my THINK mt' MIGHT BE INTERESTED {CO uk LO N DO N SW] 1 3TW . 47:41.1. PLEts'E com CTlIAGS ()R STEVE 0y . Eam £100 per 100 ' I 013] 313 677] ()R 0131 313 6708 (answering machine) envelopes rernailed. No I experience necessary. Work . . . . ' . I N H . from borne. for details send a Closrn g dates for applications. i me my OF EDWBURGH COUNm SAE to Maxim Marketing. c/o - . . . M Mr A Bonnar. l4 Lanf'tne Road. Friday 29th January. ; 5wle Work Paisley. PA! 3NL.

7—21 Jan 1999 THE UST 75