Tomoko Takahashi

Contemporary art is as prone to marketing gllanTICkS and bu/xwords as any modern (ornmodrty the trick is knowmg when to believe the hype. The latest angle being dangled rs Neurotic Realrsm, the brainchild of adman turned artman, Charles Saatchi, whose London exhibition features works by frve young turks. One of them, Tomoko Takahashi, the Tokyo-born artist who creates vast 3D collages from rubbish and dysfunc tronal gadgetry, wrll also be showmg work at Edii'iburgh’s Stills Gallery, where you can Judge the new movement for yourself, (Susanna Beaumont) Neurotic Realism, Saatc hi Gallery, London, Thu 14 Jan Sun 28 Mar. Tomoko Takahashi, Stills Gallery, Edrnburgh,

Tue 26 Jan Sat 27 let),

The Art Of The X-Files

'In the future everyone will be abducted for fifteen minutes' Davrd Robbins, American artist and X- phrle, has flljd( ked Andy Warhol’s famous bon mot for his contribution to a new book which showcases the impact of The X-Fi'les on the cutting- edge of culture

Sixty-four Visual artists have all responded to Chris Carter’s paranoid saga by creating works over a range of media, These range from Paul Lee's painting of Mulder as Saint Sebastian to Julra Scher's play on surveillance footage.

Neurorriancer author, Willrarn Gibson, pens a considered lllll'OdLKilOll in which he des< ribes the collection as 'a poetic response to a show whose deepest meanings are more Interestingly bent, more deeply sul’wersive than any dream of a gray and (overt They expressed therein' (Peter Ross;

The Art Of The X-l—‘i/es is published by HarperCo/lins, I 79. 99.


6 THE lIST / 2' ":99

From top left clockwise: Martin Maloney's Rave, Steven Gontarski's My Baby Likes To Party, Brian Griffiths' OSAKA and Tomoko Iakahashi's Untitled

Tun Ton

You could be forgiven for thinking that the last thing Glasgow needs is another fashionable restaurant, but anything to move the image of Glaswegian cuisme away from deep fried Mars Bars has to be a good thing.

So now we’ve got Tun Ton in the centre of town. This super- chic retro-moderne restaurant is the brainchild of Glasgow’s doyen of design, Jim Hamilton of Graven Images, the company responSIble for The Brunswmk Hotel, Room At The Top, The Living Room and anything else in Scotland that works the cool Vibe. Anyone for Darjeelrng scented salmon with lemons and herb oil? Lovely. (Rory Weller)

Tun Ton, 757 Hope Street, Glasgow, 572 7230. See food news, page 94.